June:the comeback

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Dearest Mrs.K

I hereby propose this to you with my dearest intentions for the fields to come back from oblivion.

I know our standards of posting are rather high (compared to what we could do, no kidding) but this the most obscure blog ever, so who cares about quality? right now i want quantity.

So I propose this:

All June we most go back to posting EVERY day (in the june timeline) Even if we have no stories to share, no epiphanies, no cool sites. Just tell me about your day, what you're feeling, what's making you feel like that. Or a something funny you laughed at and it's totally out of context. Or the drawing you made in class while super bored.

I don't care.

Let's make BLOG EVERY DAY JUNE, i propose.
What do you think?


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This is some one of the most intresting music proposals I've heard in a while.
Beliefs by Urrusti

Gave up everything I had
For a dream I couldn't keep,
I've been living with a lie
So hard that tears can't cry
Like a grudge you keep inside,
Till you think that you don't care at all.

So pathetic I can't weep!
So blind and dumb to see
Today I'm broken, I'm broken, I'm broken!
Left to die on my beliefs.

70 Million

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70 Million by Hold Your Horses !
And it hardly looked like a novel at all, I hardly look like a hero at all.

1. La Última Cena 2. El Nacimiento de Venus 3.Lección de Anantomía del Doctor Nicolaes Tulp 4. Retrato de Enrique VIII, Rey de Inglaterra, 5. La Chica con el Pendiente de Perla 6. La Balsa de la Medusa 7. La Muerte de Marat 8. La Creación de Adán (Capilla Sixtina) 9. El Hijo del Hombre10. Composición con gran superficie de rojo, amarillo, negro, gris y azul 11. Autorretrato Frida Kahlo 12. Dora Maar Sentada 13. El Grito14. Autorretrato con Oreja Vendada 15. Marilyn Monroe 16. Gabrielle d' Estrées con una de sus hermanas 17. Maestà 18. La Decapitación de San Juan Bautista 19. Olympia 20. La Libertad Guiando al Pueblo 21. Sylvia Van Harden 22. El Beso 23. La Mariée 24. Las Meninas 25. Los Girasoles


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