Holyday’s Laziness

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This is my attempt to justify doing nothing and being lazy in holydays (or whatever)…
My house works as a whole when it is convenient. (Which means when the other two living in the house think it’s convenient [yay for teenage anger] ) This means I have to help with the dishwashing, the food shopping, the (stupid) garden maintenance, etc… But I have to take care of MY dog. You get the thing.
When it comes to holydays, not making dinner and watching lots of movies becomes a family activity, and as much as you want to go to your room whether to watch YouTube or do a very long and important assignment, you can’t. And by “can’t” I mean you will possibly be accused of high treason and be burned in the central plaza in the next 12 hours. So, as much as I want to go and work on my final project, or whatever, you’ll see… I can’t…

This too shall pass?

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The eternal return, refers as its name may tell you about the never ending cycle of things, how everything will happen again in the same way for all eternity. This may sound like Hindu reincarnation, and it actually is, but it's not an idea that has only passed trough religion, there are models in physics explaining a cycling universe, ancient alchemical believes of the never ending cycle of all, and philosophers who have described the universe as one self-repeating cycle. And so all of our actions, all of our mistakes are bound to happen again, forever, and so they will always exist and nothing will ever pass, things will only exist.

A lot of Nietzsche's work was around this idea, the idea of the eternal return, how everything would always happen, we were not learning from our mistakes, we were not developing towards something greater or better, we were walking in circles in the same old crap. It is life's greatest burden, nothing will ever be forgiven because everything will be there again and again, and so everything becomes more real and redemption is not achieved ever.

And so the idea of a happy ending fades, forgiveness and simplicity is lost and instead we are chained to reality in a way that we are never to leave or stop existing, no rest. Now there is the true idea of hell if you ask me.

But then... there is the other side, there is the idea of "This too shall pass", thinking that time will erase everything, and time will only move forward leaving everything behind. This idea seems more soothing. It doesn't matter how much people ever died in which war or how much suffering someone lived, it will all be forgotten, it will all pass. And so this contrary idea kind of gives us hope, all the wrongs will be righted with time.

But what happens with reality?

Doesn't it become less... real? Doesn't it make you think that no matter what you are irrelevant? Isn't this lightness a dead sentence imposed since the moment we are born? Because if everything ends, then what's the point of making it start? Doesn't the burden is what makes it all real and alive? And the lightness all full of mist, doubt and death?

Because we can try to escape the burden, we can deny deny deny. In the suffering we can try to evade and be happy, but in the lightness... what escape is there to infinite freedom? What other exit is there to dead if there is no life?

At the end, isn't the lightness unbearable?

[while they are all my words Kundera does need some credit for this]

Think before you write.

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d'awwww.. :D

DBA 98 Biodegradable Pen from DBA on Vimeo.


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Hoy, cuando las estrellas cantan vuestro nombre y los lagos se pintan del azul de los recuerdos me inunda la voluntad de revivir esta historia, de contar de aquella noche donde un lobo y una luna perdieron una prenda que habían olvidado que llevaban: la soledad. Y ahora que el lobo le ahuya a la luna desde una duna de rosa arena y que la luna ha encontrado los campos de aves del negro paraíso; os presento sin más una historia que salió de una taza de café y una servilleta.

Era una noche roja, la Luna teñida de azul leancólico y fugáz acompañando a un cielo, con su destello reflejábase en un espejo de agua. Solo podía ver escaleras en las nuves, escaleras que conducían a un lugar desconocido, incierto y gris. La borrosa imágen de un Paris, hogar del lobo, y también su carcel del deseo de volar en el Azul. Pero las puertas estaban cerradas, ya era tarde y tan solo quedaba su sombra. Aquel Sol en la arena, triste por conocer, sería aun un misterio para el lobo del llano. Una silueta sombría, de esas que invocan al frío esperaba una silla de hielo en vez de madera. Frío, lo único que podía aquel lobo contemplar ante tal bestia, un caballo de confusión.

La muerte vestida de blanco sostenía una esféra que apuntaba al inicio, que parecía tan lejos de la vereda marcada por el antiguo llanto. Todo carecía de sentido... y así era como entendía las cosas, de coherencia solo habita en mi el recuerdo fantasma de desgracia y olvido, el cual solo me lleva a la ereda del arrepentimiento y el llanto. Me invadía la misma duda que inade al pez ante la mirada del pescador pasajero ¿Qué habría sido del tiempo? ¿Se abría fugado acaso con una estrella?

Y el mismo segundo que me convertía en el buzo de mis vagos recuerdos, me di cuenta de porque había evitado ese lugar, cuenta de que esos recuerdos solo me hablan de una vida careciente de rumbo y un destino triste.


Peter Root's Ephemicropolis 2010

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You know, I love staples...

Peter Root's Ephemicropolis 2010

The making of Ephemicropolis from Peter Root on Vimeo.

[peterbsiesennop : MindyR]

Back from the future

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I usually don't feel comfortable posting somebody else's work as my post, but since I came back from the future I figured I have no time to waste.

This might as well be the best life philosophy I've read of.
Brought to you via PostSecret

Imaginary Elements

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It comes before vacation

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We never said the blackbirds were crows..

via Learn Something Everyday

needless to say, this is NOT a reliable source

Let's burn this city

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Boring a way through me
Controlling completely
There is a fire in me
Fire that burns
Fire that burns

This is getting too static, getting too old and stable. I'm trough with commodity and establishment, bring the terrors of uncertainty and the monsters within, bring it bitch. We need to burn the city before it takes a life of its own.

This fire is out of control.

If this is life why does it feel so good to die today?

Today I had a dream where you said I should tell everyone I'll never meet their (marriage) expectations, then I said it wasn't that simple. You responded "yes it is, i'll be there". Then I remembered you wouldn't.


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For a while I thought the man was young.

I persuaded myself, ands as the years passed I kept in mind the age I made for him.

We went out almost every weekend, and I had the time of my life.

Until that day, when he ran to the car, with fear of being smashed by the crowd.

Random dialogue

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You're just perfect...

I will always fear that I'll never pair up to him

Who? What are you talking about?

the image of me that you have, I think I'll never be as good as you imagine me to be...

Lynch working

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I think this is a very nice pic...
Love twitter now...

via: MindyR

Dance tonight

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Are you not going to sleep?

The night's mine to dance,
dance in the moon and the stars
will you share a twist with me?
or maybe a walls?
As long as we are young and carefree
What else should matter

Lost in transcription

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Because google's audio transcriptions are so coherent!I seriously doubt the dialogue during this video bit is "what people exactly PIZZA! not state a the hundred people a day."
Another observation on the image... Another God's what?

shot from video via: NewLeftMedia


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Whenever there are huge coincidences, things that according to me would not happen outside of imagination, I treasure them, so here, see what I found today.

it doesn't belong to me

You might not understand, but be calmed this is only one more post you'll never get. :)


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whezzywaiter: uncultured

Oldest gangs evah

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I don't meant to sound disrespectful, so please don't feel offended.

But churches, all of them are just like gangs.

They have a meeting point based on their locality, where they gather to listen to what the leader says, so then they can go around in the world spreading the seed.

They're like gangs because you mess with one and it seems you just offended the entire community, and then they all go medieval on your ass, so to say. Of course this accommodates to what kind of neighborhood you live in, if you're lucky they'll just pray for your damnation.

And then, what gives them out the most is their symbols. Because they all have a symbol and they love going around putting it everywhere, and this specially goes for those crazy chrstn bitches, I would bet a franc there are more of their symbols spread in the world than there is graffiti in the metro stations of the world. (alas, francs don't circulate anymore).

And hey, just try to get your hood back or paint their "forms of expression" and you've got yourself in big trouble, they'll throw sharpened wooden crosses without a warning.

Just a thought being left here.

Falling from Grace

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Falling from grace

A night's penguin

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FAR TOO GREAT to not post it here

I don't own the picture, I would love to know who does though

Who doesn't love a fly self portrait?


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I found this site in the youtube ad section...
and I think it is very cute. mainly because I didn't used to be stupid... I still am...
click click clickc -->I Used To Be Stupid

some that i liked:

When I was four, I used to think that I was the only one who could see rain.

"When I was younger, I thought that the last show for the day on TV ended at 12:00 am, and after that, the screen said "Please go to bed now".
-Hayden from Oregon

"When I was younger, In Church we would always pray to stop Euthanasia. I always wondered what the youth in Asia were up to that was so bad."

[ via: I Used to Be Stupid ]

The archduke

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Enjoy the most terribly taken picture ever seen in this web page

And say you don't love it. I dare you. :)

It was about them, and us, but it also was about the dead.

Because you know me, how my mind drifts, how I have extensive conversations with fictional characters. And that moment I had it with my dead. She would would have complimented their looks, but would've preferred much more soft music, that I know. He, I'm not sure, but I bet he would have said something about their haircuts and loud music, he would have probably dragged me out of there. And then HIM, I could only wonder if he had liked it, maybe he'd had gone with me, or maybe he'd have criticized my music taste, I guess I'll never know.

That's all I have to share, greetings from the past.

My ears and brain

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As it happens to be, I'm a last.fm user... but let me tell you mine is very unaccurate.. D:
The actuall ranking is:

Belle and Sebastian
Yann Tiersen
The Beatles
The Killers
Joaquín Sabina
Au Revoir Simone
Badly Drawn Boy
Oh No! Oh My!
The Smiths
Sean Lennon
Crystal Castles
Franz Ferdinand
Driftless Pony Club
Joy Division

most of them are not loved by your band logo thingy generator... oh i feel so indie... xD

My share

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Who's the most listened of them all?

In case you were wondering about what has happened this last year in my ears and brain.

Tell me yours (only for LastFM users)

I'm closer to the sun

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Luz del ser

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Hija de la Muerte y la Belleza, Luz se preguntó un día qué había ocurrido antes:¿la pregunta o la expresión? Dado que sus padres solo sabían del fin y la acronía, les fue imposible revelarle esa gran verdad.

Entonces Luz salió de los faros del tiempo en busca de su gran verdad. Recorrió las dunas silenciosas del norte, preguntó a las gaviotas del atardecer e inspeccionó el color azul, sin un solo resultado.

Luz dedujó que se trataría de una cuestión de edad, entonces acudió a las piedras murmurantes del centro de la Tierra.

-Acaso ustedes, que han visto al cielo caer y al oceano hichatrse, podrían contestar que sucedió antes, ¿La pregunta o la expresión?-
Preguntó luz a los ancestros del mundo.

-Es cierto que llegamos aquí justo después que el ruido y estaremos después de que haya llegado el silencio, pero ese secreto le pertenece a los vivos, no a nosotros.- Susurraron las rocas.

A Luz no le quedó mas que vagar por en universo preguntandole a los vivos, pero ninguno sabía la respuesta, era un secreto más ancestral que cualquier ser.

Tras el cnasancio de preguntar a toda la vida en la Tierra, Luz recurrió al Oceano, y tras suplicarle que lre contestara su pregunta, el Oceano reveló a las tortugas del relampago, los seres más viejos de las profundidades.

-Seres del mar y del volcan, que escucharon al ciero partir el mar, ¿Pueden contestar mi pregunta?

-Hemos visto más que ningun vivo, pero tu pregunta y su verdad ignoran de tiempo o inicio.

-Entonces ¿es esta la ultima verdad que permanecerá en la sombra?

-Hay seres en este universo que desconocen de la muerte o el nacimiento. Ellos son los únicos que guardan la gran verdad.

-¿Existen en algún lugar?

-En el fondo del Oceano, más allá de la obscuridad y la conciencia, en el lugar donde la vida deja de correr y el tiempo yace en la arena.

-Entonces allí estaré.

Las tortugas volvieron al viejo, y la Luz se sumergió en el. Recorrió los bosques de memorias, los cansados cantos de ballenas, hasta llegar a donde las intenciones se regresan.

A Luz no le tomó mucho tiempo percatarse que todo cambiaba, el sonido caía a los pies y el gris invadía los pensamientos.

Ahí donde la nada abundaba, Luz vió a los seres sin tiempo ni muerte. Se aceró y preguntó:

- Pueden ustedes confiarme el gran secreto de que sucedió primero: ¿La pregunta o la expresión?

Las estelas luminosas de largas colas envolvieron a luz en ideas y años.
-Si no vivimos es porque no morimos, el tiempo se pierde de dimensión y no es mas que escombros de algo que debió ser.

>> La verdad que tu buscas, como nosotros, no concierne al tiempo o la cronología, y por esto ambos salen del mismo lugar, en ningun punto fijo. La vida al existir adiquirió la necesidad, necesidad de ser, pero también de saber que ocurre fuera del ser y darle cara a lo que yace dentro. Tanto la pregunta como la expresión son tan viejas y necesarias como ser, existir.

[Yes, actually this is my last argument on the scienceVSart debate in case you couldn't notice]

Nada de adiós muchachos

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Lo primero que quise fue marcharme bien lejos;
en el álbum de cromos de la resignación
pegábamos los niños que odiaban los espejos
guantes de Rita Hayworth, calles de Nueva York.

Apenas vi que un ojo me guiñaba la vida
le pedí que a su antojo dispusiera de mí,
ella me dió las llaves de la ciudad prohibida
yo, todo lo que tengo, que es nada, se lo dí.

Así crecí volando y volé tan deprisa
que hasta mi propia sombra de vista me perdió,
para borrar mis huellas destrocé mi camisa,
confundí con estrellas las luces de neón.

Hice trampas al póker, defraudé a mis amigos,
sobre el banco de un parque dormí como un lirón;
por decir lo que pienso sin pensar lo que digo
más de un beso me dieron (y más de un bofetón).

Lo que sé del olvido lo aprendí de la luna,
lo que sé del pecado lo tuve que buscar
como un ladrón debajo de la falda de alguna
de cuyo nombre ahora no me quiero acordar.

Así que, de momento, nada de adiós muchachos,
me duermo en los entierros de mi generación;
cada noche me invento, todavía me emborracho;
tan joven y tan viejo, like a rolling stone.

J. Sabina

Nerdfighter treat

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I've worked very hard to get his one image...
You could say everything in my life has taken me to the point where I could find it and photograph it years later.

The epitome of my life and career.

Yes. It is what you think it is.
Only the one best joke in Nerdfighteria!

How to Hide an Octopus (&other sea creatures) IN YOUR PANTS!


Crab and cross

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This month is our month.
The BBFields anniversary month. It’s been a very long time, and it’s been aweshomz.
It has changed a lot. (I thought at first it was a time availability thing, but I now realize it isn’t. It’s just the way we post. [If that makes any sense to you ])
Today I want to share the crazy imagination vs. the simple one.

Somehow, this is a Crab.
It is between Gemini and Leo, and it is the fainest of the 12 zodiacal constallations.

And this, well, it's a cross.
Crux is the smallest constellation, and it is between the legs of centaurus (no pun intended [i guess centaurus is glad it's not crabs...] )

Decorative post

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ARRRRRR productions
brings you...

Spring time adventures. ;D

to the tackiest place on earth!

The youth is starting to change
Are you starting to change?
Are you?