Tales from the Lion

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Away from everything she knew. She saw an amazing landscape which was colored mainly by yellowish and brownish tones. He saw kids running and playing with ropes and seeds. She got into the ’72 Jeep and they drove across the country side for about two hours. The warm humid air filled her lungs and she exhaled the air of surprise. She had imagined something like that, but the real feeling was way better. It was scarier, her body was filled with adrenaline and her eyes popped out as her mind wondered through the savannah. Everything had just begun again. And her mind kept wondering, the lion hidden in her soul was finally free from the body that imprisoned it for so long, the lion was ready to haunt, ready to run when the sun came out of the ground, across the trees and into the windy sky.

[Mrs. K i t e ]

Wait for the dawn

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"Wait for the dawn, because we're not coming back before. Only if you look for us with the right heart you'll get an accurate glance, foes don't waste your time, because you won't get your catch" was written in an old parchment, nailed to the wood door.

George kept repeating the same words over and over, without any result. It hadn't worked when he yelled them, it hadn't worked when he sang them with the first sunshines of the day, and it surely hadn't work when he danced around the door while chanting it. He and Kaylin had ran out of ideas.

"You know? It is becoming less interesting every time we try" said Kaylin
"How come you say that? This is like the only interesting thing we have done in the whole summer" he said, while remembering milking cows with uncle Jerry
"But, its not even filled with weird words in Latin and stuff, I'm starting to believe this is just a loose of time" said Kaylin, while staring at the mysterious carved door.

It was indeed a really beautiful carving, it showed numerous small parts, that together formed a tree, but separated they were little pieces of a story-puzzle. The whole cottage was still really beautiful, just like a hundred years ago, but now it looked worn out by time. Giving it a mystical look.

"You can't back down now! You saw what happen in there when we went in by the window" said George
"Yes, about that, I'm not sure it wasn't just you playing funny" she answered, unsure, as she always was.
"Well, then i'm some pretty good magician, because that cat turning into coins was a little too elevate for my mirror tricks" he said, and it was quite true, George was very interested in the illusionists, but his skills went until being able to pull coins out of someone's ear, not to actually make a black cat attack two teenagers, to then become a pair of coins of the 19th century.

"Is that, George, you have to admit it, what happened in there was quite really unbelievable, and i don't mean unbelievable like the Beatles unbelievable, i mean literally. All the weird stuff in there, and those old golden devices that we had never seen." she said, it was notorious that she was intrigues, but worried.

"And that's precisely the reason why we are doing this, back at home we don't have this kind of fun, at least Vermont is pretty boring the entire year" said George

"Well, you know Connecticut is not the funnest place on Earth" answered his already irritated cousin.

"I'm sure this is an old gypsy house, probably belonged to an old family of ancient inventors and alchemists who protected their house from foreigners with powerful devices and spells" suggested the creative boy

"Yea! and probably they cooked with the fire the could throw from their hands. Don't be silly, maybe its an abandoned mirror house or something" answered the practical girl

And as if he had heard some supportive answer, George went on "Maybe its because we're americans, probably even spirits know our kind, maybe if we brought Victorie... " he said while he kept thinking

"Maybe that's a great idea, bring a five year old to some abandoned house in the middle of the woods, you can tell uncle Jerry we just want to teach her how to survive in the wild!" said, again sarcastic, again practical Kaylin.

"I'm just saying, probably by foes they mean outsiders, perhaps people who seek to capture them, as it says there 'because you won't get your caught', probably they were gypsy thieves, I insist, lets bring Victorie, after all she is our cousin too, you know?" said thoughtfully the boy

"Yea! lets just explain we have been coming the last week everyday to the woods to break into an abandoned house, got attacked by owls and a coincat and that now we're trying to bring the old spirits back because of what some old parchment says! It will be easy, uncle Jerry is o reasonable, as well as Clémence, I bet she will be cool with us wandering around the woods" said Kaylin, she was having a bit of a mixed feeling of desperation, frustration and curiosity towards the house.

"Well, we've spend a whole week of our summer in France to investigate some 'old abandoned' house, we might as well finish what we started and see how this works, and see them" said the hopeful Fournier

"Let's say we bring Victorie, do you really think a five year old will be of any help in the middle of nowhere to try to open a door, of a house in which we've been attacked? What makes you think any of this is mysterious, maybe the cat thing was because it was dark and we couldn't see, and that note was put centuries ago, I mean people used to talk funny" said the older cousin

"O right! they just left a note saying they'd be away a few days, two hundred years ago, and the writing is still legible" said George

"If it will make you quit this, ok, I'll try my best to make Clémence and uncle Jerry let us bring Victorie" said the permissive girl.

"Finally, some reasoning" cried George
"Don't push it"

Later, when they were back at their uncles' house they tried to persuade them.

[wait until the dawn of monday]
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Some Bad Dreaming

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He ran across the hall, searching for her. Not now, not again. She had left. Now he turned his head one way and the other with the hope of seeing in one of those eternal bookshelves, her night dress. All he saw where dark alleys inside the library. He heard nothing except the noise of his chaussures against the carpet. He was wet, it was raining outside, he thought he saw other wet footprints but it was too dark. So he called her name. His voice was trembling, as if he was about to cry, but he didn’t, he never did. And he had no answer. She’s gone forever now. She’s gone. He said to himself over and over again.

He woke up, opened his eyes and looked at his bedroom’s ceiling, he extended his arm to the other side of the bed to feel her, to be sure she was still there, that all had been a bad dream. But he felt nothing. He turned to his right and saw unfolded sheets. She was really gone, the bad dream had just begun.

[Mrs K i t e ]

Sylvia the sludge

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"Have you seen Beryl Jarred lately? She grew some cups during summer" said Pacey Jed as he and his buddies entered to the library

"Yea... i sit behind her in Chemistry, and hell, she is hot"said Zach, while putting the books in the nearest table

"But I heard she's now dating this Morrison guy, he's a senior." said Zach to the rest, who somehow seemed a little disappointed by the fact, even if they knew Beryl Jarred would never even look at them.

Then for a couple of minutes there was a silence, as if someone they once knew had died, just a little silence for respect, then they opened their books and started doing some homework, the acting was quickly dropped as Ritchie started again.

"So, what about Tina Landon?" he asked, in that dirty-guilty voice they did whenever those questions poped in.

"Hands down a seven, she alright, but her back is too broad and her hair is always greasy" said Zach, as the others nodded, except for Pacey, who then said

"I believe a seven is too much, she is so clumsy, not in the Katie-Wallace-cute-clumsy, but she is really stupid, plus ever since last semester she has been having all this zits, grouse. I believe a 5 is more accurate" the others agreed.

After a little while of some sevens, tons of fives and three tens, the guys started talking about the teachers, it was really very predictable, it's not like high school kids have something to really talk about, just people in general.

"Mrs. Ranulph is such a big fat bitch, the other day she gave me an F in some essay just because it was just like the one of Thomas Tyrse" he complained
" I mean, it's so unfair, I even bothered putting my name on it and changing the conclusion, which she said had nothing to do with world war two, man I though it was about the hidden places in old buildings." he ended, with looks of horror of his nerd friends.

"Tom... was it about a book?" asked Zach

"Duh! you think I was going to read it?" answered Tom

"Was it by any chance named...uh forget it, but anyways, how about Mrs. Woodrow?" continued Zach

"Smoking hot! I mean, she THE teacher, I even but attention is social studies now, I mean not that I have to it's just your opinion on how groups develop..." said Pacey just to leave clear his smart-ass posture.

"Well, she's like the only decent teacher in the whole school, the rest of them are fat old cows" said Tom

"The worse one I believe is Mrs. Reiniger, she's like a hundred years old, and like two hundred pounds, seriously, every time I have history for dummies i die a little inside" said Zach, who was in a low level of history due to his lack of interest on whatever was done before he was born.

"I think not, I think the worst looking woman in this building is Sylvia the sludge" said, well almost whispered Pacey

"Sylvia who?" asked Ritchie

"Sylvia the sludge, she is the librarian, she's never in her desk, she is always wandering in the halls of the bookshelves, or with a book in her nose. The only time people see her is when they need to rent a a book, in which case they just ring a bell in her desk, and she appears, as the loch monster coming out of the water, she is horrendous." said Pacey

"Yea! I've never actually seen her, but I know from rumors that she is in her late twenties and she has a horrible face destroyed by acne, her hair is black and grease and has a constant smell of tuna, she's like five feet tall, fat as a pork and wears this weird gypsy skirts" said Thomas, excited of finally being able to say the words 'I know' in a real sentence.

"C'ommon she can't be that bad" said Zach

"O dear friend, believe me she is the ugliest thing my eyes have ever seen, but that is not the worst part." said Pacey

"What? Is she a dyke too?" asked Tom

"No, Thomas, she is not a lesbian, and there would be nothing wrong with that, the thing is that rumor says that some kid in junior has a crush for her!" he ended as he burst into histerical laughter, as his friends did.

"What? Who?" asked Zach, in a shock of knowing there was a retarded blind kid running around out there.

"Some kid, I think his name is Todd... Todd something"said Tom

"Oh lord! Todd Owen?!" asked Zach "the little brother of that hottie Gina who was on senior when we were still in junior high?"

"The same, Todd the toad" said Pacey

"He's such a looser, i bet she is like his only friend, have you seen how he sits in a corner to eat his lunch?" asked Ritchie "It's like he searches for bugs to come out of it, he even talks to it sometimes"

"Maybe he waits for bugs to come out because his hungry, freaks don't feed on sandwiches" said Tom, laughing alone.

"Yea...well that's what they say, he spends all of his spare time around here, talking to Sylvia the sludge" said Pacey

"Talk about losers..." said Tom

"Whatever... it's not like freaks are that important, have you noticed Kayley Roberts? she is getting thiner, that's so HOT" said Zach, as they went on with their daily manly gossip.

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Again with the mumbling

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“Well, how are you supposed to tell someone he’s wrong when you know he isn’t but still you need to?”

“Erm, you just say it…” said David

“No, it’s not that simple… definitely not THAT simple…” mumbled Mark

“Well it can be, first of all, I think you should have some really big-nice reasons to do so.”

“Like what?”

I DON’T KNOW!, It’s your thing remember…?!?!” he shouted in a desperate tone, which wasn’t very usual in David.


“I can’t really do something unless you tell me what are talking about, or tell me about the situation.”

“I know that, but the thing is, I can’t tell you.” Mark sat on the living room chair and covered his face with his hands. “I don’t really know what to do…”

“I know now… It’s about Rebecca right?”

“No, for Christ sake… That was over, about, what? 1 year ago?”

“Seven months, I can’t believe you don’t know that, and I do ”

“Sorry but, again? Who’s the weird one here?” he showed his sarcastic face.

“Mark, even if you forgot, Rebecca was very important for you…”

“Long ago, and unlike you, I have the ability to move on.”

“Thank you VERY MUCH Mark…” he said as he stood up, almost threw the chair and left the room.

“You’re VERY welcome David…”

Niffle Jorund

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She ran into the room, the door burst open, I was terrified, the sword was broken, the elixir was gone, Sarah was lying possibly death in the Stone of the Moon, she was in front of me, I knew Kreya would kill me, she gave me that glare that told me I would see the Sun light never more. I was desperate, I knew no one would ever be able to stop her, I knew that I had failed and lost the only chance to end with her. Maybe someone, somewhere had the new purpose of ending her, but this was it for me.

The clouds were dancing today more than other days, the trees were excited about something that had once happened but they couldn't remember any more, I knew there was a war upon us, I knew that the first to go would be the order of the Silver Wolf, but was it so wrong to try to enjoy my possible last weeks hidden in these forests? Sarah and James were there, we all knew we were going to fight a battle we didn't believed in. And that probably we would never have that life, the kind of life they teach you all your life to live in, the kind of life you hate to love but then traps you, the kind that makes you go to some monotonous activity everyday just to earn some gold, buy a pork and feed the infants. The kind of life we feared so much, but at the moment seemed the best option. Sarah cried a little, she confessed that despite of her deep dislike towards children, she had always wanted kids of her own
"Just to teach the girls to throw th javelin you know?" she said, as she sobbed silently, the silent woods seemed to absorb every sound, all we could hear was the wind, but not the kind of wind that makes you gay, more like the one that brings news, news of death.

The war started, we were afraid, we had just reached the age of military obligation, I was afraid, and so was James, he had always feared he would die just like his father, in a meaningless war made by some whiny kings in their fur-high sits. The whole city hd taken a sort of look in their eyes, as if they knew what was going to happen, as if they knew that peace was just part of those dusty memories. Mother was sad, she didn't even tried to hide it, one day we talked about what was going to happen, she even insisted on me escaping. I am not only afraid about the fight, I too fear that all what i wanted would be lost, that all that I had planned had vanished. Even that cocky girl two years ahead, Sarah, looks worried, maybe she is just trying to wonder how will she kill a few hundreds.

I was petrified, as soon as we knew what was our mission, the whole troop was broken, we all knew that was a lost cause, we even begged for another assignment, but they just refused "Its vital that this gets done" they said, from their safe hideouts, "we are just sending the best units" they said, knowing we were the only available unit in miles. Some refused, some others just ran away, it was not like going back was an option anyways. We knew we had to confront a legendary witch who had killed a whole army with no more than three flashes of stunning lights and energy so forceful that made a crater in that very ground. I knew most of the stuff were just rumors, but yet she was feared, some said she had came form the lands of Drakmoore with the sole purpose of bringing down every standing empire, some other said she was just a revengeful shadow that had lost any humanity, I just knew she was a witch, reason enough to be more than whiling to give up.

No one knew about how was it that I died, back at GrayWold people assume that all soldiers sent were no longer breathing, Mother had cried ever since I left, the night Kreya made me saw my worst nightmares she could finally sleep in peace, in a sad peace. The wind witch had gone as fast as she had fun making every fiber of my body want its final destination. All I knew was that they had advanced, the war was lost again, to be honest, I never knew what were they all looking for. I just died in the name of my empire, in the name of a broken land.

[the mind...is back]
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Westington's Wind [ part 1 ]

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“and then, all of a sudden, he wasn’t there.”
“All of a sudden… Curious expression officer” said the inspector as he clicked the pen, once more.
“Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but, that’s what happen, that’s what we saw, and no one could figure out how he had done this, so we called you.”
“OK, tell me the story, one more time.”

Conversation Held on Wally's Café
Sunday September 21 at 8:00am

Mr. Callaghan was a discreet man, and he was a mystery for everyone, not because of his loneliness and quietness, but because of his apparently normal life. He had a studied routine which he followed step by step, ever since anyone had ever met him. As a matter of fact, no one in the town remembered when had he arrived, most of the people said that was because he had always been there, but no one really knew how long had he been around them.

Everyday he left his house at 6:00, he took the newspaper that was delivered at his door, and he headed to the local café. He spoke to none as he drank the espresso that was almost waiting for him in the table 29. After this, he left $2.30 dollars on the table. The coffee was $2.00 and he left the tip for the nice waitress who kept his table for him. After this, he walked towards his house again, and spent the time there, doing god knows what, until 11:15 when he got out for lunch with Mrs. Marty who had a small restaurant. And as he finished he went back home. He didn’t go out for dinner for which people assumed he cooked home.

He was thin as a stick, and with sad eyes. And even though he was always like this, the people in the town where indifferent to this behaviors and talked about him as if he was one more person from the town. The only thing they’ve dared to criticize once about him was his lack of faith, since he never attended church. And this was a quick comment which was never mentioned before.

This town, lived in peace. But one day, this tranquility would fade away.

[ Mrs K i t e ]

Super me it

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it just feels right, like something that should have happened
I know this is wrong, what if someone sees me?
I wish I could just freeze time and stay here forever
I don't even want to think what would mom say
Sometimes i believe there is no real reason why this should be so wrong
It's just so depressing, how would people judge me
It's not fair, i shouldn't be thinking about what is wrong about the magic of this
Probably I should stop, but I just can't
Feels so natural, like if it had been in me this whole time
I'm not sure what will happen after this
I just keep doing it and doing it, after a while i stop thinking about it, i just do it
I believe that consequences will be worth it, or maybe not
Its beautiful, so sad no one else will ever understand the beauty of it
Probably I'll never be the same after this, but then again... maybe I've always been like this
The music its in the climax, so am I, probably i will finish with the last note
I wonder if Jacques Guillaume ever did this, most likely not, he never was caught around this stuff.
The cello solo ends, i just have ten seconds more, my energy goes with that last one
I believe people will never get any of this
Music finishes, so do I. And the same second after i'm done, its beautiful, magical, distressful and agonizing

I stand up, she is lying down, i look at my shirt, it used to be white, now it is covered in scarlet rouge.

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And this time we decided not to. Not to let it out, not a single word, apparently empty stares, which where actually filled with thousands of messages. And that was it.

I was always riding the mysterious cloud from up there, where I thought about life, and I woke up sometimes, but then I was able to keep on dreaming. Should I jump?, I asked to myself several times, and I couldn’t find an answer.


You jump and then you pray

Sean Lennon-Parachutes

[ Mrs K i t e ]

The glimpse of an eye

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Words flew

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I didn’t know how to start, everything had turned strange, maybe there was nothing different after all, but still, I couldn’t figure out what to do, so I did the only thing I know how to do in that sort of occasions, not that I’ve been in something like that before, but I was some kind of natural response to that uncertainty. I took a pencil, and I drew some swirls and filled the page, in the other side of the page I started writing, I don’t know what I wrote, perhaps I’ll never remember, but I wrote a lot. I filled that page, and the next one, and the next one. I knew I was done when the pencil fell by itself from my hand and it’s graphite point broke leaving a spot in the paper. I took a breath, I didn’t even read it. Perhaps I spent some minutes looking at the drawing before I stared ripping every single page from the notebook. Then, I left my room, went for a match and burned the whole thing, I saw how the paper turned black and my words flew in the wind in form of ashes, and they left, they left me. I went back, words didn’t. I went back, and I finally rested, from those words, which no longer inhabited my mind, which now flew free, and as they where free, so was I.

[ Mrs K i t e ]

Bed time stories

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Once upon a time, in a far away land, there was a little village next to the mountains, in there people used to live peacefully, but dark times came and they where soon threatened by all kinds of evil creatures and bad spirits...

"Dad aren't we too old for this stories? I mean, lets move on from the little village being saved by ..."The girl was interrupted
"Shut up Gix, you always cut all the fun!" said a little young boy "Go on dad, what happen to the village?"

Well... we do could change the story...but I'd rather go on with this one, i even thought about the story during the day. So as I was saying...

This little village was threatened all the time by all sorts of unspeakable foes, and everyone was afraid to even go to the neighbor for some cup of sugar, but no man was brave enough or skilled enough to be able to defeat these beasts. All hope was soon lost, but then something rare happened a weird traveler came into the town, a traveler like never seen before in those lands. There was no welcoming parties over this circumstances, if even a welcome to the traveler, everyone seemed too scared to notice her.

But then one day, this foreign went into the center of the village and started yelling at all the inhabitants, things no one could here because of the barricades, but as they heard the yelling, one by one, they started looking out. And actually heard the stranger

"People of this town, Fear no more! Because I have come to free you from this imprisoned nightmare you now call life!" said the speaker

And for the first time, the people of this village burst in laughter, men and women all laughing at the mere idea, watching her, just standing up there, with that big smile of hers, waiting for the noise to go away. Soon the laughs and giggles were over, the stranger remained in the village's center, then a voice dared to get out of a house, being heard
"How do you expect to save us?" was heard in a little orange house.

"Yes how?" was heard from another house, then all sorts of voices starting asking questions, confused, but yet they remained hidden

But again, the traveler waited for the noise to finally go away and the she went on,
"I can get reed of this creatures, I just need your cooperation" she said.

"More like you need an army's cooperation" said another anonymous voice

"All i need is to speak to you and a little help from you" said the now preoccupied stranger

"Just go back home, there is no way a little girl can help us" said another angry anonymous voice.
After this all the voices starting murmuring once again, just speaking of what a crazy idea would it be to help a child who asked for aid. A crazy kid who thought she could stop an army of evil creatures, just with "some" help.

"Please do believe me! I just want to help you" she said, now frustrated of the people's skepticisms, fearing not to be able to aid the needed people.

"Well, do you have any super strength powers?" asked a daring voice
"I do not have any strength beyond the one of a 8 year old" said the honest girl
"Do you have a super intelligence to scare them away with some powerful plan?" asked another
"No, just a normal girl" confessed the child.
"But how could you be of any help?!" asked another voice form a distant house
"I don't want to be rude, but as I see things, I'm the only person who has the intention of trying" said the girl
Then there was a killer silence...

Then a door cracked open, it was Alvery, the butcher, he had came with a sharp knife and a buckle. And as he remained paranoiac about the out doors, he stepped out of his house. "I'm willing to help the girl, she has more... courage than any other person in this sissy hole" said, as he approached the girl

She felt pleased, at last someone was cooperating, then some more doors cracked open, and Tylor the fisherman, Hunter the alchemist and Blackie the dog came out to help. Soon all the other people were expectant of what was going on, still locked in their homes.

"So what's the plan kiddo?" asked Alvery
"Well I kind of have to start by saying that no knives of bucklets will be needed today... or any day after this" said the girl.
The men and the dog were confused by this, but arguing seemed being to repetitive now, so they left their harpoons, their blue-fire bombs, and the sharp denture. So they went all wondering to the girl, as more people approached, soon there was a little crowd surrounding the girl, then they all expected for her to talk.

"I have come to bring peace back to your town, but in order to do that I need your help, but I warn you, this won't be like any other task you have done, nor will it be easy." She said, then some got a little more hope, some others chose to go back to their houses.

"Now, I need you to show your affection to those who you apreciate and also those who you don't" said the girl

"That's ridiculous! This girl just wants to loose our time!" said a thin-sharp-nosed woman as she started to go back to her house

"Shut up, we have no other option but what this kid offers" said Tylor. And she staid

"Come on! I want to see some hugging!" said the enthusiastic girl

Then some adventorous dared to pat in the back the neighbor, but that was about it.

"Haven't you ever hugged anyone?" said the girl, as she walked out of the crowd, and went striaght forward to a homeless man that had been standing near by the whole time, just looking, then everyone fixed their eyes as they couldn't believe what they were seeing, the girl had hugged the homeless man, Thomas, in such a tender and warm way that the man had no other option but to smile and hug her back. Everyone was overwhelmed by this, it had provoked such a warmth in their hearts that they didn't doubt this time but to hug the person next to them.

And so and so, it was a really magical chessy moment for everyone, they all had forgotten their previous problems and so and so.

Then, something even more rare happened, out of the thin air, some little balls of light apear, shining as the floated, soothingly in the air. People were surprised by this, not even slightly afraid of these mysterious lights. And then, one by one, in a rhythmic march, all the lights went to the girl, and were absorbed by her amber colored necklace. It started shining, but very dimly.

"The only way we will fully solve this problem will be if now you all tell the people who have ever hurted you how you feel, and that you apologize to everyone you have done something hurtful" said the girl

But the entire village muted, they had no idea how to do this

"But none of us is ever mean to anyone" said a woman in a gray dress

"Oh, common Drucilla, we all have been yelled by you, whenever we accidentally step in you STEPPING mat!" said a tall man in the back

"Yyy...yesss.. yes Drucilla, I fff..feel like you treat me in a way I shouldn't" said shaking a little woman on a fruit box.

"That's it, that's what we need!" the girl said

"I guess... i could just tell you nicely... I'm sorry" said the woman in the gray dress

Then the blacksmith told the teacher how he felt about her not lending him books because we "satined" them, then the alchemist complained to the flower lady why didn't she gave him free roses on Saint Gerald as everyone else...

And so and so, then there were a lot of apologies, then some pretty dumb stuff was brought up to, and still there were a lot of apologizing, silly crying, some more hugging, again, all cheesy and stuff.

Until the very last drop of resentment was emptied, and again this mysterious balls of light appeared out of no where, again all went to the necklace of the girl, and yet no one wondered what were those lights, and why did they went always to the girl, but everyone was too excited to think about that, never in this town there had been something like this.

"Now, and this is very important, I want you to say this along with me 'I fear you no more' and you'll think of whatever thought that has ever kept you from sleeping, you'll think of whatever creature that has been stalking to you, you'll think of whatever harm that has ever happen to you!" the girl hailed, in such an inspiring tone that people started right away.

First it was more like a conversation "I fear you no more", like a silent whisper that was not distinguished from the wind's whistle, then as they got more confident, and the girl started chanting louder, and louder. Then the chant could be heard in all the town, and they kept "I NO FEAR YOU NO MORE" in a liberating tone that would chill even the bluntest soul.

The roars of liberated people could be heard in the woods, the hailing for freedom reached the mountains, the wind carried the message to all the land "I FEAR YOU NO MORE". Birds all over the mountains surfed with the waves of the chanting. And back at the town, as quicly as they had gained all the power, the sound just went away, the fear was at last gone, the faces of peace reined again amongst the people in that town, and so, again, little lights appeared, and as the last times, went to the necklace of the little girl, now shinning as powerful as the Sun, almost vibrating with joy.

"You now have been helped! You no longer fear, hate, resent; and instead you love, foregive and express!" said the girl, proud of herself

Everyone seemed so happy, until a voice was heard
"But what are we going to do with the monsters, they are still out there"

"Fear them no more!" said the girl, and then, as if she had just came for a glass of milk, she walked to the exit of the town, right to where the monsters were, the whole town followed her, expectant of what would happen. Soon the monsters arrived in a rush, confused for not smelling uncontrollable fear, but they still rushed to the girl, trying to attack her, but then something happened, the light of her necklace repelled them, as if an invisible barrier stopped them from even touching the ari around her. Then the ones that came near, vanished, leaving nothing behind.

Everyone was in shock, how could a girl just vanquished the monsters not even the deathlier bombs could make a scratch to? But they were more impressed when the next couple of monsters arrived and as well, vanished. The same thing happened, but the villagers were still amazed, soon a whole army of them tried to attack the girl, who was just standing there, firmly, watching the monsters right at the eye.

And after they all made sure the last tri-horned Panther was vanished, they all went euphoric, clapping at the gril, singing for her, thanking her. And then, as quietly as she had arrived, she walked by the road, continuing her way. And so they saw her, walking away, the girl of the yellow dress, who's name they would never know, but who's act would never be forgotten.

Geez, i did got carried away didn't I? Oh, look you sister is all sleep now, I bet she didn't pass Blackie the dog, but I hope you enjoyed it.

"I loved it dad! please another one! Or at least tell me where does the girl goes now?!" asked the inpatient kid

"That my young Toddster, time will only tell" said his father, as he walked out of the room and turned off the light.

And there he remained, the young kid, imagining his hero, dreaming about the friend who would never leave him, the hero who would always be with him.

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She did.. believed it

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“And yet, there was this time where everyone believed he was my brother” he said in a serious voice he used when he was being sarcastic.
“No there wasn’t” Mark answered
“OK, not everyone, but, do you remember the old lady in the supermarket, that told him to help his brother, ergo me, ergo she thought he was my brother, ergo…
“Stop saying ergo..”
“First, she was old… and second, I’ve always thought she was trying to hit on him.”
“Stop it, she was not.” he answered this time really serious.
“C’mon David! He’s like… what, 50?
“He’s 49.”
“Right! and you’re… like… oh yes! 23!”
“I know, but still we could’ve been brothers..”
“Yeah! Or he could’ve been your dad, which by the way is 52”
“That’s not the point Mark.”
“The point is, SHE believed it.”
“Don’t who? me, Mark.”
“Ahhh that who…”
“Yes, THAT who…”
“Well, then again, why are we discussing this David?”
“Never mind” he said as we walked to the car.

[ Mrs K i t e ]

A beautiful column,... destroied

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Amber believed common dwarfs existed fictionally gambling half-drunk in joy-less Kenuontry, living maliciously, numbering owls, preparing qabab, ranting seriously, thinking under vicious words, xenophobics yet zygnomic.

[remember the alphabet?]
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Worst thing

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It’s a look in someone’s face, it’s the look that tells you that something is wrong, that perhaps, your life has changed forever, there’s nothing you can do about it by then, and you’ll never trust this look, you always, ALWAYS know what it means, but at the same time you never know until they speak. You know exactly what will come out of their lips, you can almost say it at the same time, and that’s it, when you wish you where dreaming, when you know nothing will ever be the same.

It comes from a doctor when they’re about to tell you “I’m sorry”, just like in movies, or when you get a call, there’s no look there, but you know what are they calling for, you feel it. Everything would be so much easier if we didn’t have that. Because when you do, then, for a moment you know, what you don’t want to know, and since you don’t have time to tell anyone you’re by yourself, it might be for few seconds, but at that moment, you’re alone, you and your soul sharing the pain, there’s nothing worse. Painful and lonely.

[ Mrs K i t e ]

The lighthouse

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The lighthouse looks specially ancient today, grandma says it's a thousand years old, but she also says lizard bites can get you married. The beach looks specially nostalgic today, the water looks gray, the sky couldn't be more cloudy. It has rained daily since Charlie arrived, what a luck, a few days earlier and he would've caught a sight of the sun over the daisy fields. I don't think he is going to stay for long, the big city has really got into him, i hope he doesn't end up losing himself, as many have done before.

Even if it is still raining, I felt like today was a good day to come to the beach, the ties are violent, the sand is muddy, there are some crabs, but yet I wanted to come today. It just seemed right. I've come here every two weeks ever since i first entered the light house, I had never went back in, but I just wanted to see it, to be sure it was still there.

I was quiet certain that the lighthouse wasn't a thousand years old, but I wasn't sure either if it wasn't as old as the ocean itself, the structure was complete, it was really mossy, but the entrance door was intact. At the outside it just looked like a rock-made pretty old lighthouse, but in the inside it was considerably different, never in my life had I seen it work, but to be fair never in my life had I seen a ship land in our pier.

The watery wind hit my face, I tasted my lips, it was a rare combination of salty mud with solitude of abandoned island. And for some reason, I look at the lighthouse, as if it was talking me into going back there again, dinner was until seven, so I went. I walked with my bare feet trough the muddy sand, climbed the sharp rocks and made my way to the door. I knew it would open again, but something in me still believed that last time, it had been just a dream. So i barely pushed the door, and it opened, squeezing every inch, and a big room revealed itself.

It was just like I remembered it, with big bookshelves filled with rare books written in some language I knew I would never understand, some others were in blank, others showed maps of places i think didn't exist. But the interesting part were not the old books, nor the dust in them, the treasure was upstairs. So as I climbed the stairs i looked at myself in the mirror-covered walls, reflecting a girl with a muddy white dress of all sizes, shapes and even colors, at some point I just didn't feel they were stairs anymore, but then there was it, the purple door, which I easily opened. It revealed a room with a giant crystal shell, surrounded by white canvases, the windows showing the ocean were painted from the inside, showing a beautiful stared night, the Sun kind of ruined the picture, but it was still lovely.

So as I walked by the room, I saw the white canvases, and I avoided them, just to get to the big one at the end. Just to get hold to that beautiful piece of nothing in an empty space, when I reached it, I was unsure, and I still don't know if it was a rush, or it was the need, but I touched it. And then the canvas stained with a bright tone of purple just where my finger tip was, then i dared to put my whole hand, and the purple stain slowly became a large figure of different colors. Then I put the other hand and the figure became bigger with more colors, defining nothing, just a figure-less group of mismatching colors. It was easily the most artistic and beautiful thing my eyes would ever see. And then without touching it, the figure became bigger and bigger, showing colors I didn't recognized.

The figure started growing, slowly, quietly, filling the once white canvas with colorful figures. Then, when the figure hit the border of the canvas, the stain continued with the walls which were painted as the night. And soon the clouds and the constellations in the pictures lost all form to become one with the fest of colors, the paint continued expanding, the walls took the most bright yet opaque colors I had ever thought of. Soon the silent paint reached the other canvases, filling them too with those poetic colors which could express far more than all the words in those heavy incomprehensible books. As the paint continued, it started staining the floor. The whole thing was the most extraordinary fantasy in the world.

As the paint continued to fill the room, just like the last time, my feet began to color. It felt like a tingling sensation from the toe to the tip of my hair, It felt as if I was a complete being with the paint, with that room of the purple door, one with the entire lighthouse, connected with everything that was beautiful in the world. Soon I was made of color to my waist, the rest of my body awaiting to join the room, waiting to join it all. And at the moment my entire hair was dyed in a colorful mixture of pinky red and blueish orange, I felt once again that I was one with the color, with all the colors in the world. And I will never be sure, but it felt like I was there for a few centuries, feeling the blues, smelling the pinks and the magentas, tasting the cheerful lime greens and observing all the joyous grayish whites.

Then, as quietly as the stain filled the whole world, it quickly, after a few hundred years for me, went away. And again I was there, standing in the main room of the old lighthouse, touching a blank canvas, in a room with pieces of nothing, in an empty place. And just as I did last time, I went to the purple door, left, went down the mirror stairs and observed the books one last time, then went to dinner, back to my world, back at the monotonous gray that my life was. Back in a ghost island in the middle of black.

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Anger XX

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“Why are you laughing?” she asked,

“Uh, nothing, some joke someone told”

“Where are you?” she said with an angry voice, “Are you drunk?”

“No, darling, I’ll be home in a while, bye.” He said as he hung up the phone. She kept thinking, that was at 10:00pm and as a usual worried woman, by 11:00 she had thought about all the horrible things that could’ve happened, all the reasons why he wasn’t home, and for a while she felt really sad, then, disappointed, and finally she decided to go to sleep, she was waiting no more, now she had reached the part where she didn’t care anymore, “he can go out, and do whatever the fuck he wants” she said to herself as she covered herself with the blanket.

Some hours passed, and she looked at the clock, and it was 1:00 am, the truth was, she did cared, so she took the phone by the side of the bed, and called him, but none picked up, she called other 7 times, and still, she got no answer, “1:00 is still early” she thought, and she went to sleep again, angry again, and this time she didn’t woke up until 9:00am.

He wasn’t there. “Where is he?” she kept asking herself, and she called 5 more times, before she took the car and drove around the place, and still she couldn’t find him. Now she felt worried, worried something had happened to him, she couldn’t reach him, since 1:00 am, and now, eight hours later, it might be to late. What if we was kidnapped, they didn’t have lots of money, but he had a nice car, maybe that was it. Or what if we was beaten up, what if he was dead? So, she cried, in the car, at 9:00 am, as everyone looked at her, she decide to go back home, to call the police, anything that would cure her guilt and find hes husband.

She parked the car, and she rushed into the house, but as she entered, she saw muddy footprints all over the kitchen, across the living room and into the room. She was surprised, so she went into the room and saw a big man, all stinky and laying almost dead in the bed. It was him, she ran and hugged him. As the big man said:

“GOD! My head, it’s killing me….” She stepped away as she smelled an alcohol sweat. She couldn’t believe it, but it was all happening.

“Where-where is your car?”, and he gave the worst possible answer in his whole life.

“I don’t know”

And that was it, a man’s grave, as her wife’s eyes where filled with anger from within.

[Mrs K i t e]

The Marroons

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A long time ago, so long I can't remember, in a place I couldn't go back to, there was a Sgt. Saint bird street, which was odd, because it was filled with giant red oaks, all dancing with the winds of march, and there, hidden between great manors, there was a little blue house.

I remember I used to go to that house, there they lived the Marroons, an odd family, they lived on their purple berries, the only ones in the whole island, their house was supposed to be in some sort of fertile place, and nowhere else could those trees grow, or at least that's what they said.

Every spring we would arrive to Cannary shore, but for the bad time, we ended up in a island we hadn't seen before, we thought it might be a good idea to look around, maybe deal with the villagers, but as soon as we arrived the dock, we noticed there was something unusual about this people, something we had never seen before. It was not so much their looks, they were normal, just like you and me, white tall men and women, it was more like in the way the... i don't know.

The point is, that as soon as we arrived the first shop to ask for directions, people started looking at us, as if the fact of arriving in the only other ship there was not something interesting, as if the fact of we actually approaching them was the notorious action. My men and I were already suspicious, in all my years of sailor I hadn't encountered such people. They all stared at us, like expecting something ghostly would happen next, as if they thought we would vanish any second.

But that didn't stop us, we went on to a fisherman, i presume, but as we asked him, he just kept removing the scales from some rare red fish. Things started looking really odd, but to make it all worse, one of my men yelled "Capt'n look! Derz a blue man!" , then all the bunch of sissies panicked and were about to run to the ship, when the blue man looked at us, he was 60 feet away, but yet, we could perfectly see his blue face, blue hands, blue legs, and later on we noticed indeed everything was blue.

But as he walked at us, we calmed, his expression wasn't of the monstrous one we expected from a just-spotted-blue-man, he was rather happy. We also noticed that no one except form him had seemed to care about us yelling, all the other villagers were like... death, they had lost the interest on us very quickly, by the other hand the blue man was already introducing himself.

His name was Jerry Marroon, he asked us why were we there, which we had completely forgot about, and the conversation went on, and one thing led to another and we ended up being invited to his house, which was in a street like I had never seen before, every single house was exactly the same as the previous one, all very pretty and white, but they seemed... without that home warmth, And behind these houses there were red oaks, just untill almost at the end, between to big houses there stood a one story blue peculiar house.

The peculiar part, was not only because of the... blueness, it was some odd structure! It had gargoyle-like birds hanging in the entrance, he had three entrance doors, each of different sizes, and from where we stood, we could see the tip of what seemed like a gigantic tree. But the real strange things were inside, once he invited us in, there was

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Someday, someone will

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And there was this silent moment in my head, and I held my breath, everything was not ok and as I realized it was the moment for me to do something I did the first thing that came into my head, why I did it? I don’t know yet, I just know I sat on the ground, and I dug about 11 inches in the muddy earth with my hands. And I placed it there, by it self, then I covered it all again, and when I was done, I took the rock I was holding the whole time in my hand I threw it into the lake, I herd it hit the water, and I realized I loved the sound, so I took another rock and threw it again. Then it was time for me to leave, I stood up, and stepped on the now filled hole, as if to assure it was really hidden, and then I walked away from that place. They’ll find it someday, someone will, but now was not the time to worry about it. I hope. For all of our sakes.

[ Mrs K i t e ]

silent sigh

The girl in the yellow dress

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It's saturday, I'm tired, the soil in my feet feels good. The air is fresher now, that was one awful winter, I don't feel like working, the Sun bothers me, close the windows, shut that annoying bird!

"Henry!" I hear, I wished she hadn't called me, now I have to pretend I didn't heard, I don't like to lie.
"Henry! I know you are awake, come down and get prepared" she said, but I don't want to go, wherever that "down" is, I just want to lay here, listen to the running water.

"Daddy!" says now her, I hate when she calls me and I don't answer, I hate when she needs em and I can't be there. I would rather stay just here, here forever.

It's just that it has been so long since I had a descent break, I just wish I could stay here, even with birds and sticky thing on my legs. But I know I have to go, the girl in the yellow dress can't be kept waiting, i love that little brat. So I raise with a swing, I still don't want to open my eyes, I know the room will change once I do.

"Henry! You promised to take Gina to the zoo" she said again, now she is angry, I know it, so I hurry, I finally open my eyes, there is no running river anymore, the birds scattered, and the tree just flew with the wind, there just rests the bed and some ordinary furniture, covered by green ashes.

The zoo is always interesting, with all those little monkeys walking, screaming and running around, they are hilarious to observe, always doing the stupidest things, obviously the animals are also interesting, but not as much. I dress, my wardrobe is old now, I should check the trendy simplicities of these days, one can let go so easily of those irrelevant details.

I see the man in the mirror, he is getting old, he is watching his life happen in front of his eyes. I feel bad for him, but, there is nothing I can do for him. I walk to the stairs, I remember the little girl's first steps, I was worried for the floor to move and make her fall, but it all happened beautifully.

"I'm coming" I say, although it is quiet obvious with all the squeaking of the wood stairs

"Daddy!" says the girl of the yellow dress, she tries to hug me with those silly little arms, she can just hold my legs, I hug her back, and lift her, she is getting bigger, I hope she doesn't end up hating me. She is so sweet.

"Are you sure you can take her? You seem really tired now that i see you" said Lauren, she is wearing the same shirt as the night I told her I love her. I still do, madly, even with all the death bodies in the closet, even with the monsters down the bed.

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The Crocodile

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As he walked across those cages he felt a sudden look, and he turned one side, and the other, and he saw nothing. He kept walking and he asked himself about the weather, not that it really mattered. And so he kept going, he remembered being there, long ago, when there was still grass at the entrance, and the cages where full of animals. But now, as the zoo was abandoned by the owners and forgotten by the people, he found himself there, alone, walking through the aisles which once where his playground, and he remembered, vaguely, those days.
Then, he felt a cold wind, and he stopped. What was he doing there? He felt a little lost as he turned around and he saw the crocodile, it was big, very big, just as he remembered, “Stay away from that cage son.” He could listen. From far away, a voice kept telling him that, a voice which he had forgotten, but still it sounded very familiar, a voice that ached now. Deep in his bones, that voice caused an enormous pain.

So, he sat by the side of the crocodile’s cage. He watched him for a minute, or two, or maybe it was for hours. The crocodile looked back at him and they exchanged sights, and he was waiting for something to happen. Then he felt a raindrop in his feet, and he realized he was barefoot, and he felt it again and again. It stared raining and he didn’t move. Suddenly someone was running towards him and with a worried and broken voice shouted, “Todd! Todd!” She reached him, and hugged him, “Where have you been?, Why would you do this?, have you any idea how scared I was?” Todd looked at her, and she was crying. But she kept talking “They just ca-called me… a-a-an they told me you where gone, we’ve been looking for you for… over 7 hours,” Todd kept that indifferent smile he always had, “Come here, you dummy, lets dry you and take you home.”
She helped him up, and they walked away, and as Todd turned to the cage, a red marvel fell from the crocodile’s eye. And he kept walking. They both left the abandoned place, which hadn’t had any animals for 20 years. Gina took her phone out, and dialed, “I’ve found him”.
The nurse walked towards the nurse’s station, “They’ve found 511”

[ Mrs K i t e ]


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"All of what we see and show are masks... Unless of course you are able to see beyond"

By this, I start saying that what we see of a person, is not really the whole thing, this being is just showing us a phase, a face, a mask. And it is not that we need to lie to others about ourselves most of the time, not either is it that we need to hide from everyone. But it happens.

And this is because we have such a huge universe inside of us, that we are just not able to show it all to everyone, so we instead of showing our whole selves, which would be overwhelming, we show masks, some are our truly face, showing a real part of us. Some others find their own masks unsatisfying and they built ones that really don't fit them.

Some we use just for protection, some we use to like others, but for a not so little group of people, they are use to create confusion, deceive or just cold blooded bullshit. And this is why we are so fearful and paranoid about others, because we are afraid their masks might hide something horrible or hurting.

We use masks not just to hide our worlds, but to hide ideas, thoughts, feelings; sometimes we need to wear these masks for safety, but with so many layers, how do we know we haven't lost ourselves?

But then there is other group, which is truly small of this kind of people that are able to see through fake masks, able to pierce that thick cover for protection or deception, and those are the cursed ones, because they are able to see beyond, beyond the barrier intended to protect us form ourselves, cursed to a life without friendly little lies, a life without the peace of a "everything is going to be alright".

Forever, cursed with a life of truth.

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That's it...

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It’s not something you say, it’s something you do, and it always happens this way, you do it, then you think about it and you’ll find out a little bit more about you, and you’ll wonder, for a long while, you ask yourself if that was the desired outcome, and what is it that you want, and there’s really no way you can really answer this, but still, you must think about it because you’ll find answers to other questions you hadn’t thought about asking, and that’s it... That's perhaps why you're here... but maybe not...

Thought of sharing this now...
Cayman Islands-Kings of Convenience
"These canals, it seems,
they all go in circles,
places look the same,
and we're the only difference."

[ Mrs K i t e ]

Fly me to the bittersweet fields forever!

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Fly me to those fields, of fulfilled dreams and healed scars
let me hear that symphony in... your eyes.
'Cause its a place of bittersweet and fluffy stars.
Lets just go and climb the strawberry... pies.

Just take me to a place where i can cleanse my mind
take me far by the hand, take me far in your van
Lets go away to that place we love so much
But we've never been, let's go an eat strawberry pie.

Because making ends meet it's making it all stiff
Because the moon is searching for ... us
Let's forget entirely the what if..what if
Let's just go there in the psychedelic bus

Fly me to those fields, of fulfilled dreams and healed scars
let me hear that symphony in... your eyes.
'Cause its a place of bittersweet and fluffy stars.
Lets just go and climb the strawberry pies.

Wake me until may ends, 'till the yellow fades
then we'll fly to that promised land of art
Just go it doesn't matter if all fails
Just come, i know you want from the depth of your heart.

By I'm the penguin

Words, alone...

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I did this some time ago, as an exercise to listen to my mind, this was while I watched a medical TV show, and I wrote the worlds noticed the most, the result it’s interesting… I might not make any sense at all, although it makes absolute sense.

Interviews huh write big explanation say antidepressant structure potassium microvascular confirm syndrome sound be testing question what is it Herat fever say know hate witnesses alcohol wrong second noticed fine enzymes be drink pretend treatment sick do it live kids neither come in tomorrow page didn’t from us fair kidnapper telenovela terrorists bring it on fever down heart right explanation sorry mouth hours screaming morning from apes heard yes wrong life OK argue no right why answer interested medicine team follow withdrawal logic believe confidence die stubborn ass sociopath secrets pancreas MRI who knows boldness string sound scream thought mess give humor real reason three man principle connected work lost fall in love hiring eventually got hurt owner excuse mouth bleeding place patient done know cause for hips pattern explanations proven true symptom kill team size going observe windows money large liar baby indicates doesn’t after notice means morning here treatment legally find out tell insane surgery news treatable blood lied taking know stupid patient room sick receptors.

[Mrs K i t e ]
once again

Dark times ahead

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I can feel it on the air, it is that scent of dead animal and acid in the wind that tells you. It is the self preparing of one self to catastrophe even when the day is sunny, it comes from your very core, you just know it is there, you just know it will show up, knock at your door and turn your world upside down.

I felt it today, just after picking up the mail as I got home, as i walked to the door I knew it, something dark was coming, something uncomfortable for every particle of my being was planing to stay for a while, I knew shadows were all upon me. If only i could have done something about it, but I know I couldn't, as it has always happened with these things, I could do nothing to stop it.

So when I introduced the key in the door, i turned it, and I really didn't want to open it, I knew all the darkness would be out of there as soon as I opened. I simply knew something big was at the other side, my heart rushed. I opened the door and there he was, Kevin, hanging from a rope hanged in the ceiling. I simply stood there, feeling as I had never in my entire life. Sadness and anguish simply are too small to describe, I was broken, and I was broken since I was in the doorstep, but this, just killed me.

And so I watched him for over two more minutes, then I cut the rope, and called an ambulance, but even two years later, when I would be celebrating my birthday, surrounded by all my friends and family, all supporting me, even then I knew I had died at that specific moment, when that horrible wind swirled by my face.

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Old grounds

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He just couldn't stop staring at that old painting, as if by looking at it the old man would stand from that chair, take his stick and walk out of the canvas. The walls surrounding him were very old, filled with dust and mould. The stairs were missing four steps, all next to each other, the termites had done its work destroying every piece of furniture in that old racked house. Jack had been there, sitting in the floor, just staring at the old man painting for days now.

And it hadn't been long since Jack last visit to the McFadden manor, the last time he left he had ran away again, this time it was because some stupid fight with his father about getting a job, and as usual being the last thing he said "You'll regret this, you'll regret this", as if this was his way of crying for his parents approval, who not even dead would they give him.

It used to be a pleasant place to be, the front yard was filled with lilies form all the countries Mrs. McFadden had been, including Mongolia, which according to herbologists all around the world was impossible, given that the Mongolian lilies had extinct thousands of years ago. But that was as Jack remembered his mother, always running into the impossible for the most stupid things, disregarding what really mattered.

The manor had a total of thirty nice rooms, which would have been great for a big family hosting events frequently, but that was not the case, both Helen and Richard McFadden had been only children and had only had two kids. Lily (named after her mother's obsession with the flowers) and Jack, so when they grew up, Jack and Lily found their selves most of the time finding their way through that big maze.

But now all that was gone, gone forever, Jack would never see his mother watering the lilies, or his father yelling at the cellphone even when it was off, or his terrible but yet beautiful sister running around with some new yuppie. He wouldn't ever see Mr.Snuggles, -or whatever the name of that stupid little dog was- jumping around his leg. Jack McFadden would no longer be able to call anyplace "home" because his had been taken away, even if all made sense he still couldn't believe that in just six weeks of his ran away, all would be tore apart.

He couldn't believe that thirty of the thirty-nine rooms had been demolished by nature's wrath, or that the hallway was filled with weird bushes breaking the concrete, the front yard had no signs of any lilies ever being there, his family hadn't left any footprint to evidence their existence.

And so, as Jack finally stood up, and walked to the back yard, he saw one last standing figure at the end of the garden, he walked to it, the wind was swirling with such strength that rhythmic whistles could almost be heard. As he approached to the item, he noticed it was a grave, "we never had a grave in the backyard" said Jack to himself, almost running now to the stone. And as he was close enough to read it, he just stood there, eyes width open, his heart just stopped.

"Here they rest in peace, the McFadden's, Helen and Richard, a beloved and respected couple and their daughter, Lily. All died as they lived, looking for young Jack McFadden's soul"

the other [Mrs. Kite]

Howard Green, the new promise in modern architecture

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"I'm frequently asked 'Howard, how do you manage to do so much is so little time?', but that is not really a problem I mean, I just use a controlled agenda and that is it. But organizing is really important." said the tall handsome architect

"Oh, that is some good tip for all our readers, but tell me Howard, did you ever thought that you wouldn't succeed in this gigantic task?" asked the interviewer while writing some notes in a little paper.

"of coarse I had my doubts, it was really more like a challenge than a job" he said while laughing with that charming fake laugh of his "but all the way through there was my lovely fiancée" ended the man, as he looked to the clock.

"So! who is future Mrs. Green?" asked the curious interviewer-at last something barely interesting- she thought for herself

"I really wouldn't like to talk about that, but you may ask anything else about the tower, because we're really running out of time" he said, a little exasperated.

"C'ommon, we all want to know who was an inspiration for such a construction, the construction details can be known just by looking..." she said.

"If you may know, she is a beautiful young lady, who happens to be an architect as well" he said, getting irritated.

"Names honey, names!" said Patricia Conrad.

"If you have to know her name is Gina Owen, happy?" he said as he stood up

"Delightful, simply, delightful" she whispered as she wrote a little more "but where are you going?"

"This interview is over" said Howard Green as he walked away.

Gina won't be mad, will she? I bet they are going to edit that, probably my interview won't even make it to the magazine, probably she just won't even care, maybe she would still be back at Montana building that bank. Regardless what would happen next, we will be married in two months, hopefully all will go according to plan, and that obnoxious brother of hers will be in jail

By I'm the Penguin

There's not enough

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when the words can't express the sigh, when there is no character to express such silence, when an empty sheet can just express far more than a thousand page poem, or a canvas filled with beautiful colors. When you know that that feeling can't even be perceived by your senses, it is simply when there are no longer any expressions in art or in the entire language to tell you . . .

the other [Mrs. Kite]

What is it?

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What is evil? Is it an abstract beast, infinite and figure less? Is it raging spirit wandering among us, full of hatred and pain? Or is it a horned red man? The only true thing we think we know about it, is that it is the opposite of good, but then what is good? What is this thing we claim we search so much and say we know but we've never seen? Is it a higher being with a master plan? Is it a force that guides us? Or is it just a well planed business?

What ever these things are, what ever they do, they are as real as an idea lurking in our minds, as real as a fantasy of being able to fly, as real as the math we do, being part of us in our thoughts, being part of our entire self.

By I'm the penguin

Turn & Returns

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Every decision we make leads us to a whole new world of possibilities, every single one of them, creating entire different universes where we decided differently and our whole lives changed. And by every one of them, I DO mean every one of them.

In a hypothetical case, lets just say. It's your breake, you go to a coffee shop, and are undecisful about what to get, you are between an iced tea, or a hot coffee, now there are two universes, the one in which you take the iced tea and the one in which you took the coffee, this might seem stupid, thinking the whole universe is going to drift apart for some stupid coffee, but read carefully.

Since it's been a long day at work, you are tired, and sleepy, so when they give you the coffee, you feel it way to hot, without previously preparing yourself, so since its too hot, you move quickly, don't look back and you trip with a guy, and spill your coffee over him, and let's just think about how hot it was, the guy is burned, he gets mad at you, then back at work you find out he started working there, and it is uncomfortable.

Now let's see about the universe in which you took the iced tea, its cold, but it feels good, so you just take it and leave the place, and go back to work, on the way you find yourself wanting to go to the restroom so bad, so as soon as you get there you go to the restroom, to where you don't often go. Then when you come out, you see a guy you saw before at the coffee shop, he shyly asks you where is the accounting department, and since you work there, you walk him there. In the walk you two talk and have fun, since he is nervous and new, he dorkly invites you out, you two get along and two years later you find yourself moving with him.

But back at the real world, in the decision, you prefer to go instead for the cookie you just saw, you take a bite, its delicious, and you go on with your life as usual, go back to work and worry about the calories later, while wondering how would it be if you had taken the tea or the coffee, but you know you can't return there, to that decision, you can't return to the multidimensional coffee shop.

the other[Mrs. Kite]