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Táctica y estrategia

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Táctica y estrategia

Por Mario Benedetti

Mi táctica es
aprender como sos
quererte como sos

mi táctica es
y escucharte
construir con palabras
un puente indestructible

mi táctica es
quedarme en tu recuerdo
no sé cómo ni sé
con qué pretexto
pero quedarme en vos

mi táctica es
ser franco
y saber que sos franca
y que no nos vendamos
para que entre los dos

no haya telón
ni abismos

mi estrategia es
en cambio
más profunda y más
mi estrategia es
que un día cualquiera
no sé cómo ni sé
con qué pretexto
por fin me necesites

[lectura decente, pa' variar]


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I'M THE PENGUIN is a ficticious author and character inside the Black Bird Fields Universe. The main content of the blog cover his dellusional opinions, his inadequately written fiction, and pathetic non-fiction, along with some of the pieces he claims to be art. He's featured as being co-author along with Mrs. Kite and Sgt.Pepper, althought no tangible link has ever made between the three characters, theories [1] indicate that they might be the same author going by different names.

Because there times when you just need someone to remind you who the hell are you.
In some of his work I'M THE PENGUIN has reffered himself as a teacher, but given his poor writting it is a well known fact that he's a public worker. Among his not so numerous blogs some specialists [2] have been able to deduce he suffers from several personality disorders, just to name a few: borderline, schizoid, paranoid, histrionic, asocial.

letter to the penguin

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Dear I'm the penguin:

As you may be aware, when you read this in the future, you've been dedicating yourself to collect parts of the present so you suffer from a terrible nostalgia in the near future. That and you're loosing touch with reality.

Given the secretive intentions behind this post we shall speak of laws and hopes. And we will just hope you understand this by the time you're 20.

Laws have brought you hope, but that is still pathetic, because you're assuming they will be excecuted, you have this idea in the bottom of your head that they will make your world new, different and exciting. Most likely, as with all the laws in your country, they'll just vanish with time and you'll just remember they once existed. But well, at least they've got you in a good mood right?

Lieaving the bitching for your character in the real world... I'll now speak to you as the real I'm the penguin.

Everything's stupid and ridiculous.
Yet it is really exciting to see you giggle and fantazise about the future. That's what you're supposed to be doing (since that's what you care most about, what you are supposed to be doing). You know I still think it's all stupid and ridiculous. But it might as well be stupid, ridiculous and oh so very lovely. It doesn't matter if these fucking laws don't pass, it doesn't matter if they are what finally changes this country and majestically brings everyone to a new world order. Hell, I don't even care if these laws are just rumors.

Enjoy the second. I am. Because everything is just so fucking ridiculous. and i love it.


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This is what I've been up to:

This I believe, is Chlorophyta, Caulerpa sp.
I like to call it 'the dragon' but it is a Phaeophyta, Sargassum sp.
This my friends, is an organism with a helicoidal-like chloroplast :O oh my oh my

A great list

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Lately people catch me laughing to myself in the corridors, many think it's really weird. Fuck'em, there's no one as funny as my own mind. There's a list of things that I keep remembering at all times and it gets me in a very good mood. Why bother with regrets when you can just save that which is food for the soul?

*Being brave enough to approach ____
*Picturing myself dancing in the middle of class, starting a coreographed musical
*Dancing in real life to the S.Gs
*How dorky I am sometimes
*Being proposed to work as a (PG 13 CENSORSHIP)
*My uncomfortable sielnces
*The ridiculous amounts of extras you half-encounter each day

And so on. Do yours, it makes life more liveable x)

The proud penguin

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Dearest R.

I always knew you had it in you, but let me tell you, I'm very proud of you.
See how listening to me makes it all better?

These kids and their dramatic wannabe lives.

Just (kind of) kidding.

Sincerely, I'm the penguin


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Setting: I went back to the place where it all started getting real. Where I got to see how things really are, what an improvement we're really doing.

Better conditions for transport alternatives. We're totally helping the little guy.

They even have public pools

And well, as you may see, technology is really reaching everywhere

This sort of makes me an environmental blogger, sure the pictures are the best you've ever seen, but it's still just for the propaganda. I'm aware that in the internet context this may seem irrelevant, but it's not, everywhere, human rights are being violated, this pictures you see aren't just some photo opportunities, they are REALITIES. And it's your choice if you now want to be intentionally ignorant and look away, or actually do something about it.

Looking eye

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again, had some pho(toshop)n

Science and love

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For those of you out there, some sciencey valentine,

[Stephanie Burrows Fox, via: erm, the penguin, :O ]

And finally, also for those Belle and Sebastian fans out there, more Dopamine in the "Gents Green 'Chemistry' t-shirt"
Gents Green

Why do we believe in electrons, but not in fairies?

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Article here

Why do we believe in electrons, but not in fairies?

by Benjamin Kuipers

No one has directly observed either electrons or fairies. Both of them are theoretical constructs, useful to explain observations that might be difficult to explain otherwise. The "theory of fairies" can actually explain more things than the "theory of electrons". So why do we believe in electrons, but not in fairies?

Is the issue a political one, where the "electron" fans got the upper hand in the nineteenth century, so by the twentieth century the "fairy" fans were a scorned and persecuted minority? Or, have we proved for sure that fairies don't exist?

No, to both. The real difference is that for electrons, we have accumulated a set of quite narrow and specific rules about how electrons will behave under various circumstances. Those rules let us make very specific predictions about electron behavior, and about the observations that will result. If those predictions don't come true, we know that either we didn't set up the circumstances correctly, or there is something wrong with the rules. But over many decades, we have repeatedly fixed problems with the rules, so we can now make really good predictions about electrons, especially in certain highly contrived circumstances (i.e., circuits).

Fairies are much more free. A fairy does what it decides to do. We haven't been able to find any useful rules for predicting how a fairy will behave under particular circumstances, or even for telling when a fairy has been involved in a particular observation. (At least I don't know of any such rules. I stand ready for correction on this.) Over many, many decades, it has not been possible for people to try out pretty-good sets of fairy-prediction rules, find out where they make mistakes, and replace them with better sets of rules.

It's always possible that there really are fairies. But the theory of electrons has been far more successful because it makes testable predictions. Because it doesn't make testable predictions, the theory of fairies hasn't enjoyed the same process of incremental improvement. So we have lightbulbs and microprocessors and the Internet, all based on electrons, and no fairy processors.

The scientific method is an amazing procedure for incrementally improving certain kinds of theories: those that make testable predictions. A theory that doesn't make testable predictions could still be true, but it doesn't participate in the scientific method. (There are people who believe that the only truths are scientific truths, but this is essentially a religious faith on their part.)

The theory of evolution is a scientific theory, because it implies a large number of specific testable claims. The specific rules leading to testable predictions have been tested, modified, and refined over many decades (roughly as many as the theory of electrons). Simple versions of the rules for evolution have been tested and refuted long ago, and replaced by better, more specific ones, just as they have for electrons. We are about as confident in the theory of evolution as we are in the theory of electrons.

The theory of intelligent design could be true. The biological world is a marvelous place, with truly amazing complexity. The theory of evolution assumes certain random processes for generating mutations. If an Intelligent Designer could influence those random processes, then perhaps both theories could be true simultaneously. But the theory of intelligent design does not make testable predictions, just like the theory of fairies. The Designer does what He does because He decides to, not because He is governed by rules. (See Matthew 4:5-7.)

The scientific method is an enormous intellectual asset to the human race. All citizens should understand what it can and cannot do, and all children should be taught to appreciate and apply it. It is important for them to understand why the theory of electrons is a scientific theory, while the theory of fairies is not. Likewise, of course, for evolution and intelligent design.

In the debate between evolution and intelligent design, I believe that we scientists are missing an important opportunity to educate people about the difference between "truth" and "scientific truth". There is a perfectly reasonable role in society for faith in truths that are not scientifically testable. But we and our children need to understand and respect the difference.

Atheism is a religion, too!

While one driver in this controversy comes from people with a fundamentalist religious agenda, there are scientists on the other side who pursue an essentially religious belief that "There is no Designer." Occam's Razor is a useful piece of practical advice about preferring simpler theories, but it has no more empirical content than the Apostle's Creed.

An advocate for Intelligent Design provided the following quotes from leading evolutionary biologists:

"Man is the result of a purposeless and natural process that did not have him in mind" (George Gaylord Simpson, The Meaning of Evolution);
"If humankind evolved by Darwinian natural selection, genetic chance and environmental necessity, not God, made the species" (Edward O. Wilson, On Human Nature);
"By coupling undirected, purposeless variation to the blind, uncaring process of natural selection, Darwin made theological or spiritual explanations of life processes superfluous" (Douglas Futuyma, Evolutionary Biology).
These are not scientific conclusions. These are statements of sincere personal belief by these authors, who doubtless feel strongly that their beliefs are consistent with their experiences as scientists. But they are essentially statements of faith, and they are out of place in a textbook. (An interesting essay by Michael Ruse, Is evolution a secular religion?, sheds historical light on evolution and this kind of "religious atheism".)

On the other hand, scientists in general are very careful to avoid making religious (including atheist) statements in a scientific context. Simpson's and Wilson's books are opinion pieces, not textbooks, so expressions of personal faith are appropriate. Futuyma's book is a leading textbook, but the above quote seems not to appear in the current (third) edition.

There is a widespread claim that evolutionary biology textbooks argue against Christianity, or against religion in general. You can read (here) a careful examination of a number of accused textbooks, refuting that claim.

Teaching better science

In our pluralistic society, some people believe in God or in the absence of any God (both faith-based positions), while some people don't know and some don't care. In our pluralistic society, it is important to teach science without imposing on others one's own religious beliefs, including the belief in the absence of God.

Science education is about teaching the scientific method, and about teaching some of the knowledge that the human race has acquired by applying the scientific method. It would be a useful part of a science class to teach the distinction between theories that are scientific because they make testable predictions, and other theories that could be true, but are not scientific because they don't. Comparing fairies with electrons, or comparing evolution with intelligent design, should be an opportunity to teach better science.

Written 15 February 2005. Updated 30 June 2005 and 11 September 2005.

kid genius- interesting >.>

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Just when I was coming to terms about being in the edge of young youth comes this, a kid genius aged 12 who's discovering the mysteries of the universe, while I write a filler post on a half-forgotten blog.


Just read it, i tried to make several comments but none seemed to have any content whatsoever.


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actually Apatosaurus...
According to my Dinosaur Larousse by Dr. Michael Benton, 1988
(bought in 'Gigante' [a store that no longer exists] for $19.90 [mxn pesos] )

Apatosaurus means deceptive reptile, it was described in 1877 by Dr. Marsh in North America.
It belonged to the Jurassic period.
I'd rather call it Brontosaurus, it means thunder reptile which is awesome!

[Kids Dig Dinos]

beauty and perception

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must watch video.

got me thinking about math, philosophy and the construction of reality

with this video some could think about how wonderful nature is, for having such a perfect system, just like math. bullshit I say. Nature is not great for having a system like math, we've been fortunate enough to find within our brains a logical system that can for some reason describe the phenomena we percive. And I think beauty really lies there, not in how beautiful can our abstractions of the world be, but in how amazing it is that despite our abstractions we can percive the world and its entropic wonders.

After we existed

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Your birds fly away without looking back, wondering about the taste of wind and the colors of the air. Loosing touch with earth, and remembering the ocean you decide to make a pact with the spirits of art and silence, concealing yourself into a mirror of dawn light and redemption. This makes me just another dead weight you have to free yourself from, in your way to illumination.

You look at me and think of him instead and you whisper her name in a dream where I can't reach whatever we've become. When you crack the brach that held the forest lamp, I can just go back to the time when our sights met and everything finally meant something. The first moment we ever had, the universe woke up from a lethargic dream, and everything has been decaying ever since.

As a child, you once told me you were looking for magic, talking trees and jumping seas, a world where a wish would become a boat and a simple sigh would be enough. You also said that once your legs were long and your face weilded fur, you'd meet me and together we'd build it. The spell you casted upon us both broke my fears in two and filled me with an everlasting nostalgia for the future.

Now that world is broken. Wishes became lost ships, sighs became pernicious reproaches and unmet expectations. It is as if finding this treasure island, a precious universe that we built, became a sort of Midas curse, only there are no golden souls in this story, just caothic impulses of worn out desires. What a world is this, to have finally discovered your scars, lips and obscurities; just so everything could go back to meaning nothing.


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Principio universal de la Pereza de la Materia: entre hacer y no hacer, mejor no hacer- Toda gran función necesita un gran estímulo

¿Gastar energía y arriesgarme a la incertidumbre sólo para buscar comida?¿Ahora, justamente ahora?

¿Gastar energía y arriesgarme a la incertidumbre sólo para buscar cónyugue?¿Ahora, justamente ahora?

...toda gran función necesita un gran estímulo (pero cual?)
(estímulo- concepto favorecid por al selección natural por conseguir que hacer sea más probable que dejar de hacer)