Meat is murder

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This week I believe, I celebrate my second year of not eating mammals.
And for once I have the right to do shameless propaganda on it.
I try not to talk about my motives, unless I'm asked to. Mainly because people often get all defensive and weird about it, as if telling them you choose not to eat red meat makes you a better person, and usually gives a bad impression of the pretentious-yoga-poser-bastard you might be...
(I don't do yoga, I hope I'm not a bastard, and I might be pretentious, but that's subject for another post)
I can't say being vegetarian or similar makes you a better person, but I do think it might make you a better eco-friendly-person (if you wish to make that kind of nomenclature [yes yes you can slap me] )
So, if you are interested, it's time for the propaganda, (if you aren't, then that's OK [you selfish bastard, you should at least read it] xD)

¿Un día sin carne?
It's an article published in ¿cómo ves? (Revista de Divulgación de la Ciencia de la UNAM)

Meat consumption trends and health: casting a wider risk assessment net (from The Australian National University)

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You must think I am a freak for posting on your blog. But its a rainy day and I have nothing to do, as I see you are a Beatles fan. I saw That from the second I read Blackbird Fields. I know my Beatles songs. And I am also vegetarian and I just wanted to say congratulations.