2011 Resolutions

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I somehow can't find [in the blog] my last year's resolutions. I'll take that as a sign, to stop thinking of my stupid resolutions I never achieve, and to stop the rant about not achieving them...
Take that as my first two resolutions. Also, we had the resolution-chat with my cousins, so I better write them before I forget them, anyways...
-Better time admin (oh please!)
-Achieve reading resolution-resolution.
-Don't fall behind on my studying. (hear that post in the past?, *cough* Molecular Biology *cough*)
-Do sports.
-Find lab. (Molecular Physiology, perhaps?)
-Get to play something cool in the piano. (post in the past, remember 'wheels')

Goodbye, see you next year (or hopefully DURING the year, [i'm being optimistic] )

The penguin monologues, again

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This year ends, it was a year of many decisions. And it had some consequences. But I guess that's just how life is. We shouldn't really try to use the new year as an excuse for a fresh start, every day is a fresh start with a million possibilities. But if I continue on that point I'd be heavily biting my tongue (not sure that works in english).

I do like what happened last year. Many new things happened for the first time, other old things ended. But what I guess happened the most was, the things I like were kept. There was some level of certainty on all of these decisions. Even if I established 2010 would be the year of uncertainty, I went to my control freak ways.

But you know what? Saying this year I'll be completely reckless and random seems stupid. I won't. I'll just effing try. Saying things I'm not sure of, riding my bike to forbidden places, admitting to crimes I didn't commit, letting myself by corrupted, lying and name calling. Or maybe just some plain boring year. Who knows?

I'll just live in a no regret policy, not anymore anyway.

Oh uncertainty, you cold hearted bitch, how I love you.

From the music collection: Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar

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I have some sort of music collection (if you want to call it that way) and basically, when I like a song very much, I try to gather different versions of it.

Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar
is a canção by Vinícius de Moraes and Tom Jobim.

Eu sei que vou te amar
Por toda a minha vida
Eu vou te amar
A cada despedida
Eu vou te amar
Eu sei que vou te amar

E cada verso meu será
Prá te dizer
Que eu sei que vou te amar
Por toda a minha vida

Eu sei que vou chorar
A cada ausência tua eu vou chorar
Mas cada volta tua há de apagar
O que essa tua ausência me causou

Eu sei que vou sofrer
A eterna desventura de viver
À espera de viver ao lado teu
Por toda a minha vida

Here are three of my favorite versions:
Adriana Calcanhoto

Caetano Veloso (classic, classic)

Bebo y Cigala, different, yet amazing

B&S and K

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Dearest Mrs. Kite, you've insisted.
That I get into the Belle and Sebastian Wagon. Well, you finally made it, while not a fan, I know really enjoy.


Come on sister, tell me about all about your men and your hopes and the hours of your life.
You are my girl, and you don't even know it, and you're the funny little frog in my throat.

Don't touch me, if you touch me we can NEVER GO BACK!

So thank you dearest K

Meat is murder

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This week I believe, I celebrate my second year of not eating mammals.
And for once I have the right to do shameless propaganda on it.
I try not to talk about my motives, unless I'm asked to. Mainly because people often get all defensive and weird about it, as if telling them you choose not to eat red meat makes you a better person, and usually gives a bad impression of the pretentious-yoga-poser-bastard you might be...
(I don't do yoga, I hope I'm not a bastard, and I might be pretentious, but that's subject for another post)
I can't say being vegetarian or similar makes you a better person, but I do think it might make you a better eco-friendly-person (if you wish to make that kind of nomenclature [yes yes you can slap me] )
So, if you are interested, it's time for the propaganda, (if you aren't, then that's OK [you selfish bastard, you should at least read it] xD)

¿Un día sin carne?
It's an article published in ¿cómo ves? (Revista de Divulgación de la Ciencia de la UNAM)

Meat consumption trends and health: casting a wider risk assessment net (from The Australian National University)


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Roses are red

Violets are purple

And Pantone C 110 is yellow.

My love for design is bigger than the RGB complex

( Trying the -cute little post- concept...)

So this was christmas

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So that was Christmas
and what have I done?
another year over? (damn)
and a new one just begun (sigh)

And so this was Christmas
I kinda had fun
the near and the dear ones
the old and the young old... (?)

A very Merry Christmas
and a happy New Year
let's hope it's a good one
filled with fear (the good old fear)

Fear moves a big part of me, the terrible part of fear is the freeze after the fear, but sometimes, only sometimes, fear manages to take out the best of us... the whole thing about the fight or flight response, I think...

Dearest Gifts

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Oh dear christmas, I could say so much about you. About your cultural paradoxes, about your weather, about your effect on human relations, and so on. But let's be honest, in the western world, ever since we're little the only thing that has mattered about Christmas was... the gifts. What else is there to family reunions anyway?

Anyway... What else can someone ask for Christmas?

And of course, a new camera to take the pictures...

Master Cohen

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I've posted something about Cohen, but it goes like this, the fourth, the fifth...
I'm Your Man, a classic...

No desalojas, imbécil

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Vives en un hogar sin paredes, solo techo.
Y sin limites golpeas el suelo con marchas metálicas
adornas todo con tu precencia y el recuerdo a tu.
Habitas allí sin pagar renta ni angustia,
sucede que ese espacio es mi mente,
y te rehusas al desalojo.

Te veo y me ves, saludos efímeros que me duran una vida.
Y me siguen, y me retuerce pensar
que no fue más que una mirada de reojo.

Cuando me acerco, tus defectos se turnan evidentes,
y estúpidamente adorables.
Tus gestos, tu figura, tu sonrisa torcida,
forman parte de un repertorio de manías
que memorizo y guardo para los días grises.

Llego a considerar que no es sano imaginar
en tus comos y tus porques tanto como lo hago.
Discutimos por horas del universo y sus misterios,
me cuentas de tus aspiraciones infantiles por el oceáno
y yo te confieso mis aventuras en el anonimato.
Las miradas no se despegan y las respiraciones se hacen cortas.
Termina en un ruido a calle y un yunque al estómago.
Me comienzo a cansar de que nuestras conversaciones
solo ocurran en mi cabeza.

Y esque ante ti, cualquier palabra que indique ligeras sinápsis, me elude.
Todo se dedica a contemplarte.

¿Qué tan ridículo es esto?

The Boss

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I will now live according to this wise, wise sauce.

[via: frkncngz]

Lease bajo su propio riesgo

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Era esto precisamente, lograr la suspensión de la incredulidad y conseguir que el lector entrase en su juego.

Que las manchas de sangre en el vestido de Penélope pudieran olerse al acariciar la fibra celulosa contra el pulgar y la zozobra.

Hacer que sin titubear, una aceleración atacara al miocardio y la respiración faltara, solo palabras que se hacían reales como el trueno que rompe al aire.

Las páginas se voltean solas y se está seguro que el clac clac clac del maletín de aquella figura macabra no tardará en sonar detras; del jardín, de la cocina, de la conciencia, en cualquier momento.

Se pierde la cordura y discernimeinto. Ya no es cuestión de seguir la trama o deconstruir segun Derridá, ahora las uñas buscan surcos donde apuntalarse y la mente huye a planes de fuga futil.

Y el lector ya no lee si no es leido, una vez dentro, no le queda más que esperar al frío momento donde sus miedos se precipiten del aire, y sienta las manos escamosas aproximarse a su vientre y en un golpe del destino le extraiga viceras, recuerdos, nervios y todo.

Entonces el juego habrá terminado. Y el lector también.

No, really, don't stop the music...

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I accept that (being the indie poser I probably am) I am too judgamental towards commercial music, but then, I find things like this:

Books and people

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There are two things everyone says to be the more the better: meeting people, and reading books. (I'm sure you could come up with many more, but this is a PG-rated blog)

And there's some truth in it, to be cultured and learn about the world, its ideas, events and misinterpretations one has to read many, many books. And the same goes for people, to learn and edify yourself completely, you need to grab chunks out of everyone you meet.

But, as always, I have a problem with this. You see, here books are like people, right? The more you come in contact with the better?

Well, excuse me but that's bullshit.

While it's true that you need to read a little bit of everything to know, you aren't going to read the entire self-improvement bookshelf just so you're cultured (yes that's culture too, sadly). You're not going to learn all about astrology, or sparkly vampires or any of that sort (if that's your cup of tea, i don't judge). You're just going to read the good stuff, the things people you consider smart recommend you. So you start developing your own taste and begin to choose yourself what kind of books you want to read, which kind of culture you want to take in. Now, I'm aware of the attention bias I'm implying, but let's forget that for the analogy's sake.

But people are not like that. To begin with, it's not as easy to meet someone as picking up a book, the book will not ever have awkward silences. Also, there's no way you can know who to meet, I mean when the 1000 people you need to meet before you die comes out, believe me, I'll be the first to buy it. But meanwhile what is one supposed to do? Meet tons of people, filter them out and just keep the ones you liked?

Well, Fuck that. I don't have to read all the books in the shelf to know I'll probably just read 10 or 15. Yea, that must be one of the most asocial things I've said, but it holds true, what's the point on meeting all the Mayan Calendar 2012-s, the How to think like a man and still be a lady-s and cheap thrillers, when I can simply go to the Vonneguts and Kunderas and Cortazars?


The trick is telling them apart from the rest.

And make them want to meet you too.

So is the present, for that matter

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I think this is my favorite Of Montreal song, so far:

The past is a grotesque animal
And in its eyes you see
How completely wrong you can be
How completely wrong you can be

The sun is out, it melts the snow that fell yesterday
Makes you wonder why it bothered

I fell in love with the first cute girl that I met
Who could appreciate Georges Bataille
Standing at Swedish festival discussing "Story of the Eye"
Discussing "Story of the Eye"

It's so embarrassing to need someone like I do you
How can I explain, I need you here and not here too
How can I explain, I need you here and not here too

I'm flunking out, I'm flunking out, I'm gone, I'm just gone
But at least I author my own disaster
At least I author my own disaster

Performance breakdown and I don't want to hear it
I'm just not available
Things could be different but they're not
Things could be different but they're not

The mousy girl screams, "Violence! Violence!"
The mousy girl screams, "Violence! Violence!"
She gets hysterical because they're both so mean
And it's my favorite scene
But the cruelty's so predictable
It makes you sad on the stage
Though our love project has so much potential
But it's like we weren't made for this world
(Though I wouldn't really want to meet someone who was)

Do I have to scream in your face?
I've been dodging lamps and vegetables
Throw it all in my face, I don't care

Let's just have some fun
Let's tear this shit apart
Let's tear the fucking house apart
Let's tear our fucking bodies apart
But let's just have some fun

Somehow you've red-rovered the gestapo circling my heart
And nothing can defeat you
No death, no ugly world

You've lived so brightly
You've altered everything
I find myself searching for old selves
While speeding forward through the plate glass of maturing cells

I've played the unraveler, the parhelion
But even apocalypse is fleeting
There's no death, no ugly world

Sometimes I wonder if you're mythologizing me like I do you
Mythologizing me like I do you

We want our film to be beautiful, not realistic
Perceive me in the radiance of terror dreams
And you can betray me
You can, you can betray me

But teach me something wonderful
Crown my head, crowd my head
With your lilting effects
Project your fears on to me, I need to view them
See, there's nothing to them
I promise you, there's nothing to them

I'm so touched by your goodness
You make me feel so criminal
How do you keep it together?
I'm all, all unraveled

But you know, no matter where we are
We're always touching by underground wires

I've explored you with the detachment of an analyst
But most nights we've raided the same kingdoms
And none of our secrets are physical
None of our secrets are physical
None of our secrets are physical now

and some 'new alphabet' writing, incomprehensible new alphabet.

Black bird fields

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Singing at the death of night


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I am not there,
no wait, I am.

Fotos defectuosas

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De paseo encontré...

Al angel de la independencia (económica?)

Así que ¿aquí estuvo escondida todo este tiempo?

Toda ciudad debería tener de estos (no, no un metro, una señal de escapatoria)


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This is, I am sure (I AM), the worst picture I've ever taken of something I like. But I wanted that internet lowRes effect, nothing to do with the fact that my webcam sucks.

This is, VOYAGE, Indian Chai tea by Twinings.
It's just delicious, you have to try it someday.
It's not that expensive, and it is totally worth it.

About geography and gods

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There's this imaginary article I once read. It was an essay discussing how religions were at first shaped by the geographic surrounding of the culture where it developed. It is somewhat obvious that the geographic circumstances alter the lives of the human populations, given that the way of living is determined by it, how easy is to get water, food, shelter, which resources can they trade. But it would also be important to notice that these things are the bases of a culture, and thus of its costumes, traditions and of course, their religion. And so, in a way it is a cycle, there the environment shapes the culture of the populations, and later the populations shape the environment in the way their culture in conformed.

In regions with vast biodiversity and rich in natural resources there was a common occurrence of animal-like deities, as well as a wider conscience of nature and respect towards the environment. This can be seen in India, America, east Asia, central Africa and so on. Their ancient cultures (previous to colonization) were based on natural deities, and in general there is a deep concern in those cultures towards the well being of the environment, because having so much abundance, the human populations developed a strong bond. Also, it opened their perspective towards the world, noticing, perhaps, how small is the human kind compared to a rich natural surrounding, thus making these cultures not very anthropocentric.

Not very? Compared to who, you may ask.

Well, now let's talk about arid regions. Focusing our gaze on the middle East. The natural conditions are very arid, there's no considerable biodiversity, civilizations developed even in scarcity. Deities developed to be very human-like, perhaps, because there was not many other things to see. Also, there wasn't such a strong bond towards the environment because it wasn't very favorable, they got no blessings from the earth. Instead they had to survive on their own merit, domesticating the feedstock and farming. It is simple to understand how would they rather favor and worship human like figures, since it was themselves who provided with the wealth. Giving this circumstances we can observe a more clear anthropocentric view of the world.

Just observe religions in the Middle East, they are rather anthropocentric, without many regards to their environment or strong bonds to nature.

So what happens next? Civilizations expand, trade begins, cultural cross breeding begins and eventually, due to special circumstances and political interests the ruling empire spreads throughout the western world the new edition of Judaism (religion first developed in the Middle East)

Fast forward some thousands of years, now the western world is ruled by Christianity and economic development, the ideas surround everything that implies development, development, development. (Of whom?). There's not point in denying western culture is very anthropocentric, and getting a tad honest, individualistic. Now, of course I'm not crediting all of our culture to religion, that'd be a paradox, but there's something to it. But back to our current culture of self centered individuals, we have to admit that in no other way could we sustain a system that allows such environmental exploitation and inequity without being outraged every other day.

But anyway, it's been long since those mythical times where spirits cohabited with humans and legends were born. Yet, this religion thing, being a cultural trait, could not possible remain static, even if some people wished so. We have huge changes, and I would love to tell you about many examples that I know of, but I don't really. I can just tell you that in general we can observe that cultures have adapted their many interpretations of religion according to their previous history, their socio-economic and politic background and so on.

Let's just observe Mexico for a second. Virgen de Guadalupe, dia de muertos, nacimientos navideños. It's all some chaotic kitsch-melange of precolumbine-revolutionary-western Christianity concepts. And let's not even start with the Santa Muerte, a figure made for those who can't ask help from Jesus or V. de Guadalupe, because the endeavors are illegal. Even outlaws need their saints.

These are all changes we need to make to our gods so they fit us right. That's why as they say, people always have the government they deserve, but also the god. Our need for greater significance and feeling there's something bigger and better is there, we can't deny it. But will we let it rule our culture, once being able to see that we affect out gods more than they affect us? Or will it still be easier to just nod and pray?

Doble o nada.

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y que dice de nuevo Joaquín Sabina

DOBLE O NADA | Joaquín Sabina
Doble o nada a la carta más urgente
sin código, ni tribu, ni proyecto,
mi futuro es pretérito imperfecto,
mi pasado nostalgia del presente.

No tengo más verdad que la que arrasa
corrigiendo las lindes de mis venas.
Por diseñar castillos sin almenas
perdí, otra vez, las llaves de mi casa.

Veranos de buen vino y mala sombra,
de confundir enanos con molinos,
de viajar al abismo con alfombra.

Es hora de volver a la autopista
por donde van, burlando sus destinos,
el zángano, el adúltero, el ciclista

de ciento volando de catorce


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I'm not entirely sure of what's this.
A web of thoughts, I'd guess.

But I'd be wrong.

Nostalgia, indeed.

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I've posted a couple things about tango.
My life-time neighbors are tango lovers, and I remember the guitar playing and dramatic yet funny singing during the afternoon. Take that and add it to my mother's love for flamenco, and you get this:

Quiero emborrachar mi corazón
para apagar un loco amor
que más que amor es un sufrir...
Y aquí vengo para eso,
a borrar antiguos besos
en los besos de otras bocas...
Si su amor fue "flor de un día"
¿porqué causa es siempre mía
esa cruel preocupación?
Quiero por los dos mi copa alzar
para olvidar mi obstinación
y más la vuelvo a recordar.

de escuchar su risa loca
y sentir junto a mi boca
como un fuego su respiración.
de sentirme abandonado
y pensar que otro a su lado
pronto... pronto le hablará de amor...
Yo no quiero rebajarme,
ni pedirle, ni llorarle,
ni decirle que no puedo más vivir...
Desde mi triste soledad veré caer
las rosas muertas de mi juventud.

Gime, bandoneón, tu tango gris,
quizá a ti te hiera igual
algún amor sentimental...
Llora mi alma de fantoche
sola y triste en esta noche,
noche negra y sin estrellas...
Si las copas traen consuelo
aquí estoy con mi desvelo
para ahogarlos de una vez...
Quiero emborrachar mi corazón
para después poder brindar
por los fracasos del amor

Nostalgias, performed by Diego El Cigala

Peeping owl

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Watch out for the forest owls at night,
myth says they can see into your soul,
will you like what they'll see?

Desktop Diaries: Oliver Sacks

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I want company, even if it's inorganic.

About identity crisis.

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I've been donating time to observe the misinterpretations that make me me.
and there, I've also remembered Jorge, I think I introduced you some time ago.
the adventure-less kid who imagined the world surrounding him.

Yes, he's a fictional character.

Anyway. About the question of "Who are we?"

The person everyone else makes up by their experiences, and in all a collective character. Build by what others observe of you, and so, the timeless character that will outlive you, the one that belongs to the social construction and others


The secret that lays in the dark, when nobody else sees. The person you allow yourself to be when there's no one around, and all the little details and masks and thoughts and clouds and flavors that make it what it is. The person only you will ever get to know completely


According to I'm the peguin, we're both. It's rather impossible to separate them, for they are conjoined twin concepts that transform each other, connected by the heart and supported by language, social convention and spit.

But that's not really today's question.

What matters to me today, is that the second one, our own person, we can't really change. We build it daily, but it is what it is. The first one, we build it daily too, but we can actually make it different every time we want, we just borrow some more or less traits we like or not. What I mean is that, this first personality, the one other people form, is silly putty. Seriously, you only need to meet new people to make an entire different person who will live in their memories.

But at the end, when living the most honest of lives, the person you show is just some sort of lobby for the real thing. It is the easiest just to leave it as a previous room, with nothing but some old furniture and an inaccurate trailer of what the real thing is.

Where I'm going at, is that, while we can change so easily the exterior, it is rather tiring, at least for me, to become a whole different person, for long. So how does one do the change if one wants a life turning point?
How do change the exterior so much without messing the interior?

How do you go around changing people's perception of you when the way you see yourself is static and oh, so very fucking different from the public opinion? How can one kill one character, insert a replacement and hope people not to notice the difference?

This is probably just a rant. But think about it.

Elephant Gun

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If I was young, I'd flee this town
As did I, we drink to die
We drink tonight

I'd bury my dreams underground
Far from home, elephant gun
Let's take them down one by one
We'll lay it down, it's not been found

Let the seasons begin
It's not around
It rolls right on
Let the seasons begin
Take the big king down

And it rips through the silence
Of our camp at night
And it rips through the night

Beirut-Elephant Gun

Eyes rolling at night

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For no special reason I liked these.
Please don't think I'm just trying to fill a post with random photos I took.
Not that it wouldn't be true, just don't think so.


Now... this doesn't really go with the rest, but, you know, when improvising you can't be too group-concious conscious. (yes, that's an analogous statement, giving this post some sort of ideological content. that's how I'm the penguin roll...)

Notebook whore

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I have to accept, with shame, that I am a complete and utter notebook whore. A notebook whore and a player too.
I keep buying notebooks, mainly small ones. I promise to love them and cherish them, but in the end my statements turn out to be a load of crap. It's not even that I lose them, I just forget them, or become scared of them. I have lots of notebooks around my house, and my apartment for that matter.
But, it is also important to say that I'm not a stupid notebook whore. I have a lot of respect for some special notebooks, they all have a near and dear place in my heart, but still, I do not want to waste those precious pages on rants (like this one). [thought: maybe that's why I love the fields that much, because even if it is available to the world [except china maybe] there's way more freedom sometimes] So my notebooks are waiting, for the right moment.
Lets hope 2011 is a year, not of chastity at all, but of lots of notebook commitment and love.
Write on!

Bye bye can

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My Canon just died.
Actually it dies in a near future, but, I'm posting it now.
We had our moments, but all and all it was a very great camera. I loved it.

And in its final hour, she was able to whisper some final words of artsyness.

A Dog

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-Why would you? You are only a dog.
-Don't call me that way.
-But, you are... Woof!
-Woof! Grrr!