letter to the penguin

Posted by I'm the penguin | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dear I'm the penguin:

As you may be aware, when you read this in the future, you've been dedicating yourself to collect parts of the present so you suffer from a terrible nostalgia in the near future. That and you're loosing touch with reality.

Given the secretive intentions behind this post we shall speak of laws and hopes. And we will just hope you understand this by the time you're 20.

Laws have brought you hope, but that is still pathetic, because you're assuming they will be excecuted, you have this idea in the bottom of your head that they will make your world new, different and exciting. Most likely, as with all the laws in your country, they'll just vanish with time and you'll just remember they once existed. But well, at least they've got you in a good mood right?

Lieaving the bitching for your character in the real world... I'll now speak to you as the real I'm the penguin.

Everything's stupid and ridiculous.
Yet it is really exciting to see you giggle and fantazise about the future. That's what you're supposed to be doing (since that's what you care most about, what you are supposed to be doing). You know I still think it's all stupid and ridiculous. But it might as well be stupid, ridiculous and oh so very lovely. It doesn't matter if these fucking laws don't pass, it doesn't matter if they are what finally changes this country and majestically brings everyone to a new world order. Hell, I don't even care if these laws are just rumors.

Enjoy the second. I am. Because everything is just so fucking ridiculous. and i love it.

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