For a while

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Last week I took a taxi to the faculty. I was incredibly late and I had chemistry lab, so I called the first taxi I saw.
The driver was a man in his 50's, and he was very chatty. He said, "The first time I drove around here I got terribly lost, the campus is huge, and tricky even for us taxi drivers. I spent about an hour trying to get out. On the bright side, that day I could go back to my family and tell them I had gone to college for a while."


Gotta count'em'all

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The terrible beauty of chaos and such.

This is one

In honor to my dearest bug counters,

¿Dónde está?

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CD. DE MÉXICO, video documental from EARRANGOIZ on Vimeo.

Hello hello... ¡HOLA!
Cd. de México

Dear E.

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Dear E.

Today you said something and things changed. You've said it before, a few couple of times, but this time it was different; I'm not sure if it was the way you said it, or the timing, you just did.

I was able to see her, not you, her.

I thought I was able to, but until today I able to see her eyes in yours, a bright gesture full of dreams in your crooked smile. I finally met her. And in a way my heart broke a little as you said how she's be if she were from this time, what would she wear, what would she listen to, just as you said it I thought to myself "and maybe, we'd be best friends", and that itself is not a sad thought or heart breaking.

Just knowing how things went, how lonely she was back in her day, how much I would have liked to camp fire and chit chat with that friend. I'll never tell you this because that's just how cold I am, but it really makes me think and wonder if your roll was any different, if you could be her now, what would I not tell you? What would we not do?

To know there was such a person I could have been soul siblings with, and that she was instead a lonely ranger can only break my heart in a thousand pieces. That's just how cheesy I am.

But that's lost, she's gone, even in that makes us both soar and nostalgic. Now it's just you and I.
But now E., I can understand you better. I can see you trough her romantic blank stares, her careless hip move and voices full of stories and nostalgia. I can finally see trough the lighthouse looking glass.

But again, this is one of those things I don't feel like telling you. One of the many. Perhaps I should. Some time. Later.


Your dearest gypsy violinist.

There is no there

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There is no there!

I believe that Ghandi's views were the most enlightened of all the political mind of our time. We should strive to do things in his spirit. Not to use violence in fighting for our cause, but by nonparticipation in anything you believe is evil.
-A. Einstein

d'en trouver une autre comme toi,
mais t'es la seule mon cœur désire

Whip it!

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Remember that angsty teen that craved for his great perhaps? How I said I had moved on, how I saw things past that. Bullshit

I'm still that whimpy kid. I'm still waiting for that moment where I see I door to an alternate reality, a door where I won't have to conform, ever again (or at least for a while). I know it exists, somewhere.

So, yes, I'll remain that weird unlucky, unseen, unexperienced kid from the indie movies; until one day some new band's tune will play in the background and there will be a slow motion showing me a revelation.

It is true, this is living inside a story. But, for my eternal suffering's sake, I'll cling on to that thought for as long as possible. Why? Because I'm stupid. And because I saw this movie.

I don't care who you are, but if you're reading this you MUST watch this movie. Seriously, you must. If you don't plan to, stop reading, get out, go browse NeoPetz or something...

watch it

Once you watch you'll understand...
[i'd be schrodinger's pussy obv.]


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From those stairs I saw Gods descending.
It was my Olympus, and Pieria my new home.
By the right, there was the woman selling candy, and an awkward physicist. I felt some pain, the candy lady was strugguling to do some simple math, not knowing how much money to return to the physicist.
Seconds later, Zeus came into the picture, and the mighty elevator doors opened for him, as it lifted him towards Mýtikas.

Phrase of the day

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Some of my common post format is showing you something I found and discussing about it. But how I found this piece is a bit biased, and I couldn't really give you insight the way I'd like. So just know I worked hard to get this phrase, which i'll now make one of my new motos.

Facts are uncertain, values in dispute, stakes high and decisions urgent.

Just... think about it.

[minimalistic (shameless) is the new classy]


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Red Wine


"More than 100 years ago, Don Melchor de Concha y Toro, reserved a part of the best wine he made. To keep strangers away from that stash, he said that the devil lived in place where he saved them. That's the origin of the name: Casillero del Diablo."


Today it turns 100 years, and today I bought my first bottle of Red Wine.

Banal bar chats

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Yet again this post is brought to you by the hippie post-inspiring machine.

The other day we were just talking about stuff, like social constructions dictating half of what we do, and the nature involved in decision making. You know, the sort of banality I'm into. As we spoke I left quite clear I was not just some kid who perhaps knew too much, I was a mad man. Having stated this, we shared some deep view ideas, and we found that in the superficial analysis of the world, we saw the same.
Our symptom observation was synchronized.
But then, as we went further into dissecting the human cosmology, I found our fundamental differences. We shared a big smile, each said "I agree to disagree, it makes me happy to find such a view" or so I think, we were at a bar, it could've been anything.
Our diagnostic and etiology was almost opposite.

But you know me, I wasn't going to be OK with just, "we've all got the right to say anything". So I thought, and found that his enlightenment of the world comes from spiritual search, and one of those classic journeys of self loss followed by epiphanies and learning. And so, his approach was spiritual (notice that spiritual and religious are two separated things), he believed in ultimate explanations for everything.

In the other hand there is me. My "enlightenment" comes from self-search, reading others ideas, encountering diversity; and most important: science, philosophy of science. Because of this, I believe in a indeterministic world, where chaos and uncertainty reign over all the things we know. And even if it all seems a too well made universe to be chaotic, is only because we know nothing else. As for deities and such, I don't bother saying if they are real or not. They exist in the ideals, traditions and cultures of people, they are rooted to the very foundations of culture. And so, if they exist in such a realm, and have a huge impact of humans, why do we care if they ultimately exist somewhere or not, in a way they exist in our culture and that's a real as something can get. (for us)

So, we kept on chatting and talked about nature, and humans, and sacrifice. We implied sacrifice was the only axiological human thing. (this is because I stupidly forgot about all the other animals that sacrifice for the well being of the community i.e. infected ants, sea gulls, bees, elephants etc.) And I said that all axiological and such actions should be measured by the amount of good you're making. And even if you're altruist, you're being a little bit selfish, because you're doing it to be morally rewarded. My point was: we, as humans, animals, and atomic individuals of the universe work in such a way that we do things depending on a cost/benefit system. Whatever we do that includes a cost, is because we estimate it has a greater benefit.

For this I think, Economy is much more natural than any other things, we think it is a despicable social ruinous construction made of human selfishness. Well, I think that view too is anthropocentric, as most of the "human race are idiots" statements. It is in our electrons.

Anyway, this caused a mayor (O.O) in my spiritual friend, who didn't comment any further.

I just mentioned I should try to take in some spiritual insight to complement my world view, to avoid confirmation bias and such. He agreed strongly.

Well this whole affair got me thinking about the different point of view and their origin. His story was one where he had strong and various external experiences, and those made him search from within to find an answer. Mine is a story with very weak and seldom external experiences, which has made me look into the outside, other's ideas and what we know about the universe, thus making me find an answer from the exterior.

There's a lot I could say about this, but it got me thinking about science and art. Art is finding answers from within, that could come in several interpretations for several people, it is in a way the most spiritual human action if you ask me. (spirit: that which is not material, what is art if not a way to bring into the material world something that exists only in our soul(mind)).

While science is looking for answers outside ourselves, it is looking for ways for the universe to answer our questions. It requires a method, and an understanding that can't accept many conclusions. It requires leaving any agenda behind but truth, even if that includes leaving behind humanity and spiritual needs if necessary.

So, which one is right? art? or science? If there is ever one to be right of course...
If each of us met in the mid point, what would it look like?

Or well, at least that's what I think, and what a preppy bar chat gave me for this weekend. (this future weekend of course)

in other bloggity matters.
ze design department has not been seen ever since.
ze other land seems infertile for the season. (let's hi-light seems)

About garlic and pursuit

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I cured a plant, maybe.
I honestly hope it works, mainly because the solution involved me boiling some garlic in the kitchen, and then making some sort of solution with the garlic and 'bathing' the plant with it...
(Yes I am in the process of becoming a scientist and I follow my dead grandma's remedy for disaster)
So turns out the house has had a european-kitchen scent ever since. And I also honestly hope it goes away.
But I just couldn't let another plant die, not on my watch ;)

I flipped through this excellent book on honeymoon and promptly forgot about it; now I think I might buy it for a certain nephew of mine…  from Man Make Home.
[love all this]

in other very very bloggy news, I think the Mc.Vet (not) project has been aborted... and the Mc.Dreamy pursued... :D... you get the idea...

Why do you think we should suffer in silence?

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When idealization meets reality.

When scars hurt more than bruises

When you say it without meaning it

When at night you know nothing is really getting better as you thought

When you turn around and see them gone

When your wishes come true, and you regret it

When you see reality in the eye

What is suffering for you?


In the whole deck

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Somehow, the last post got me thinking about probability and entropy.
 S = k \, \log_{e} W
S is our beloved entropy, k is Boltzmann's constant, and W in Wiki's words:
W is the Wahrscheinlichkeit, the frequency of occurrence of a macrostate or, more precisely, the number of possible microstates corresponding to the macroscopic state of a system — number of (unobservable) "ways" in the (observable) thermodynamic state of a system can be realized by assigning different positions and momenta to the various molecules.
Well, it got me thinking, it is improbable being you, since there are more ways of not being than being.
and I like thinking of decks of cards and dice...
I'm a 9♠ against a whole deck.


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To be me, I must renounce being anybody else.

To be me, I have to see vectors that edify ancient structures instead of participating in simple greetings. Be a timeless and space-less observer instead of an individual.

To be me, I must dissect the whys and the hows until the blade cuts flavors of quarks, instead of just knowing stuff. I need to be complex and complicated, instead of simple and easy going.

To be me, I must play in a maze of words and symbols instead of just communicating. I dive into a realm of ideas and hit the surface only when summoned.

To be me I have to renounce being all the other options, all the other lives and worlds. And to be me I must worry about that, and secretly wish to be everything else but me.

But being me is the only thing I am. And even with all the worlds shutting down, all I could ever think of is being him, who I call me.

[Taking self-centered posting to a new level]

Give me the understanding

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Because Belle and Sebastian make me a very happy person.

I want the world to stop (I want the world to stop)
Give me the morning (give me the understanding)
I want the world to stop (I want the world to stop)
Give me the morning, give me the afternoon
The night, the night

Let me step out of my shell
I'm wrapped in sheets of milky winter disorder
Let me feel the air again, the talk of friends
The mind of someone my equal

Tinseltown has followed me from
tinseltown to grey adorable city by the docks

Girls will walk in moving air
the sun hangs low
the girls don’t care
as they paint themselves at dusk.

Towns’ and cities’ populations
up and grow
The workers move to the suburbs
In between I watch and go
I run along side rush hour traffic
a prayer for every car

I want to write a message to you
Everyday at 10 o' clock in the evening

Yellow pearl my city is
This is your art
this is your Balzac your Brookside and your Bach

Journal I: Strings

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Chére Simone,

Tu ne sais pas maintenant, mais tu seras ma journal de voyage. Et ceci, n'est un moleskine non plus. (ouais, chére D dans le monde physique Simone est marron et belle).

Anyway, at the beginning of this journal there's an inscription made by Marcel Proust (oú quelq'un en faisant un citation) "Le véritable voyage de découverte ne consiste pas à chercher de nouveaux paysages mais à avoir de nouveaux yeux."

This being stated, this last trip did gave me different eyes, and changed me somehow. I went to a small town, at north. No more than 700 people, excessive offer of silence and thermal waters. The name is Temacapulin, and the purpose was to assist an international congress of people affected by dams. The state plans to build a dam that will flood the town and vanish forever centuries of history, traditions and culture.

My plan was to go there, do some voluntary work and learn whatever I could about sustainability. I wasn't planning to be broken in such a way my future plans seemed ridiculous and useless. So it goes.

Previous to this, I must admit two things that up until now may have not been quite clear: 1-Je suis mexican. 2- Up until this day, it has only been a matter of land, never have I felt like belonging to a territory, a culture, a tradition or a collective society.

And so the idea of leaving this land has never troubled me, if any it has been a relieve in current conditions (read the news). This could be an interesting study of national identity crisis in times of globalization, I that's not the intention. Rather than to state I have had no strings attaching me to this land, its people or to anything else in here.

But it required a godforsaken town, full of people from all corners of the world, for me to see something Diego Golombek once said: In places like this, if I don't do anything about it, who will? It was not just a matter of sustainability in a matter of environment and economy. It was all the injustice, the impunity, the lack of effective public servers; the lack of law.

Hearing the desperate cries of the people, looking at their situations in the face, realizing they're not so far from my geographic reality; all these things made me shiver. Some must do something about, and I can't just look away and pray to the Sun these people will get assistance. I need to do something about it, I need to be there; if not I, at least know for sure it is happening.

And so, feeling firmly about fighting for this causes I notice my feet a little heavier, strings commence to root to the ground, to the mother earth, to this place, to these people. Et alors, je me suis cassé nouveau.

Joeux Anniv ma chére terre

So lolz

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I'm back to handwriting my homeworks. (because I have paranoid teachers and some Ctrl+C-Ctrl+V-classmates) Which made me remember:
Somehow, and against all odds, I've been told several times that I have a nice handwriting.
I mean, like wtf... At first I though people around here would have the ugliest handwriting in the world to say that, but they don't. Added to that, I've also been told I have an amazing voice (despite the mumbling and the calamardo tone I carry) . So, I reached a very non-scientific conclusion, in which I explain this admiration with the argument of foreign 'exoticness'...
Which is SO lolz...

Remember, we'll always have Paris... ;)


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The decadence of human made actions.

Unsafe, vandalized place due to abandoned old factory
Old factory is abandoned due to river pollution
Majestic river is polluted by an entire conglomerate of industries
Industries fiercely take and dump all back to nature because permission is given
People see land and for some reason they think they own it, not share it.

People keep consuming, unaware of the opportunity cost.
The future.

Sounded like a propagandist?
But is either that or education. We've seen what people choose for some thousands of years...


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This makes me feel so... alive :D

Moments from Everynone on Vimeo.

Thanks for the moments!

Keep this secret locked

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Can I share you a secret, and you promise it won't sail in red canoes to oblivion?
I'm not sure, but I must tell, thoughts are so ephemeral and intentions so short lived.
There's something I've kept hidden from the face of rock molding winds.
You should know, before I tell you, that I try to think the less I can about this, for it is ridiculous.
For it is like a charm. I believe that if I think of it, it will vanish into a deep sea of uncertain truths and killing lies.

By saying it here, out loud, I risk killing it. But you see, I fear for it anyway.
But I believe... who cares what I believe? It is all about believes and undeclared statements.
And this secret has to do with believing.
For some reason, despite my pessimism, my ideologies, my self-provoked drama and my lack of attention; I've always had this intense assurance within myself that everything's going to be alright.
I know it might sound pretty simple and incoherent.
But it is not a simplistic optimistic view of things, I actually think that at the end everything will be pleasing, birds will recite poems, your eyes will tell the truth and uncover my soul, the future will only smile. There will be paper planes and there will be an us, and a you, and a he and a she perhaps.
It will all be okay, so now nothing can spoil it. No amount of wrong can ever destroy my self-assurance, I constantly defy it, knowing it is true: One day, at last, I will be irrevocably, utterly and hopelessly happy. And that will be a happy ending.

Absurd is it not?

My biggest fear in the world is at last finding out I was wrong all along.

About believing and anxiety

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Thoughts during today's class:

Sometimes I think it would really be easier and more confortable to believe. Not to doubt a thing. Having no philosophical dilemas to deal with when you're in the bus.
But once you have it, once the glimpse of a doubt emerges in your head... there's no way back.
At least for me, there's nothing comfortable about going back, nothing remotely similar to peace of mind. Having the doubt may cause lots of trouble, but it wouldn't be close to the pain caused by trying to convince yourself the doubt was just a delusion.

(btw, I just lost the game)

Today we were told that out ideology and general perception of things will be determined and printed in our brains by the time we reach 40, and that changing those paradigms after that time is nearly impossible. Some people said it was probably because chaniging what you've believed for such a long time would cause an unbearable anxiety.
What I said when I was given the word was basically that I change my mind every 3 minutes, every time I leave a class I truly like, I say to myself 'i want to do that forever', and that uncertainity and personality issues give me hell-like anxiety... But it is that tasty tasty anxiety.

In case you were wondering...

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This is taking science in a religious school. If the mix doesn't crystallize, sprinkle some Fe (read in Spanish)

Travel plans

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“I want to hang a map of the world in my house, and then I’m gonna put pins into all the locations that I’ve traveled to. But first I’m gonna have to travel to the top two corners of the map so it won’t fall down.”
Mitch Hedberg

[via: love all this]

brilliant, just brilliant xD

[ by songlines ]

and with this I couldn't stop thinking about a certain map given to me by a certain friend that I love so much :)
(the friend... and the map too :P)

Image courtesy of Map and Data Library, University of Toronto Libraries.

Of identity crisis (again)

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Ever since I decided my goal was to collect a vault of experiences, broken dreams and dead social expressions, I had this very romantic idea of the youth. I'd be one of those sidewalk wreckers, peace disturbers, unredeemable punks. That was my attempt, at least anything near to that would have worked.

I was sure that to achieve my balance, I first needed chaos, in all its forms. I needed a stormy phase in my life in order to understand a bigger purpose. I needed to completely destroy every single piece of me so I could rebuild something greater, something good. This idea remained a theme for most of my social views and my attitudes, because I thought that only finding the path once you are totally lost, is that you can find the right one.

But alas, am I a bad sidewalk wrecker. Not only did I achieved very few in reaching this romantic and dysfunctional life, but I was not getting anywhere. Anyway, I just kept in mind I needed to be bad to at last be good.

But then the blue crucifix came along, with an nonthreatening promise. And gave me a chance to redeem the not done wrongs and to purify my undisturbed mind.

And so, like in those tale I love to mock, a new path opened. One of being that person with a motive, a drive; the chance to be someone I envied. (and mocked).

Being 100% honest, this is much more dramatized than what the matter really is like. But this disclaimer is useless, for you know that already if you read any of the crap I post here.

Is this the New path, that of a good natured helper (?)

Am I going to the other side?

Is this still me?

Is next thing becoming religious?




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I would like to be inlove with your crystal champagne eyes.
I would really like to be inlove.
It sounds perhaps a little pathetic, but it's been a while since the last time I feel the fuzzy feeling for real. I remember the feeling, but I can't seem to grasp it, it's here for a moment, then gone.
I wish you could amaze me, make me think of you 24/7, but it's just not happening...
(or is it?, in the end, I'm writing this blog about you, and you, and you... it's only the fucking fuzzy feeling that's missing)

Chaos and such

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Remember the person mentioned in the previous post? The enlightened one. Well, he's a post inspiring machine. This time, while discussing quantum numbers and the reasons why, he said something along the lines of "see? it's all about the balance, in nature in all". There was a sudden burst of joy inside me, for I've been waiting for someone else to notice that in a science class for the longest time. Philosophy inside science, would we have it any other way? Anyway, I'll continue the anecdote. Then I said "yes! when studying science it is something you notice, it must all keep some balance" I was perhaps near the esoteric, but I didn't mind.

Then some other guy said "nah, remember the chaos theory" I was perplexed, instead of finding a way around that counter argument I realized real quick. It is true, EVERYTHING tends towards chaos, all systems end up in chaos. Could it be by any chance that it is just easier to observe things once they found (by uncertainty) order? Could it be that this balance is nothing but a pause for chaos? There is so much uncertainty, so much unknown, that all things in order are just countered chaos?

Then I said "well one way to see it is that it all tends to chaos, but balance is a pause to it (") a split of an instant, a little setback in the way of a chaotic and destroied reality where uncertainty will be such, and unpredictable happenings will occur in a way... there's at last order inside all the chaos, once there's nothing.

Then, is life nothing but two particles colliding without it really mattering? Could it so easily be over?

---you can now go in unease

If matter can be energy, can time be space?
Should people in love be considered drug addicts?
Do souls get old?

Drunken dance

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I want to save this as evidence of the first drunken dance in the city.
Years from now I want to look back to this.
So basically:
  • Captn' Morgan.
  • Some aweshomz people.
  • The party dog.
  • The music you wouldn't dance if you weren't drunk...
  • Drunk dialing.
  • Going back in the public transport while drunk and singing (not because you were drunk, but because you were having fun... and 'no one knows you in the city.. so what!')


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Today I was thinking about social interactions as at 7 in the morning I turned around of my seat to look at a classmate's notebook, there was nothing interesting, but I just kept staring. He noticed and engaged in interaction. (Now, this is not the average person we're talking about, he's mildly illuminated by a humanistic and spiritual formation without biased religion. This means he knows how to connect with people, he knows how to act.) Now the interaction went something like making funny faces and then sounds.

Doesn't this sound like a social expert?
It does actually.

You see, this person knows how to act like a DUDEBRO with dudes, he knows how to be charming with girls, knows how to be polite yet informal with authorities, and in all generalities, he can read people and act based on the situation. (thing i truly envy) Anyway, what I think happened with our interaction was that he didn't read in me a DUDEBRO, I'm not a chick. Children interaction was the last resort, so that happened.

And while I amused myself with this observation, and the implications that may or may not have with my person, I thought that the analysis he made to people was only possible because of well built social structures and paradigms. While he may not be aware of this, he's a very good follower of the social system, despite his pacific-anarchic ideas.

But this post is not about him. Or reading people. It's more about social structures.

There are some patterns we've always had, and we follow, granting normalized interactions around the same society. Hence the conflicts among different cultures. But in general, there are these rules we have in case a man wants to interact with a woman, when a man interacts with a man, a woman with a woman, and such and such. There are expectations and assumptions about each type of relationship people can have.
Even when people defy society and go against the mold, they're still doing a deconstruction based on a pre-existing structure.

Pre-Programmed relations I imply?

I have seen these social barriers fade, it happens when it is no longer a social construction conversing to another. It is when two people start talking without the shades of society and stains of norms, past the curtains of the institutionalized greeting. But even then there are few rules left one must procure in order to know what comes next. Even in the most rare of relationships.

So, could we possibly build social interaction without society?

Could we be a social being from zero?
Would that end with sky scrappers, bacon and porn again?

i like long walks and sci-fi movies

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Real palindromes.
Dogma: I am God. Don't nod. Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas! (<--read me this way now..)

Fake Palindromes
(by Andrew Bird)

my dewy-eyed disney bride, what has tried
swapping your blood with formaldehyde?
whiskey-plied voices cried fratricide!
jesus don't you know that you could've died
(you should've died)
with the monsters that talk, monsters that walk the earth

and she's got red lipstick and a bright pair of shoes
and she's got knee high socks, what to cover a bruise
she's got an old death kit she's been meaning to use
she's got blood in her eyes, in her eyes for you
she's got blood in her eyes for you

certain fads, stripes and plaids, singles ads
they run you hot and cold like a rheostat, i mean a thermostat
so you bite on a towel
hope it won't hurt too bad

and she says i like long walks and sci-fi movies
if you're six foot tall and east coast bred
some lonely night we can get together
and i'm gonna tie your wrists with leather
and drill a tiny hole into your head

Hechos pedazos

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Hechos pedazos

Jarros rotos que lloran por encontrar sus partes perdidas, y en la obscuridad del vacío se arrastran, acumulando moho, polvo y grumos de piel. Emiten crujidos fríos con esperanza de ser respondidos por sus congeneres y puedan completarse; pelean contra la fricción y la pateticidad del suelo humedo en busca de la complitud perdida. Y aquellos que logran reptar de entre la peluza revuelta con pellejos, se encuentran y chisporrotean al tocarse, se unen y forman una amalgama sin forma definida.

Se esfuerzan por sentirse completos, a pesar de saber que aquellos pedazos viejos de cerámica y los cumulos de grasa que los mantienen juntos no son lo que ellos buscaban.