Because I chose

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It is a decision, it was indeed a decision, a choice I made. And I would love to say I'm terribly sorry for it, and in fact I am, but it was my decision. Of course I could've chose a better way, an easier way. But well somewhere along the way I made my mind up for this, and that's how it is.

Because of course I like discrimination, I mean who doesn't? Because fitting is was just not for me. Because the whole "being part of something" pfft, it never crossed my mind. And if you think it was a stupid one, a reckless one, well I'm very glad you didn't take it. Because I'm very sure you were given the choice, as everyone else right? Perhaps you will never understand it, maybe you will never forgive me, but know something for sure. It was my choice.

And forgive me for being so stupid to forget when I made that huge decision, I can't believe it either. But the important part is that you judge me for it, because it is not possible for a person to judge another person based on facts he/she can't change, one must be judged based on the decisions made. So therefore, you are in all your right to judge me, to hate me, to disapprove me. Because I made a choice.

Because I chose to be born poor, I chose to be born black, I chose to be born deaf and in a wheel chair, I chose to be born with a mental incapacitation, because I decided to one day go all schizophrenic , I chose also to have this unappealing looks. And it is obvious that I decided to be short, I chose to be homosexual and I also decided not to be able to put attention for more than three minutes, and my mind was set into being from a nationality I well knew you hated.
For all that I ask forgiveness, because I as well as you know that it was my decision. A decision anyone else could have taken, because all those are choices we can all take. Forgive me for taking a decision which was different than yours.

By I'm the penguin

Everyone's a character

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"Anne is the type of person, that.. if you're like me... you want to stab, after a five minute chat... so,... (self note: place her some how away from my table) then, we have my sister Sarah, she's the kind of person that would literally stab Anne, no joke... and I'm sure she's bringing her boyfriend who I'm sure is a nice really smart guy, but that hasn't been introduced to our parents, mainly because I suppose, he's also 10 years older than her... So, ( self note: don't sit Sarah near mom and dad, nor next to Josephine, since she can barely stand her. Josephine is the victim-never says no-cousin,  I'm sorry Josephine, but you're sitting next to Anne." I left the sitting chart, and went to wash my face... I can't believe I'm thinking in all this... for christ sake, I'm not a wedding planner, I'm a writer....

[ Mrs. K i t e ]

Diary thing you asigned

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School is boring lately, we're just seeing the same stuff over and over again, not even APs keep my attention this days. It feels like I shouldn't be here any longer, and it is not because of my classmates, they're all cool, I'm like popular to them. And it surly is not because of the school work, getting less than an A+ is becoming very odd. It's just the feeling, that I shouldn't be here, but mom and dad and my stupid sister insist that I stay.

Things at home aren't that great either, dad is sick, mom is neurotic every single day and Gina simply is so self centered with her unpopular preppy friends, they believe they're so great... It is sometimes just way too unbearable to stay here, to listen to all the noise, to watch dad losing it, to see Gina run away every night, it's just becoming too much. To make things worse they insist on taking me to some weird doctor(sorry, you said you wanted honesty), they say it's just because I looked stressed out. Bullshit, I know they think I'll end up like dad and go all coo coo, but I simply don't care.

I keep secretly writing for some reason, it helps me let out all those dreams and voices. But it has become a problem, you see, mom found one while breaking my every right of privacy. Ever since then we've been having lots of fights, and I don't see the point, it's just a story, it's not like the voices are telling me to kill...every day.

Things with Sylvia are progressing, we always have long talks, even if I jut stare at her form the other side of the library. I don't care she is 7 years, 4 months and 3 days older, I have nice feelings for her. I don't find myself wanting to hurt her or anything as the shrimp (Doctor Seiler) often suggests.

I wish dad was like he used to be.

So that was my week, and I sincerely hope nothing of this will get me more of those shitty pills you gave me last month dear doctor.

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How can you tell when your heart stops?
There's a small, really small moment, where you must realize something like:
"WTF... my heart sto..."
And then you're gone
You can come back, with the help of some funny little shocks of course...
But what if that moment, just when you know, it's something mystical, just like they say, the white tunel, or your soul lifting in the room, or the voice, whatever... only those who come back can give us a glimpse of this particular event... it's not our turn to know yet... I hope....
Is your heart pumping?

[Mrs. K i t e ]
mine is...

Back to basics

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There's tons of photoshop made illustrations, we surly don't want you stranger across the street to think we've forgotten how to make a proper drawing by hand.

Just a penguin, a (recycled) white sheet and his passion for swirls. (of course a box fool of color pencils are useful too)

[passion for irony, see the absurd
in a national tragedy]
By I'm the penguin


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I'm still working on it... but there's something special about 111 so, i thought on showing you the first draft... i tried to upload the vid, but it didn't work.. so here are the first images of a still untitled proyect, but for now it's the Blackbird Fields "presentation" vid...

[ Mrs. K i t e ]

A lighthouse

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We all need sometimes a light from out to guide us to the best, or the closest pier.

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Bunch of creeps

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There’s no way you haven’t heard this one.
But just as a reminder…
Hello Creeps around the world!

But I'm a creep,
I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doin' here?
I don't belong here


[ Mrs. K i t e ]
today Mrs. K i t e wishes you to find where you belong XD

First day of class

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I was going back to school, from summer, as every year. And as I went into it's red brick walls I noticed it was kind of different. And it was not only the paint, or the people in there, the whole thing was different. The entire structure had changed, and I noticed, but somehow I knew it was still my school.

It was one of those days where the entire day the sky is violet and you can see the light of the moon, but no satellite in the sky. There was an atmosphere of mystery in the air, as if from the first moment I went in I knew what was about to happen, but then again, if I had known, I would have probably never went in.

The day started with me presenting myself to a bunch of people who looked nothing like the other guys I had went to school the last year, but I knew they were the same, faceless peers who were replaceable. And as it went on, a teacher who i didn't seem to recognize announced that some guy had died, but that was not the big news, the thing was that Iris (a friend of mine) was the number one suspect. Now, this was news because apparently Iris had gone missing just as the investigations began, which was quiet fishy, i must admit.

After some boring citizen responsibility speech given to students who were not old enough to be citizens, and requests "in the most kind of manners" to help with the investigations, the classes went on. And there, right there, after the third period I noticed it, it hit me hard, and harder after a while because I hadn't noticed before. That was not my school, those were not my teachers, and the naked apes surrounding me now were surely not the naked apes that affectionately I called classmates last year.

It was quiet very overwhelming, knowing that not did I only got the wrong class, but I got the wrong school! But for unknown reasons I was calmed, as if all along I had known that this was not my school the CSIN (center for socially incompetent nerds), it was another school, and I knew exactly which one was it, it was the ISH (institute of science for hippies). I knew quiet quickly for the archaic way the math teacher used his calculator, by the cynicism with which people skipped class, and of coarse the school's logo everywhere helped.

But let's continue with the main plot, because it seems that entering into a whole different school was quiet normal for me in that moon lighted day. As I said, the periods went by quickly, and I seemed to have some sort of group of friends, who I spent the free hour with. But then something interesting happened, the principal called me to his office. Now you must understand that this school, was not only filled with hippies, but it was also ran by priests, a wacko combination, I know, but that's how they roll.

So I went into the high priest's office, which unlike I thought wasn't decorated by the Vatican, it looked more like decorated by the Varinan. And in case you don't know what that is, check the local list for gay bars and you'll get an idea. But that was not the shocking part, because I was obviously not going to start judging people based on decoration after all those years of not even noticing it. What was really impressive was that the guy was barely on his late forties and in pretty good shape, and I seriously expected someone at least sixty five, with a cross shaped cane.

So Elliot, that was his name, started right with the big questions, as how would I describe my relationship with Iris, and I answered we were going to get married in a couple of months. Then he asked if I knew where she was, to which I admitted I was hiding her under my bed. And after a few more questions he kind of gave up.

"Young man, I don't like your sarcasm" he said, of course I felt terribly insulted, but then again, I was amazed someone of his career could understand it.
"This is a delicate business, a life was lost and the police thinks it has something to do with Iris Blackrose Gruning, and I pray the lord they're wrong, but for that we must find her" he said, looking what seemed like worried, I couldn't tell, the leather everything had an hypnotizing smell.

Then, after he gave up on me, and went out to look for the rest of Iris' friends, I searched the place. I have that annoying habit of trying to find mysteries that don't exist. So I looked in his drawers and there was nothing interesting, only some old confiscated magazines, administration papers and some picture of him holding a man obviously younger, nothing interesting. But then I looked at his post-its in his screen. They just read the names of people, but there was one, which I'm sure was a to-do list.

1. Get a new place to live
2. Buy tickets for Oasis
3. Adopt a kid
4. Help fight the global warming
5. Call to check dinner plans
6. Detonate school soccer field

It was really disturbing and somehow cool. An old man going to the Oasis concert! What a thing! Of course the getting-a-new-place thing was concerning, but I'm sure he would survive it, but seriously, tickets for Oasis!

Then, I returned to where the apes gathered to communicate and eat each other's fleas, which I noticed was not being done anymore lately. Some were actually kind of nice, some even knew how to develop an actual conversation, but again that was just part of the trying-not-to-die-of-boredom surviving instinct of me. I was really kind of thinking where might Iris be? And if she had or had not killed that man. And as that, I saw a pair of blue eyes that dazzled me, with the same bluntness as the first day I had see them.

"Iris! Hi! What are you doing here?" i said, quiet impressed to be honest

"Meh, I just went to the ladies room to skip class, how lame is that?" she answered, with the same emotionless voice she always had

"You are aware the police is searching for you right?" I asked, with a bit of concern in my voice

"Whatever, I mean, they think I went missing, but I've been in my room the whole time, now I came to school and it's on national news" she said, with a hint of irony.

And as bizarre as that conversation went, the whole thing was cleared, she had been in her room taking pictures of the wall while the murder had been executed. The camera had the whole proof. And later it was found that the death guy was actually murdered by a wildcat when he was taking a long walk in the forest. Very sad indeed, because he was actually there in a march to save that forest from being cut down.

And after the police was gone from school and the investigation was now directed to find that wild cat, Elliot suspended classes for the day and we had a lovely gathering at school. We chatted about what would we had done if Iris was truly a murderer, and how could some people like anchovies in their pizza.

Then I thanked Elliot for helping the cause against the global over population, and global warming. And after that I took off and never went back to that school, perhaps because the student body was boring, or maybe it was just not right for me, but it might just have been because it was not really my school.

[I still don't exist]
By I'm the penguin

The principles in plagiarism

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[ Mrs. K i t e ]

Stop trying

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There's something going on

Yes I know

I really need to talk to you

well, can't it wait until the speech is over?

not really, you see, the faster I tell you, the better.

Seriously, if this is another of your conspiracy things, I'm not talking
to you for a good full month

No, it's not

I warned you

So, ok, lets go.

The thing is that... I met this person.

AGAIN! I mean, the first time, it was annoying, but haven't you learned?

This one is different, she's totally in the right vibe

That's the same thing you said last time. And I just don't buy it.
What does this one want?

That's the whole point, she just wants to help me, help us.

I don't really think someone you "just met" can really help us with anything,
now get your silly self back at the church, this discussion is over.

No, it's not, listen to me. Ok? She can really help us, she can!

No, no, she can't you know why? Because nor the first one could, or the one
after it, or this. And it's because they're just silly young children who
think they can deal with stuff they can't even understand, and don't freaking
tell me this one is different, because if she was, well, we wouldn't be
talking here right now would we?

Is that right? Well, so I'll just go with her alone! Fuck you man, fuck you!

Whatever Sean, just go.

By I'm the penguin

Watching People

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The guy with the green apron wandered around the coffee shop, wondered about his paycheck, and the Canadian cyclist opened itunes, and that was sweet, incomplete. The background music was nice and jazzy. And the coffee was good, I drank again and I saw a women with a pony-tail sitting next to the Canadian, and she looked like a flight attendant, then a really short man approached the guy with the green apron and asked for a caramel mocchiato, and the employee kept thinking about his paycheck, at the same time, a policeman with a horrible hangover came out of the restroom and left without buying anything, minuets later, he came back again and went inside the restroom,… again. And the Canadian played with his red long hair and beard. 30 seconds after, the policeman came out again and the Canadian stood up, showing a Québec patch in his shorts.

[ Mrs. K i t e ]


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Today, It was brought to my attention a very important topic.


Should we censor sex and violence in the movies, TV, and even society itself so people are not offended and the youth are not perturbed.?

Or should we allow this content so they are inform, and let them watch anything?

Well, just to begin with, censorship is used to ban content that is not considered prudent. And history has taught us that censorship is not always good, if ever. That we have the right to have access to all the information out there, so we are prepared for the future. But something is true, people are influenced by the content of what they're exposed to, and there are countless cases of this, high school shootings due to over exposure of violence. Teen pregnancy because the shows constantly suggest that having sex underage is the best thing ever.

So what should we do about it? Should we censor everything and pretend that there is no such thing as violence and drugs? Or should we expose society to all the things with the risk that they get affected permanently? Well, for ages we have decided to censor and pretend, but where has that led us?

Today's society is called the generation of vice and perdition. And they're not just exaggerating, it's true that the drug use had never been so high, it's also true that the high school shootings are becoming every week's news, and it's also true that people are having more underage-underground-unprotected sex. And that this like for the underground is nothing but wanting to defy the system, and is cause by all the censorship there is. Forbid something and you're making it more desirable.

But we can't just throw a bunch of deep and crude information to the youngsters, I couldn't possibly think a parent wanting to teach their 5 year old all about drugs, how are they, their effects, and how to avoid them. And I wouldn't want to be the one to talk to the same kid about how much people die for a cause that is not of their own, and how are they tortured and injured.
Because if a boy starts watching pornography at the age of 8, due to lack of censorship, then I wouldn't predict a favorable outcome.

So what should we do? Well, it is simple. How do you get a person to understand planes are a speed transporting devices, so when they see them they don't start throwing rocks at it? IT is obvious: You teach them. That is the only way a boy is not going to be overwhelmed and confused the first time he watches pornography or the first time he has an erection due to something arousing. Because it WILL happen, no matter how hard you try, it will. So, the only thing you can do, is teach your kid all you can about sexuality and hope he understands and hope he'll do good with that information. And this is just an example, but it applies to everything.

And parents all around the world have decided for years that they prefer to censor than to teach, and that has brought us a great amount of trouble, needless to say ignorance. Because that's the only true way to help them get through their lives, teaching them, not getting them inside a bubble for their entire lives. So I say it is time for all of us to rise and say: "I CHOOSE KNOWLEDGE OVER CENSORSHIP". And parents all around the world end with this cycle of ignorance for once and for all.

[Do not censor, TEACH, LEARN]
By I'm the penguin

Who's your Vincent?

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Mrs. Kite loves walking around her head.
She thought about sharing this with you.

Vincent Malloy is seven years old
He's always polite and does what he's told
For a boy his age he's considerate and nice
But he wants to be just like Vincent Price.

Vincent, by Tim Burton

Watch it!
English w/No-Subtitles English w/Spanish-Subtitles

[Mrs. K i t e ]

Read my mind

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" Oh well I don't mind if you don't mind
'Cause I don't shine if you don't shine
Before you jump
Tell me what you find
... when you read my mind "

The Killers

[we got no fears, won't shed no tears,
we're pushin' the frontiers
of transcendental perception]
By I'm the penguin

Mindworks present

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Andy was dreaming about chasing butterflies. Then, all of a sudden, something woke him up. It was a dragon, a big blue dragon with spikes. Any other kid would’ve run to mom’s room, but not Andy. He stretched his hand until he reached the rough skin of this dragon, he lifted his face and saw his shiny gem-like eyes.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“I’m your dragon.”

“What’s your name” he asked again.

“What’s my name?” he answered

“Eind.” The boy told him.

“I’m Eind, the blue dragon.

“And, what can you do Eind.”

“Where do you want to fly today?” the dragon answered

“I want to go somewhere no one has ever seen.”

So the boy got in Eind’s back and they flew through the window, across the sky, heading north.

Imagination works. This is the way I write.

[Mrs. K i t e ]

What if..?

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"Super new and awesome WHATIF2008 machine! Have you ever wondered what would your life be like if that special girl wouldn't have dumped you, if you had scored better with those SATs? Have you ever wondered what would your life be like if you had made different that big decision?

Well Waist Yourlaif has brought the new WHATIF2008 machine! you just make a few adjustments about your name, age and the number of cats you've had and then the machine takes you back to all your life showing you whatever would have happened if you had done something different! You heard right! Any moment of your life!"

Marcus had to heard no more about this magical instrument, they had him with the SATs part. He grabbed the phone and dialed to the number on screen, he maxed his credit card. And then he just sited on the couch waiting, as he had always done. After some weeks of waiting he was about to call again when he heard the door bell.

Riiing Riiing Riiing

So he ran to the door, still in his pajamas and opened.

"Oh, it's you again..." he said, loosing all the enthusiasm gained in the last couple of seconds

"We are the girl scouts sir! And we came to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity" they were interrupted

"Seriously Kim, Kelly and Kaley, i have no idea why you girls keep coming." said Marcus while almost closing the door

"Those are not our names sir, and we had never came to your house. But we came to offer you some candy bars" they were interrupted again

"Why don't you make yourselves a favor and go sell your shit-tasting zero-calories bars to your sweet grandmas? Oh can't 'cause they're all DEAD!" he yelled, making Shelby, Gina and Fiona burst into tears

And finally getting rid of the pests in a kinder way than used, Marcus went back to his sit. After a fe more hours he remembered he was waiting for his super WHAT IF machine. And when he was about to call again, the door bell rang.


"coming... you better don't be three underage munchikins selling shitty bars" he jingled, in his everything but melodious voice

As he opened there was just his guy standing there, clearly tired of all the delivers of the day. They guy was holding a little black box and a release form

"You have to sign here, and here" the delivery guy said, pointing at the form that looked more like a lifetime contract

"Right, right, so... where is the machine?" Marcus asked, expecting a huge wooden box with lots of stamps of all the places it had to be before delivering it to the public in general.

To be honest, he expected a whole crew carrying it and even an interview, being him the number five buyer (according to the operator a couple of week ago). But that was fine, he guessed.

"This is it" said the delivery guy, showing the tiny black box he held in his arm. It was quiet little in fact. Lots less than what Marcus had expected, after all a five weeks shipping owed to be kind of spectacular.

"Are you sure this is it? Isn't that like the instructions booklet or something?" Marcus was very disappointed, but he was too impressed to yell at the delivery guy, and was too overwhelmed to come up with some smart insult.

"Yes sir, enjoy it" said the delivery guy, with some weird expression that tried to be a smile. So he walked away with the forms signed, leaving the man all alone at his entrance door, staring at the tiny package.

After a few minutes, Marcus found out that for some reason, staring at the box didn't make it bigger. So he entered to his house, trying to convince himself that size was not what matters, just as a few years ago when his girlfriend dumped him for the same reason. Staring at things won't make them bigger.

After the disappointment he finally concluded to open the box, perhaps it was an apology form the company to explain that such delay was due to the improvement of the machine, and that there would be no charge. But instead he found a huge paper diagram, which he took away form the box as ant other person treats a handbook. But there was nothing in there, so he turned the box upside down, tore the whole thing apart ad then. After looking again to the huge booklet, he saw a little cellphone-kind of like device.

He tried to remember, but in the infomercial they never showed the so called machine once, they did show how could you adapt it to your T.V, to your surround system, to the car and even to the mp3 player. But they never showed the machine.

"when it comes to electronics, the smaller the better right?" he thought "Obviously a japanese idea to feel better about themselves" and he laughed at his own joke

But after trying to understand a half of the things that the diagram showed, he gave up. He would call the company. But after searching some kind of number in the booklet he just found the serial number, and the box pieces didn't helped any better.

After so much disappointment in a row, he did what he always did in moments of stress, he opened a six pack. And in between the beer drinking and the nachos making he finally found the english section in the booklet, which was of no more help. Because a few hours ago, he hadn't noticed he was trying to read portuguese instead of english, which now looked like a bit of chinese anf french. But that didn't mattered, he fell asleep as soon as he got to the third line into the introduction of the product.

And the following days were just about the man against the machine, an epic battle that ended with the man having to make use of the language in numerous ways, making the discovery that cellphone-like thingy was the container of the WHATIF2008, which made the whole thing a bit more weirder. Which led to the man realizing how to plug it into the screen.

Then after introducing all his information (including the name of her great great grandmother's cat) he turned the thing on. And by thing I mean a mini chip like thing that could be hardly read "WHATIF 2008". Then, after turning it on the screen went black and it made a pop.

Marcus then read over and over again the booklet on what step was next, or what were some commonly made mistakes, and since his face was not turning blue or his house was on fire, none of above applied. It was actually quiet frustrating, all what he went trough and now nothing.

"What a piece of crap, what if I just set on fire the corporation who made this, I'm sure they would then be a little more helpful right?" he said to himself in that ironic sense of humor he just got.

But next thing he knew, the screen showed a micro video of him right in that spot, then in a fast motion sequence it showed him taking a flight to Tokyo/ moving around the city/ watching the corporation's building in front of him/ getting into the pipes system/ setting on fire all/ big explosion/ dead. The sequence lasted about thirty seconds, but Marcus got it like if it had been a two hours long film.

Being amazed by the power of it he started asking silly questions

What if I had been the most popular kid on high school?

lots of friends/ parties/ alcohol and drugs/ he having lots of sex/ car accident/ dead.

What if my mother had let me have a dog for my 10th birthday?

happy moments/ becomes a better kid/ dog dies/ keeps memories/ makes bigger effort in school/ gets 1800 on SATs/ goes to Brown/ becomes successful lawyer/ marries/perfect family/ happy moments/ end.

"I'm sure talking to mom next Sunday to bitch around more about not letting me have Spike..." he said out loud, fascinated with the power of the thing. And for a couple of days he kept asking about the what if's of his life. He found out that if he had chose coke instead of sprite back in elementary, bullies would have bullied him less, he also learned that if he had married that philipino girl on college, he would have ended up being a writer.

But as the weeks went on, his questions about stupid decisions in his life were coming to their end. And he noticed that for some reason the WHATIF2008 machine had became sticky, and a little bit bigger, but of course it was just perception, how is a machine going to grow? But he also started to realize more things, he could ask stuff that had nothing to do with him, and soon he became half aware of the possibilities of this.

What if Colombus's boat had drowned in the middle of the sea before arriving to America?

more ships are sent/ discovered by a French/ all colonized by France/ All America speaking french

What if President Lincoln hadn't been shot in the Ford theater?

life of Lincoln goes on/ makes stupid administration mistakes/ brings the country to a semi crisis/ leaves huge evidence discovered on the XX century, that he in fact was gay/ commotion caused around the country/ patriotic chaos.

What if Jesus Christ was never born?

Samael Christ is considered a messiah/ is killed in a common way/ politics take his cause to gain power/ his faith is spread/ Christianity is made/ fanatic people do stupid things

And so and so, he started seeing how would the world be if the story would have been completely different, and he saw some terrifying thins, he also saw that other things would have been completely the same. Mainly because that which he thought was the cause of things, wasn't as it happens in history. As time passed by, he grew more conscious of all the possibilities that that magical machine had, soon he started asking bigger questions.

What if the meteorite that extinguished dinosaurs had never hit Earth?

dinosaurs evolve into smaller shapes/ mammals evolve to be smaller too/reptiles spread in many different types/ one type suffers a great deal of change/ that certain type becomes aware of more things/ new reptiles become smart/ those reptiles worship a God.

What if we were all born bisexual?

men marrying women and men. women marrying women and men/ polygamy/ slower growth of population/ awareness of the problems caused by overpopulation/ birth control/ no extreme poverty.

What if all people were born with the same ethnicity traits?

people being differenced by their hair color/ discrimination/ majority of brunettes discriminating blonds and read heads/ slaughter/ fight for rights.

The time passed and Marcus hadn't noticed it had been months since he hadn't came out of his house. And apparently, the WHATIF wouldn't get off his hand, it was like sticked. Plus, for some reason, it looked bigger now. He and his was were a mess, and his life as well. But he was very much intrigued of how would things go on if only something had been different. His questions kept getting deeper and the WHATIF2008 kept answering, always in fast motion sequences.

One bad day of October, Marcus's electricity went down, due to a storm, or the fact that he hadn't paid it in four months now. The fact was that the WHATIF2008 ran out of batteries, and then it just turned off in the middle of a question. He was shocked, how could it went off just when he was about to reveal the mysteries of the universe?

He decided to wait until the electricity came back, but something in his logic told him it wouldn't. So he stood up from his couch for the first time in a long time, with the WHATIF2008 stil sticked to his and, and now it seriously looked big, he compared it to the size of the cellphone-case thingy, and it was bigger now.

He went out for a while, of the living room. And walked around the house, observing how it clearly needed some cleaning, it even looked abandoned. The old pizzas were piling in a corner, the trash was all around the house. He did heard more than one rat.

For his amazement, when he went to his door and opened it, it was daylight. And he thought he hadn't seen it probably because he used to watch the screen on the dark so he wouldn't be interrupted for that silly light that comes from above.

He decided that a good walk around the neighborhood would be fine, after all, he had lost count of how much time he had been in there after the first couple of months. And aparently, the whole street was plagued with old people, where once lived the Hendersons (a newlywed couple) now lived a couple of old people in their late sixties. It was outrageous, he noticed the same in a lot of other houses. All of the sudden the people had moved out, and then old gigs had moved instead of them.

Worried about how many months he had spent with the WHATIF, Marcus asked some old man who was on his porch.

"Excuse me? sir, do you know by any chance the people who lived here before you?" he asked
"I couldn't, you see, I built this house" said the old man
"Right..." he said "Old wacko needs his pills" he thought
"Hey, you should have checked that lump in your hand, it sure looks big" said the concerned old man
"It's nothing.." Marcus said "Do you know by any chance today's date?"
"Sure, It's October the second of 2059" said the old man
"two thousand and nine" corrected Marcus "You mean two thousand and nine"
"No, no I don't" said the old man, a little scared now. So as quickly as he could, he went inside his house

And there he stood Marcus Fisher, watching at the now integrated to his arm WHATIF2008, bought in the year in the name. Realizing that all those what if's took a hell of a time, and that he could ask "What if I hadn't bought this and I had went on with my life?" and he could've surely seen it, but he would never live it.

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Growing up

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“I don’t want to go back home.” The little girl said.

“Why Marie?”

“I don’t know….” She said sobbing.

“But, home’s good, it’s where you live, you have your toys, your room, and Mr. Cosy your teddy bear.

“I don’t want him anymore!” she shouted now.

“So, you’re planning on leaving all behind, just like that?#

“Yeah…” she was upset now.

“Well… you aren’t!” that’s not the way things work Marie”


“You can’t just abandon whatever’s bothering you, it doesn’t work that way!” the desperate mother shouted…

“Just like you did with daddy, right?”

She was apparently not five anymore.

Never underestimate age.

[ Mrs. K i t e]

Confessions of a lifetime outcast

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Through my adolescence I never had true friends you know? I felt very lonely where I lived, no one really ever got me there, I felt like a foreign day by day. In the world of short words and fake masks. My mother used to nag me every time she saw me reading or writing. "Quit that useless things and come polish your nails" or "Get pretty for the ball, no good man marries a woman for the amount of books she has read".

It was quiet sad indeed. My father kind of understood me, he bought lots of books for me, and then we'd discuss them. The thing was that he was so much into that world, that the only books we read were best-sellers and thinking about García Marquéz or Cortazar was just wrong. "They're a bunch of communists, idiots" he used to say. He was great, but he could've been more like me, but somehow that society was more appealing.

Living life as a common teenager was hard, the only thing that those girls read was about the new fashion that came from Paris, and the only thing they knew about the Bermudas triangle was that it was near some pretty islands where they would go on vacation. And don't get me wrong, i won't deny it was sometimes fun, i was also sixteen once. I could even blend with them, talking about which boy was the cutest and how could that special pair of high hills could match with that special dress accessorising. But I always felt that hole in me, I always felt lonely somehow.

I did once had a friend, her mom was a witch, and I don't mean this in the offensive way, she was indeed into the occult arts. But that's not the point, she was great, with her I could talk about politics, books and more stuff beyond who would be Spring Carnival queen. But our worlds were very different, my parents played poker with the state's governor while her parents went around their house naked, enjoying the new moon. Eventually she moved out and I never heard of her, last thing I knew from a rumor she had gotten married with a junkie.

And my life was as that, trying to pretend to be part of a world I completely disagreed with. Playing the role of another rich empty girl, when in fact my soul ached for anarchy and art and bohemian lifestyle.

Then, for college I moved, and it's funny, because I wanted a college close to home. But due to my mother's personal reasons I had to go to one in the other side of the country, which freaked me out at first, but I think that was the best thing that could have happened to me. Also, my parents were not aware that this particular school had it's reputation for it's liberal ideas, free thinking and pot consuming. I never did drugs, but sure I dived into the world of "useless hippies" and "stupid idealists". But that's kind of another story.

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Decisions are worth it

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“What the hell are you talking about?”
And I was talking about it.
And you didn’t listen.
You always do, but not now.
And I wished it had ended the hour before, right when you insisted on going to the park.
But it was late.
And I was tired.
And the talking continued.
And the voice in my head kept calling that person I didn’t know anymore.
But you where there.
And I decided it was worth trying.
It was easier swallowing my pride, than grilling my heart.

[ Mrs. K i t e ]

It all ended with a bang

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and the phones were ringing and the whales were singing
and the eyes kept looking and mouths kept muting
and the ladies started yelling and the fellas started shooting
and it all ended with a bang instead of a horse ride

but the sky was raining and the rain was chilling
but the bandits were running and the children were crying
but the sheriff had no clue and his heart had no beat
but the men followed the bandits until their ride had no breath

yet the lightings were striking and the cows were whining
yet the hail kept crashing and the drops kept washing
yet the women found hiding and the horses found ending
yet the sound was paralyzing and the image was sickening

and it all ended with a bang instead of a horse ride

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Biggest Show on Earth

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My friend Todd

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"Good morning Amanda, how are you today?" asked routinely Christa

"I'm fine Mrs.Jan, what about you?" answered Miss Morgan

"I am fine, thanks. I see you are wearing your yellow dress again" observed the psychiatrist

"It's my favorite" said Amanda, in a short, hardly audible voice

"Your mom told me you don't want to wear any other dress, why is that?" asked Christa

"Because I like it" said the girl, now starting to feel pressure

"Is there any special reason why would you want to be a girl in a yellow dress all the time?" asked Mrs. Jan

Both remained in silence for a couple of seconds, but before she lost her completely, Christa Jan tried to bring back Amanda.

"Amanda, are you listening to me?" asked Christa

The girl nodded.

"Could you please tell me, why is it that you act in that way? Is it because of a story? A story some friend told you?" the doctor kept with the interrogatory

But again the girl just nodded, looking blankly at the window.

"So, you liked so much this story that you wanted to act like it, is that why you are wearing always your yellow dress?" asked the psychiatrist, obviously wanting to get to somewhere.

This time Amanda hardly nodded, she was sank on her seat, staring at the window.

"Could you tell me a little bit about this story?" asked Mrs. Jan

"Your office smells like new car, I like it" answered Amanda

"Thank you for your compliment, but could you please talk to me a little about this story?" asked the doctor

"Stories"answered the girl, still looking at the window

"Could you please tell me about this stories?" she was starting to get annoyed

"I can't" finally said the girl, after a few minutes of silence

"Why? Did this friend told you not to tell anyone?" accused the doctor

"No, Toddy would be fine about me spreading the word about the girl in the yellow dress, but i couldn't remember exactly how the story goes" resolved the girl

"Well what is it about?" asked the psychiatrist

"That's not how it works" said the girl, ending the topic

"Well, could you talk to me about this new friend of yours?"

"He's name is Todd and he likes cheese burgers with three pickles and one slice of tomato" answered the girl, for the first time eager.

"And how old is he?" asked Doctor Jan, finally getting to the whole point of the appointment

"I don't know, he's old. Not old like you and my parents, he's not seventy." answered the wondering girl

After a hypocrite laugh doctor Jan determined that neither her parents or her were even close to be seventy.

"And do you get along with Todd all the time?" asked the psychiatrist

"Yes, he's lots of fun." answered the girl

"How did you meet him?" kept asking

"In the mad-house" answered the girl

"Amanda, don't call it that way. It is a place for people with special needs just like you and Todd" said the preoccupied doctor

"I know, but he calls it that way, sounds funnier than help and health center" said Amanda, playing with her hair

"And what do you do with Todd? Do you play like the other kids?" continued Dr. Jan

"Well, not really, he tells me stories you see?" said the girl

"What kind of stories?" asked inquisitively

"Of all kinds, he told me all the stories about the girl of the yellow dress, fairy tales, about the fields of the black birds" listed the girl, making an expression of delight for every story she remembered

"And does he get along with the other kids, or with the adults?" asked the doctor

"No, everyone says he's very lonely. But I think his stories are enough company for him, with such fantastic worlds who would need real people making it all dull?" said the girl, leaving the doctor speechless for a few minutes.

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Notes on Robert by Dr.Noon

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Robert intrigues me a lot, but I’m afraid he wants to stop therapy.

Dr. Noon

[Mrs. K i t e ]

The ice

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[we don't sale tickets to Macondo]
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Man on the Moon

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If you believed they put a man on the moon
Mister Andy Kaufman's gone wrestling
Now Andy, did you hear about this one?

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A drawing of mine had never been seenin this site, which is something i decided to change today

[the east pole is awesome!]
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We live here

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Do what you want, you're stuck here... unless...

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Sailing angel

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For thousands of years the legend of the chanting sea has been told from sailor to sailor, a bit of the story chages always, they make it more fantastic or brutal, they add lost treassures and mermaids. But they all agree at some point

All the stories agree that the place is the Felrrish ocean, and the time is the sunset. As soon as the Sun is setting and tthere is no land to see at any point, sailors all across the globe agree that music starts to be heard. Beautiful music, the kind no human made instrument can make. Now here is were the legend drifts, some say, it plays an unexplainable melody that enchants any, others say it plays a joyful bar song, and some even dare to say it chants parochial songs. But one thing is true, they all love it.

Now, there are many theories for this, the must belivable is that the sailors believe this crap so they beleive they hear it, and at some point some must have heard whales. But for the sake of the legend, let's stick with the sailor's version. Many say they are Ulises' mermaids coming back from the olympic tales to revenge their lost, other more inteligent say it is the sun, who actually makes a melody. But my personal favourite is the one of the sea angel.

The legend of the sea angel says that the Almighty sent an angel to guard all the men on the sea, given the great amount of deaths on the water. So this angel tried to guide sailors into the right ways, protect them in the storms and nurture them in the illness. But men grew spoiled and vicious, they started taking advantage of the beautiful creature, abusing it's kindness and pure heart. Soon the angel noticed this unfairness and decided to leave them alone, and so the sailmen went back to an age of darkness.

After some years of death and lost souls, this angel felt bad for the por humans, but was decided into not being subject of abuse nevermore. So instead of helping them directly, the angel would guide the lost sould with it's heavenly music, and so, every time the angel felt the men were about to get lost, it played beautiful melodies to guide them into the right way.

Of course this legend was really strong in it's time, and it was promoted by the people on the coast, by consequence and obviously by coincidence this increased a hell lot the tourism, but that is a completely different topic.

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First chat with Dr.Noon

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I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do each time someone’s crying. I don’t usually cry, and when I do, I’m by myself. But I’m constantly someone else’s shoulder, not that I dislike it, no. I’m just saying I never know exactly what to do. I have to confess, sometimes I have a little fun, some kind of game I keep to myself, as I try a new thing to do or to say to the “cryer” . I carefully watch the reaction, the face, the tear quantity, the sobbing, and then I pick up all my data to conclude, did it make it better? Or worse? Of course, there won’t be the same reaction for each person, so I try the same thing with different people, and I also keep my control group. It’s important to mention, this “things” I do, are very discrete, unnoticeable by the “cryer”, but important for my life-lasting experiment.

I have to sadly inform, that until now, this experiment hasn’t had any life-changing results, if anyone has any information regarding this, please you’ll do a favor to all those like me, in the other hand I’ll let you know if I find something. With nothing else to add, this old rat says bye.

Dr. Noon

I don’t know why life works. Yet…

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Falling from somewhere

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I can't believe this is actually happening, the wind doesn't let me open my eyes, my legs are moving without control, i can't even feel them. They say these things happen so fast you don't even notice them, but I was noticing it, it was taking forever. My heart beat so fast, it was the only thing I could hear. I was falling, I was falling from a 200 meters tall tower, falling into the tempestuous ocean, and every second felt like an eternity. I'm still not sure how I ended up here.

The flashes came to me, it all started this morning when i was so tired I didn't even want to roll out of bed. I was deep inside the land of unconsciousness, sailing in the nothingness of my cloudy dreams, when Eddie came in without eve knocking and opened the curtains, I wish I had staid in bed now, but it is too late. I followed him to wherever he took me for breakfast, I couldn't keep my eyes open, even with the intense Sun shining, filling every room I went to.

After that, I just recall falling asleep and waking up later on that same day (probably), still sleepy, Eddie was driving somewhere I can't remember, but it was far, because we got there by the time of sunset, I was already very awoke. As soon as we got there Eddie took me by the hand to follow him, he seemed eager about something, perhaps he wanted to show me something else in the beach.

The walk was long, and I was aware of everything the whole time, but I was still tired. Then we got to this amazing place, it had a great view, he stared at the ocean for a couple of minutes, the sound of the ocean and his voice made me sleepy again. Then everything went blank.

Eddie was upset about my dullness, but I bet he would have been just as tired if he had been up until 10 am. The point is that after that he took me to somewhere else near that, then we looked at the ocean again, it was getting boring. Then I woke up and there was this voice "Jump", it said

"jump already" said the distant voice, I was very sleepy but I could hear the voice quiet clear, then i felt something in my feet, as if they refused to move, but deep inside I wanted to jump, but the voice kept murmuring me "JUMP!" and it happened quickly, after some more whispering I jumped, I heard lots of screaming and yelling behind me, and now I'm here, and all I can clearly remember is that voice

"Jump now! It's just a bungee" said the voices, I shouldn't have heard them

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