bang! bang! shoot! shoot!

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Ok, now you've officially called me lazy... I thought I'd post this...
:) Beatlinspiration obviously..
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Webbing the map

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Today I'll suppose this is an actual blog.
And as such I will rant about having to stay home due to a life threatening epidemy, no biggie. And also as a blog I will share my discoveries in the time being here. And you could say we're going lazy just publishing things of other people, but hey, they need the publicity... >.>

So, you know what buggs me must about this? It is the...[insert rant]

And well, it has also has its bright side, the finding of the web!

First we have Jackson Pollock's site, made for those who want to be artists, or those who are artists, or those who think paint is no longer fun!

Then we have a periodical that goes beyond the photojournalism, and is all JPG based... literally. It is the JPG Magazine.

And at last but not least, I present you our true objectives in the endevoars, made into a website people actually visit... The dreamgrove. A place where dreams all interact in the fantasy land internet is.

By I'm the penguin

Century Schoolbook - Piano 2.0

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Century Schoolbook - Piano 2.0 from Jr.canest on Vimeo.

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very political, very filosophical, very penguinic

very VFS


I dunno...

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So, is it the end of the world as we know it?
I really don't want an answer, so.. when that happens.. I'm driven towards other activities.
In this case, an image.

Months ago it was the crisis, now disease... so...

[ Mrs. K i t e ]
let me know if you like it, i was thinking about new prof pic... for the new year?.. i dunno, you tell me..

Perfect stories

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Some guy (Horacio Quiroga) once said something in some book(decálogo del perfecto cuentista), something about how to write a short sotry; and of course, as the rebellious (wanabe) writer I am, I decided to go the other way around. You see, he said that one should not -ever- write in the moment of the experience of emotions, that only a true writer is able to have such feelings, let them die, keep them, disect them and once back in status quo, use them to drive the story.

At the moment I read it I was flabergasted, how dared he say that we, artists, should not write about true emotion, but a fabricated projection of it. It nearly sounded like an insult to art itself. Because sure there are out there many people who thing they can teach writers around the globe how to be writers; and well, if we all followed that, there wouldn't be such a thing as stylisic evolution. 

But why would it be to fabricate something to wait when one is calmed? It would be because you are no longer feeling, you are not proyecting the feeling itself, you are proyecting the memory of it, so you are not giving the author a piece of you, just a memory; which happens to be not always the same. So is it that we don't plan our stories when we are in deep grief or feel pure joy?

As a good (wanabe) scientific-writer I had to experiment. So the next time that I felt like the world was coming to an end, I felt a complete failure, and that I would never get anywhere in life, I (besides whatching the EMO channel) started to write. And if you know me, you know how much I love decadence, so in such and state, the hypothesis was that I would make the most decadent, depressing and sad story in history. It ended up sounding like a blog, from a prepubert... girl... who didn't got tickets for the JBs... 

At first I blamed it on the fact that I truly am a wanabe (writer), so I lacked the skill. So I started reading short stories from the masters, trying to guess if any one of them felt like written from the most deep emotion. Non was. And so it hit me, it is not about the emotion, it is not about the piece of us we leave to the reader, it is not about venting up. It is about building a perfect universe with the right amount of each emotion, but at the same time make it not so evident so the reader walks the other half of the content.

It is not about emotions, art I mean, at least not entirely, it is about stories.

Hence my obssesion about talking about them

By I'm the penguin

El efecto Coriolis

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Delia se mueve sin fricción sobre un plato de sección parabólica que está girando a velocidad constante. Raimundo tira de Delia hacia el centro con una fuerza directamente proporcional a la distancia respecto a éste. La fuerza centrífuga (o, mejor dicho, la ausencia de fuerza centrípeta) tira a Delia hacia afuera. La conservación del momento angular cambia la velocidad angular de Delia cuando ésta se mueve hacia dentro (acelera) y hacia afuera (frena). También puede expresarse diciendo que, para mantener su velocidad líneal, Delia cambia su velocidad angular al variar la distancia respecto al eje. En cualquier caso, la magnitud subyacente es la inercia y la desviación que sufre Delia con respecto a la dirección de los radios es el efecto Coriolis.

[Mrs. K i t e ]
once again, wiki causing inspiration, or misunderstandings...

Not today

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Today it was all about making test, the highest score being finding yourself.

Today it was all about the Cyanbacteria, who made the oxygen in the atmosphere, and the E. Colli, who makes vitamin K; and his evil tween E.Colli 157O:17H, who could develop into a meningitis.

Today it was all about the groups and the chains, and the weak links, and strengthening the strong links. And linking the links.

And today was also about nothing to write about, which is why I'll owe it for another day.

Bye bye stalker

[probably changing this anyway]
by I'm the penguin


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Kingdom above

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They lie, when they tell you penguins can't fly. They lie when they say there are no castles in the sky, they all lie. And here's the proof, how else could I show you the heavenly stories if I hadn't been there?

They were in a rush, and you probably won't recognize him, but he's the Moon bunny, many people think he's just in the moon, but that's just where he goes at night; many even say he's not real. He has been running from the Wind Serpent all his life since he descended from the Moon, and he's never caught, and he never has a rest, yet he always comes back.

Here you can see one of the very shy wind bisons, he is hiding from something he can not see, he has never witnessed, and only in the time of his dead will be present; so he remains hidden.

And then I saw it, the symbol, the message, the it. It was not only establishing the kingdom of freedom and tempest. It was a message sent from the skies avobe, way avobe. The flag of the Kingdom of liberty.

by I'm the penguin

Game, for when you're dreaming...

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This is something I like doing from time to time, it's not a test or anything, I like seeing it more like a game, a mind game which only psychos undestand.. :O!
So, it has to be quick, just for the sake of imagination, and so called honesty of the first thought.. so here we go:

1. Think in someone (anyone, you may know him/her well, or you may not, whatever) (QUICK!)


(You can write then the following in a paper, just to read it afterwards but it must still be quick.)

2. What's that person wearing?
3. Were is he/her?
4. Imagine him/her saying something, whatever...
5. Relate a song to him/her. (my favorite part, which as I've confessed once, I keep a creepy creepy list.)

Now.... think about the answers
2. Are the clothes real, why those clothes? Do you like them? Last clothes he/she was wearing? or wtf?
3. Nah, whatever, I have almost always a white background...
4. You can just keep a creepy list like me...

[Mrs. K i t e]

Small talk and dogs' tails

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Hi, nice to meet you


So... how do you know Beatrix?

We went to school together...

Oh... I see...

...(awkward silence)

...(awkward silence)

... so... what a crazy weather this month eh?

Small talk, it's called small (i believe) because it's supposed to be small, tiny, simple, and for a person with common social skills, free of complications. It is the most basic form of socialization, you talk of something of slight interest, and then, if all parties agree in an unspoken agreement, you continue to the actual conversation, or the big talk.

But it so happens that you always know when a person is just not able to do it, even if they try hard enough. You know when they look around simulating they're searching something/someone, but instead are just trying to avoid eye contact, you know them when they start only asking questions; and most obvious, you know them when they talk about the weather. Seriously, it could be that yesterday was hailing and today is a drough, and yet weather is just not something you put in small talk, hence all the jokes around it.

So when I, the penguin, say something about the weather, when I just met someone, you know they already know I'm a terrible conversationner, you know they already dissmissed me from the untangible secret list of interesting people. So why does the penguin do it? Because he just can't do small talk.

I really hate it, and not because I have an issue against small, or because I'm so complex I can't bother with such things, but because I find it terryfing. I understand it is just a little part of the whole social spectrum that human relations are, I understand is the way we have to tell the person, only with our body language what kind of people are we, because nothing can really be obtained from the small talk. So when I know this, and when I know it's just a phase of the social ritual I freak.

Because for me, it is not small talk only, for me it's like this trial where I am defyining my social status, an animalistic ritual; just like when dogs smell each other's tails, or when monkeys eat each other's fleas. It just feels so out of character, so primitive and animal. And I do agree, I agree we are all animals, but it just freaks me, when we do that, I feel like the shy puppy who's tail he dopesn't want anybody to smell. 

And I know, maybe (pffft...maybe?) I'm a freak. But if it was for me, first meetings would go something like this...


Hi, nice to meet you. What is your stand in moral absolutism being thought in the bases of youth across the globe?

Well, that's an interestin question, because it's a matter of...

And there would certainly be no speaking about the weather, no observing the person in it's primal interaction, no jokes that the other one doesn't understand. There would be so smelling other people's tails. 

And that is why I hate small talk, all its stupid rituals and connotations for acceptation...

that...or I'm just socially awkward...

By I'm the penguin

No Goodbyes

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Because goodbyes are not real
they're planned
and they're never honest
because no matter what
you never expect a goodbye
even if you love that person
even if you hate it
you expect to see them again
and even if you never see them again
a part of them never leaves
not ever
so I never say goodbye
(i do)
But for now,
and see you.. 

Icaric expectations

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Icarus Completed by devaintART user dfbovey

Expectations are, (according to
believes about (or mental pictures of) the future. Which is basically making up possible escenarios, situations, outcomes; starting to be prepared to your most wild inventions, getting excited over the best possible outcome, and expect it, and hope for it.

The thing about expectations is that they are great, they are the most exciting thing possible, starting to predict the future and aim for results yet not given, or even making palns out of it is the most amazing feeling; because you control the future in a way. Even if you know the odds, even if you know some things just couldn't happen, you expect it, and it's great, it makes the wait less painful. But of course, then you face reality.

And reality happens to be much less magical, no special atmosphere, non of the dialogues you though in your mind you would make and the expressions you would have. And, unless you are really lucky, or a damned psychic, they always let you down. So why do we keep counting? Why do some of us wanderers of Fictionland still stick to it?

Because sure, one could say the best is not to expect anything, not to get worked up, have no hope on what's ahead, because then you have no disappointment. There wouldn't be such a thing as falling from the f*ing K2 of hopes and day dreams and hitting hard rock, if only there weren't any climbing, if only the expectations would be left aside and just face the road as it comes.

Doesn't that sound like a magic cure now?

Well, it does. It is. Yet, for us, Fictionlandicans, it is impossible. I always hit hard rock, I always fly too near from the sun, and always, always, go back to build my wax wings. There is something between the period of idealization and crashing hard that I just feel like I'm there with everything I wished for, like if it was real, like if I had succeeded. Then of course I fall in the burning sea. But it all seems worth for that moment, that moment when I feel like I'm flying as high as the stars, because... who wouldn't take some hell for the stars?

Maybe it's just Fictionlandicans masochists....

Maybe it's just a penguin thing....

But  I fly today, along with the stars, trying not to get hit by the incandescent Sun.

By I'm the penguin

Jr.canest's Blog

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I encourage you to read/watch/follow this:

Must Watch:

[ Mrs. K i t e ]

Esta temporada es lo verde!

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Con tantas campañas hoy en día, parece que la conciencia ecológica está en el aire, que si no fuera porque la gente sigue echando sus bolsitas de Rancheritos y la servilleta del lonche a la calle, uno hasta creería que está en primer mundo. Y sí, en definitiva, la publicidad no puede hacer milagros, y sin duda la gente también tiene que estar educada en eso de preservar el ambiente, no tirar basura, y claro, comprar productos “verdes”.

Pero todo este alboroto ¿qué es en verdad para el medio ambiente? Es más, vayamos más a fondo en lo básico, ¿qué es el ambiente? Pues empezando por ahí las respuestas varían mucho, pero a diferencia de lo que mucho se cree, el ambiente no es sólo los arboles, los ríos y las ardillitas del bosque. Nuestro ambiente también es la ciudad, el pavimento, los semáforos y los edificios. Pero a nadie vemos atándose al expiatorio porque pobrecito lo ensuciamos y se desgasta con la lluvia ácida.

Y ya que estamos preguntando, ¿qué es eso de la inversión térmica? ¿y el calentamiento global… por qué es? ¿Sólo porque somos unos holgazanes que usan mucho su carro y no van de vez en cuando en bici? Desgraciado calentamiento global, ¿por qué nos haces esto? Pues bueno, para empezar el calentamiento global es un efecto necesario para la existencia de vida en el planeta. Esto sucede cuando rayos solares que llegan a la Tierra, quiere rebotar y “regresarse”, pero la atmosfera hace que uno que otro rayo se quede y caliente a la Tierra, y que así haya vida. Esta capa pesada tiene muchas “emanaciones de carbono”. Y así tenemos una “agradable” temperatura en el planeta.

Ahora, el problema es cuando la capa es muy fuerte y logra que muchos rayos de sol se queden contenidos ahí. La solución fácil sería decir “¡Hay que dejar de usar carros y todos andemos en bici y transporte público!” Y claro, ¿por qué no? Si al fin y al cabo también estamos en la cultura del ejercicio ahorita. Y eso sumándole comprar el foco ahorrador, ¡santo remedio!

Pues sucede que no es así de fácil. No solo es cuestión de unirse a la moda verde, ir a conciertos de bandas que predican el mensaje, y comprar lo más in en tecnología verde. Sucede que uno también se tiene que informar, tiene que saber las verdaderas causas de lo que está pasando. No basta con ver un anuncio del planeta tierra con cara de sufrimiento y sudor en la frente para hacernos sentir mal, tenemos que estar educados a cerca del tema, sino solo es una moda más.

Y también sucede que la Tierra y el cambio climático no son una moda, son algo que está ahí sin planes de una siguiente temporada de tragedias. Es cuestión de saber que en los años 60s se creía que el mundo llegaría a una segunda era glacial porque la temperatura comenzó a bajar en ese tiempo. Esa cuestión de saber que desde siempre la temperatura tiende a subir, pero desde hace poco ha incrementado. Es cuestión de saber todos esos datos, saber qué es lo que sucede.

Es cuestión de saber, no solo propagar por Facebook un apagón, o una campaña de reciclaje.

By I'm the penguin

The week

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The week was the best, the best week I had had in a long time
Not because the other weeks weren't good, but the change, the company and the laughs where special.
The company is special, it is very much indeed.
I can't really say why in a post or with any kind of words, you will have to hear me laugh to understand.
The stupid goofy laugh I have.
And which I love.

[Mrs. K i t e ]
sorry sorry sorry, but I'm here

La belleza del ello

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La belleza del ello

Y es que no me puedo detener
su cabello de campos primaverales,
su piel de terciopelo, tan fina y perfecta,
los labios abultados de tanto besar, 
rojos de tanto nerviosismo.

Paso mi boca por su delicado vientre,
tan puro y blando, tan blanco y dulce.
Beso sus pies celestiales, como todo su ser,
acaricio su cara, envidia de mil esculturas.

Me arrincono en su belleza
y me escondo bajo su brazo,
en su regazo me envuelvo y me dejo ir.
Su sola esencia me hace morir, 
revivir y dormir en el por siempre jamás.

Mientras vierto mi amor sin freno,
imágenes del seno maternal me azotan,
la conciencia zumba y relampaguea, 
sé que está prohibido, y temo.
Pero esto lo vale todo.

Después de lo que parecen cinco minutos
o una eternidad, me tengo que marchar.
Las equimosis se empiezan a notar 
y lo exangüe pierde su perfección, 
y el rojo lo cubre todo.
Lastima que no volveré a ver esa sonrisa, 
esa bella sonrisa.

[poem-spanish version of something you'll remember stranger across the street]

by I'm the penguin

Periodic Table

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Once again delighted by Mr. Sack’s genius, I thought I’d share this part with you:

The periodic table was incredibly beautiful, the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I could never adequately analyze what I meant here by beauty – simplicity? coherence? rhythm? inevitability? Or perhaps it was the symmetry, the comprehensiveness of every element firmly locked into its place, with no gaps, no exceptions, everything implying everything else
From Uncle Tungsten

[Mrs. K i t e ]

History of stories

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Stories and thoughts, stories and art. They're all creative, inventive and come from us (most of it). We build it and we change it. But history is also all about stories. The difference? History is made by people and not invented. (in most cases).

But what came first?

The story or the history?

Or were they born the same day?

I'll share with you whatever weirdo image brought this thought into me.

[I have no idea of the source of the image, got it from a mail.
So, just know it's not of our authorship]

Look at it and tell me how many did you recognize?

By I'm the penguin

Eduard Punset

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So, he's Eduard Punset, and according to Wiki he's a Spanish lawyer, economist, and scientific popularizer.
I recomend, (from my very humble scientific opinion) this program, full chapters are found at the Redes en la Red, [spanish]

Another heart breaks, another head aches

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No doubts, no mistrust
-Honey! It's been so long since you called! How are you?
-Like shit mom
-Remember my girlfriend Susan?
-Well, we weren't planning to have a family or anything, and it turns out she's pregnat
-Oh, I'm so sorry Kimberly!

Happily never after
So, after he got her the crystal shoe back on her foot, and had the wedding, she moved into the castle. It turned out that she hadn't been the only chosen one, in fact she learned that while in Arabia, Prince Charming took up a lot of traditions, one being the Harems. She passed from serving her step-family to being confined in a castle with twelf other maids who had as well thought they were special, who thought this was actually their happy ending. It wasn't.

But growing up in the poverty, surrounded by crazy animals and bitchy sisters, Cinderella knew how to deal with the bitches. So it didn't took long for things to heat up, and she had to do what she had to do to be the only one, to be special; only that, the prince didn't took it that way. He saw murder in her deep intentions of true love. The whole army of Princecharmingland was after her. So she became a refugee, hiding, perfecting her killing skills. For a while she remained lost, untill she became Europe's most wanted killer, she was a femme fatal.

Now, Cinderella headed to Princecharmingland, she was going to the official ball to get the prince a (new) bride. She was ready, but this time she needed no help from the little animals of the forest.

Bloody mistress
"What's with that woman you've been seeing recently?" she asked, thinking she was throwing him off place. "What do you mean?" he said, wich only made her madder, how dares he to play stupid when he was so public about it? "I know it's only been a few months, but don't we have a future? Aren't we too old to be unfaithful?" she said, showing him pictures of him with a blond woman in a caffé, kissing.

"I see" he said, taking a few moments to think how was he going to say what came next "You see, this woman here, is my wife" he said, looking her at the eye. "I have been cheating on her with you, you are nothing but my mistress" he said, no compassion on the stabbing. "You said she had..." she stuttered.

"Darling, it took you five months to notice I was with other, of course you were going to believe I was a widow, you have to admit you are a desperate slut" he said, tucking up his shirt. "I..." she was speechless. "Now be a doll and don't tell anyone, you would only embarras yourself" he said, walking out of the door.

"See you next friday, wear that sexy black dress" he said, leaving a hundred dollar bill on the counter as he left.

By I'm the penguin

How do you measure a year?

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Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes, how do you measure a day in the life? How about posts?           So , for me, the way iI see it , counting is very scary,in lots of ways,maybe it's my abstract perception of numbers, or maybe just my hidden pathologies (hidden?) But the thing is, this shows a truth about time: it's unexpected... and there are the kind of people , as myself, who like to be in the 'know' side... but maybe that kind of surprise and constant not knowing can be exactly what we need.                 (ideas stolen from ga and rent)         THANK YOU FOR THE MEMOIRS (cafe)                   [Mrs. K i t e ]

The prince, the kite and the penguin

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Good evening kids! Today we have a very special story, featuring what happens when you're a curious cat, and whatnot. So, beforehand, everyone picture yourself in a fanfic-fangirl-made HP world. Now, only the names are usefull here, but we'll be using more stories, so don't let yourselves be caught of guard my children! And here it starts.

Once upon a time there was a kite and a penguin.

The kite didn't knew it was a kite, and the penguin thought it was a cloud.

So, the kite one day, having a light read before sleep, found, among books of alchemy, anatomy, and blasphemy, a very curious finding. It was in the network of magic. 

And then they lived happily ever after...

untill the next day

by I'm the penguin


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So this is the aniversary flair.
Flair you'll hopefully see soon..
Happy Birthday!

Base images from ImageBankFrom Banksy

[Mrs. K i t e]

A mind reader

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KARLA: I feel different, apart from everyone. I can’t go to the movies, parties, I can’t be around anyone; this is a curse

PROFESSOR W: Don’t you get it? You are the next step into human evolution, I can’t stretch this enough your gift is something wonderful

KARLA: Some of the other freaks can lift things with their minds, even that would be cool, I could hide it, or do fun stuff, but I’m just a creep. There’s nothing fun about knowing everyone’s sexual fantasies

Then a beep kind of ring distracted me and I stopped typing, it was the MSN, Molly was talking to me.

Mrs. Cullen the III said: Sooo, talk you big whore, what happnd with Ooliver last nite?? Did he gave you his English sweetness?
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: Molly, that’s so last…night. Nothing happened; he had a tea party or something today, so he flew off. I have this literature thing for tomorrow… so.
Mrs. Cullen the III said: tea party? I don’t think they have tea parties around here…
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: M that was sarcasm…
Mrs. Cullen the III said: I see… thn Y did u got home so late??? Was it that boi fromk your drama club?
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: No, it’s not all about boys you know. Wait, how the hell do you know I arrived so late last night?
Mrs. Cullen the III said: a girl knows her ways
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: You were the one on skype with Paul last night weren’t you?...Ew you’re gross!!!… and then you go around calling me a whore
Mrs. Cullen the III said: I was just saying hi, the boy’s been gone for a whole semester!
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: right, and I’m sure that welcome committee involved him opening the door in his briefs right?
Mrs. Cullen the III said: ooo I’m sorry mother superior, well gtg I also have a paper due tomorrow, I guess I’ll Wikipedia it.XXX Bye
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: Whatever doesn’t involve my brother flexing his arms in front of the web cam is fine by me. Haha

Now that was an unnecessary interruption, Molly overall was an unnecessary interruption, I wondered a lot how come we were friends in the first place. I bet she started talking to me to get to my brother, which wouldn’t make her the first one. Anyway, she was okay, when she was not giving herself to her own webcam.  And I had more important stuff to do, and to worry about, specially about the night before, but it was all blurry, it was all so damn confusing and it was all so tomorrow-I-have-to-deliver-this-script! Five thousand words for the next day, actually I only had left 16 hours, what was I thinking leaving it for a Sunday?

PROFESSOR W: There is probably not one person in the entire planet that can do that as well, you’re special

KARLA: Thanks that makes me feel better, you know, when you call me a freak! Do you think there is anyone else the universe would hate so much as to make them know their mother’s fantasy involves heights and hamsters? You have no idea how much I hate this.

(KARLA picks up her stuff and leaves running, PROFESSOR W tries to stop her, but sees it’s useless. The scene changes and KARLA is walking in the street, next to a park, where she sees common people doing ordinary things)

SIMON: (sneaks behind her back) So… what’s that hot chicks morbid desire? (He says, pointing to a girl exercising.)

KARLA: (in startled) you scared me! It’s not funny Simon Diamond…(she jingles this name)

SIMON: Hey that’s not fair! I was just messing around

KARLA: So was I

SIMON: Not with my carbon-fixed-in-hexagonal-perfect-arrangement-material obsession. You know kids wouldn’t let me alone since 6th grade because of that…

And then another beep, announcing I would never end the lamest script ever written in history. I was thinking that it would be the best option to just freaking close the MSN, but then… I was waiting for a person to log on, which was the same person who had messaged me. Only that I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to talk.

-Untrust us- CCs said: hi
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: hi… what’sup?
-Untrust us-CCs said: well it’s only fifteen days until the Crystal Castles come to our humble little Chicago.
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: Boy haven’t I heard from those lately
-Untrust us-CCs said: What can I say, I let people know what I like :D. So what are you doing?
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: This lame script for literature, I should have started sooner, it’s five thousand words.
-Untrust us- CCs said: What’s it about?
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: You will mock it, and then I’ll be pissed and won’t write about it.
-Untrust us-CCs said: Common Sarah, like I do that kind of crap…>_>
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: exactly my point...
-Untrust us- CCs said: c’ommon, you know you’ll end up telling me, why not now? You’ll need the time to finish it.
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: ugh…It’s about this girl who can read people’s minds. It’s kind of like an X-men parody, but it wasn’t meant to be. And the twist is that what she can see is other people’s ….sex fantasies.
-Untrust us- CCs said: well..that’s…original. But where does she live?
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: is that some sort of euphemism I’m not aware of?
-Untrust us- CCs said: no, I mean it. It’s not the same to go around reading fetich and depravation around NYC than to picture saggy ranch sex with marriage in Texas.
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: I hadn’t thought that much into it, let’s just say she’s in a place where they’re all disturbing to her
-Untrust us- CCs said:
Cali it is then
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: hahaha, isn’t half of your family from cali?
-Untrust us- CCs said: Then I’m talking from experience, you know how I told you second cousin Jeff was into me… and that whole summer I went by myself…
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: Margaret Susan Moore! You’re a bad bad person! hahahaha

And as always, she made me laugh; we spoke about nothing really, which nearly took two hours out of my 16-hour life span before failing at the project. It felt like always, an always that had been defined for years now, she knew I was hysteric about everything, I knew she wasn’t serious about anything. It was a system that had worked; it was something that kept me sane in a way. But then the previous night.

-Untrust us- CCs said: so has Mr.ImfromWales called? You two looked pretty dreamy last night
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: nah, he’s just a bluff, I bet he’s from a freaking borough in London.
-Untrust us- CCs said: don’t be so bad S, he’s the best European importation we have had since that Norwegian guy, do you remember him? …. *drools*
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: well, he was something. What a big damned something.
-Untrust us- CCs said: I think Molly made out with him
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: I think Molly made out with every guy we know…
-Untrust us- CCs said: Hey! That WOULD be calling her a whore, if only that wasn’t true XD
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: We’re so bad… And… speaking about yesterday…

-Untrust us- CCs said: yes? Are you going to lecture me on not challenging guys to shot competitions? Because we’ve both been down that road Mrs. Danniels
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: I was actually speaking of later yesterday… When I drove your car to my home… with you there, very drunk…
-Untrust us- CCs said: …where are you getting at?
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: well…you know, when you…
-Untrust us- CCs said: leaned and kissed you? More like sucked your nose?
Avoid THEpinkWAGON said:….
-Untrust us- CCs said: c’ommon Sarah, there comes a time in every girl’s life where she kissed her girl best firend because she’s drunk and then they repeat it to get free drinks and get into clubs
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: you also said some stuff… I am just… what’s going on?
-Untrust us- CCs said: I was drunk girl, it’s not like we did anything, a kiss and you want to marry or what? I mean Iowa would be happy to have us these days…
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: I’m serious, you said some stuff, I… Look, I can see how you don’t want to talk about this, but I’m just confused and well, Idk..
-Untrust us- CCs said: leave it, I was drunk, you were half way there, I was being stupid, you were being is-this-some-teenage-angst-series-moment? And I have to go
AvoidTHEpinkWAGON said: wait…


And then she was off. And I was put off, and it was all called off. Not was I only an angsty girl doing a lousy script, but I was an agnsty teen in a ridiculous scene, as if I was planned for the episode treating with stupid literature papers and stupid friends who kiss you and confess stupid love so then they can just make jokes about free drinks. It was like the mere purpose of her doing it was to screw my life and break the balance, like in some lack of imagination, low budget film. I was just a slapy screwed up character.

There were things she had said, there things I wish I had said, there were just so many things, so much plot. It made me wonder if this changed anything, it made me wonder if this was one of those things that break friendships for ever, it made me wonder if we would forget it and joke about it next year. It also made me think if everything would go from the girl who dated a couple of guys including a british, to the girl who fooled herself with guys and ended up being as straight as a noodle. 

It also made me wonder if Karla would be any different if lesbian. And it made it wonder of what would she see in me.


KARLA: You know what the worst part of this whole thing is?

SIMON: What?

KARLA: That people don’t even get creative with their sex fantasies, unless they are my mom… or Professor W…

Just a screw up lousy character…

[1 year bringing you decadence]

By I'm the penguin

The Tree ASCII Curtain for Geeks

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[ FROM: N.Sybrandy actually here

You are an appletini

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Blackberry smoothie, indie rock and roll,Green Lantern, Machiavelo's "The prince", science freak, realist, planner, japanese, lime-lemmon iceecle, I am the walrus; are just some of the things I am, at least according to internet personality tests. Which, we all know, are very reliable.

I would have to say I'm a addict to these, there's just comething about tests telling me who I am that is very satisfactory, hence the millions of people doing them daily. But what is it excatly we look for? Ourselves? Is it true the common phrase "searching for myslef", is there really a person within all of us we must discover and know and bring out? Are we all a buried treassure lieing six feet under among the corpses of unidentified personalities? Maybe.

But, wouldn't it make more sense (if any) that instead of finding something, we build it with time, isn't it much more easier to build and design who we are than to dig'em up? Disregarding the easy, and the sense, isn't life all about changing and reinventing our own person? So I think these tests have more to do with our need to tell us how to build this person, than to actually find who it is, because we can't know it if it doesn't exist.

                                                                      image's origin
Maybe I'm making no sense.

Maybe I'm very near to a revelation, or the plain obvious.

Regardless the results: Always trust your "What martini am I?", you know they will always be accurate about your deepest thoughts.

[sorry april]
by I'm the penguin

The day began

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The day began with a bang
and it was not a violent bang
but a thoughtful bang
A bang I thought was nice
Because it was on my mind

It made me jump out of bed
That made me want to scream
It was surprising
but it woke me up one day more

I hope we're full of bangs
and of crashs
and booms
but of those bangs crashs and booms that are found in our mind

[Mrs. K i t e]

I'm done

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This time for real, I can't go trough any more. I'm sick, and tired, and disgusted and I just don't want to do it anymore, I just don't. It is the same thing every two days, I open the page, I click on CREATE, even if I have loads of other stuff to do, even if I don't want to, I have to CREATE. And it's just not the creating, it has to meet some standards, I can't just post any story I come up with.

Do you have any idea how many short stories have I erased from this little window half way into them? Just because the plot was not "consistent" I mean, if the ones you read are the "good" ones, just imagine the ones I delete. And I'm not even good at it, not mildly, I can hardly pull off a plot with a moral, let alone not-so-flat characters. And the pictures? Well, guess what. They're just fillers.

So, I'm a frustrated freelancer with dreams of being an artist who will inevitabily fail, and who is tired of doing huge amounts of work for a non existing crowd. Because that's another thing, we have no readers, I don't know who are we trying to fool, or if we consider ourselves too good for others, but let's face it, our fan base is equal to zero. We have an average of 6 views daily. Five are ours, and the other one is a clueless moron who found a cool picture (obviously not made by us) and clicked hoping to find a cool site, o is our random moron wrong... But hey! we post daily.

I seriously think we should stop this, close it and then delete the whole thing. At the very least I quit, this is my final and last word. C'est fini, être Je suis le panguin non plus. This is just too much, too tiring and too consuming.


P.D. Happy April fools!

by I'm the penguin