Dr. Noon and his OCD

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When everything else is fucked up.. [ yes because that's become a verb too ] you have nothing else to do, literally. So why not shot yourself? [ I'm not being litteral folks, don't worry ] But what if you weren't saying that in figurative speech. What if you where so tired, so annoyed that you'd actually shot yourself. [don't] I mean, what would the still alive people say, would they blame someone. Would that someone need some kind of therapy to overcome the guilt until their tryumphal psyquiatrist made them say or at least think 'i't wasn't me' [ btw, the psyquiatrist would be more like eff... I can't charge him anymore... so he will have... erm... what's on fashion, what's on fashion??.......] YOU HAVE OCD! and that would cost you some more years until the Dr thinks he has now enough for his retirement.
I've thought about that, about what would other people do, say or think.. But I'm just to curious to shoot myself, I wouldn't be a happy dead guy if I didn't knew the answer... if I could't know people's reaction....

[self note: I've found the perfect excuse to keep charging Mr. Salder,... he has OCD.... Do I have enough for my retirement?]

Dr. Noon

[ Mrs. K i t e ]
about to shoot herself


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For there to be a change, there has to be an idea first, an epiphany coming from a speech, a number or a pie, but an idea. And once this idea comes into light in a bright mind, the revolution already started.






Because armies move nations, but ideas move the whole world.

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“So, when are we moving, then?”
“I guess in a week or so…”
“I need an exact answer?”
“I don’t have one.”
“How can you not have one?! We are MOOVIING!”
“I know it! It’s just, I’m so full with work and everything, I’m not sure. Whenever I have time, but I can never be sure.”
“You have to be sure of something.”
“I can’t be sure of anything.”

[Mrs. K i t e]
Mrs. Kite is sure of something...

All those things I want

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Just a scream and nothing more
But everything was fine, or so I thought
Running trough a closing door
For a dream I couldn't have caught

Waiting in a dark room
Just standing near the blue
Hoping for the sorrow to not to bloom

I see all those little things I want
But I can just hold them from the far
And it's not that I can't
It would just bee too bizarre

By I'm the penguin

Louder please!

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“Listen to me!”
“I can’t the music is too loud!”

[Mrs. K i t e ]

Jigsaw party

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She walked through the door, confident of today's choice of outfit, and of course the premise of her new acquisition. Her entrance was quiet magnificent, with ravens coming out of her numerous pockets and some bizarre music coming from her two pointed hat. Of course it was not the most amazing entrance, since she was not Glamor or anything.

As soon as the door was shut and she was in, the room recovered it's original silent chatter. That same room had been used for all the previous gatherings in the last couple of years or so. It was a huge box, meaning that it had no windows, no rooms, no other doors, just the entrance. The decoration was different for every event, and this time the theme was pink swirls of innocence and lust.

She was excited, but was yet able to walk with her usual quiet and grimly aura, making everyone from the Golden club (as she called them) glare with disapproval. But that was fine, since nothing she could say could interest them, and nothing about their existence could interest her at all. So she made her way to her regular crew, making her victorious arrival, not before taking a bloody green martini.

"I heard you got it" said Death as soon as he saw her

"I did" she said

"Bullocks! You all say you either will get it or that you are hiding it somewhere near Maui" said Doubt, who had had a few too many

"Oh, really?" she defied"Then what's this?" she asked, trying to make the best of every moment of the look in their faces when they saw it coming out of her huge hand bag.

"How did you get it?" asked Gin

"Well, is there really another way form the one we all know?" she asked, with a hint of sarcasm she added into everything she said

"I bet the Golden club will be so jealous" said Carbon

"Pfft! They don't even care, I bet they're just wondering when will their next palace be built" said Doubt, taking another shot of fear

"Well, guys, let's not get too ahead, we can't go around telling everyone" said Death

"Do you realize what we could do with that with the popper use?" said the Southern Winds

"They will notice! For eons, they have protected it with their lives, don't expect them just to have their arms crossed when they know" said Carbon

"You always expect the best from them because you admire them, but you should know that humans have forgotten about this a long time ago, now they fight for no reason, using this as an excuse" she said, holding it

"I'm almost sure some will miss it, I have known them since their birth, I know there are some that will know" said Death, more hoping than really affirming.

"Won't it bring chaos to the whole world?" asked Gin

"That's the whole point isn't it?" she asked, looking at Gin, as if it was the first time

"What for?" asked Doubt

"Because that has been or purpose ever since the beginning, we are chaos agents, except for Death of course, but he fits well with us" she said, like encouraging them to an unspoken war

"Hey! I can be pretty chaotic when I want!" said Death, quiet offended

"But how do you thing the rest will react when they know?" asked Doubt

"Well, it's not like the Golden club will do anything, do you imagine Afrodite saving the world? How? Sleeping with a human at a time to make them feel better?" she said as everyone laughed discretly.

"So, are we really doing this?" asked the Southern Wind

"Why not? let's have ome fun with this, then I promise I'll return it" she said

"I still have my doubt of how a witch could steal it by herself" said Carbon

"Well, that's mainly because you can't do anything on yourself and so you thing the rest of us are as dependent as you, plus, I already told you, it's not that hard" she said, as if she had went though this many times

"But what about the humans?" Gin asked, worried

"They'll figure out a way, or die" said the witch as if nothing

"How do you say they call it?" asked Doubt

"They call it conciense" said Death, as he was the most informed about humans of them all

"It wasn't theirs in the first place" said the witch, turning her head to look the two besties G and D, looking so innocent.

[Death and his friends]
By I'm the penguin

Music in a Tape

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That was long ago, when you remember I was me and you where you. When the restless confusion traveled our troubled minds every time we fought. When I didn’t cared which day it was, when everything was gone in a lonesome wilderness. And I thought about you, and you thought about me, and we forgot, and we remembered. There was no doubt, not a single ‘but’ only a ‘you’ve got mail’ once in a while, and you where there. I tried to think you forgot about it, about the commitment we had with the constant letters, but you didn’t. I was surprised, you weren’t. And as easy as that, I became part of it, part of that, part of everything. I stood there, just watching the cars, and I even checked the plates, just in case. I miss the times, when I listened to that music, that old scratchy tape, which rests on the car with no mp3. Bring back the lonely star.

“You wrote this?”
“Yes, Dr. Noon.”
“I’m sorry Julia.” He said.

[Mrs. K i t e ]
in which dr. noon doesn't have an answer

2 hippies 1 really old guy 1snake and a fruit

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To be quiet honest, I never bought that crap about some guy and girl running around half-naked in a field, where they could do anything BUT eat from some certain tree. All the time being watched by some guy as old as time, just watching how they interacted half-naked. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not implying he was a stalker or anything. But what I thought was really stupid, was when they told me this landlord forbid them to eat from this certain fruit. Why? Was it really expensive and he would get profit from it? Would the people in his Co. need more red PRADA shoes?

Well, it wasn't the money (for once), it was the fact that the fruit was the fruit of good and evil, and by eating it, one would be conscious of everything, of what's wrong and what's appropriate. Now, here is where I had my doubts about this guy, why would he want these two hippies to stay with a blind fold? why would he want them to be ignorant about such matters of philosophy?

Well, that's a big question, because by being aware of things such as good and evil one becomes free, so was this old guy trying to have the hippies for himself and no one else? And actually that's a good theory, but the story follows.

You see, there was supposed to be this talking snake, but let's remember this guys ran around half-naked listening to some really old guy who said he made them out of clay and a rib... so, don't believe everything they say.Then, some day, supposedly the girl got near the tree of said fruit. And this talking snake, who was the old guy's enemy, told the girl to eat it. Here's what didn't make sense, why would the villain try to make the girl aware and free? Why if this really old guy was so good, he wanted to keep them to himself in ignorance? And why was a snake talking?

Well, then this story follows by saying that the girl listened to the talking reptile, and ate the fruit and shared it with the guy. Now here is where you notice the girl is clearly smarter, she was the one to defy the really old guy and become aware, thus free from his barrier of ignorance. So what happens when girl gets smart? Really old guy is pissed and kicks them out of his super special awesome garden. And well, seriously, why was he so pissed?

The only thing wrong they did was to become aware of things, to know, to awake, to be free, to exist. So was this really old guy right about kicking them out? Isn't it in the declaration of human rights that one has the right to get information and to be educated? Well, it seems this really old guy had never heard of such thing as a declaration of human rights.

But the funniest part is when they try to convince you that the snake was the bad guy. Mainly because he didn't forced anyone, and because regardless of it's intentions, he made the two hippies free, to be smart for once. So who was the one giving the gift? The really old guy for keeping them in ignorance and then kicking them out? or the snake, making them become aware and thus setting them free?

[not mocking anyone's belief, just venting some thoughts]
By I'm the penguin

Samuel is old

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And you thought I was being melodramatic when I told you I was sad, angry and disapointed. You always underestimated my face as I told you a simple yes, or gave you a sight. You thought I was joking, and so did I, but this,... This a'int no joke, Not this time. Im done with it, and be sure i'll be back. Not to see you, not to touch you. I'll be back in your thoughts, when you think theres nothing you could've done, I'll be there to tell you wrong. You could've changed this story... I hope you feel bad. Goodbye Samuel.

That was clear... IT WAS... and it was horrible. David had never been in such a difficult situation.He wanted to hug Samuel as he cried in the edge of the bed, looking at Caroline's letter. It was too bad to be true. Besides, David sucked at this, the wanted to call Mark, he always knew what to do, he was like magic Mark.

David remembered what Mark had told him, Samuel couldn't have been his brother, he looked specially old in his current state. Insted of thinking about Samuel, David was thinking about her, she had believed it, and now he noticed that wasn't possible. So, he waited, doing nothing, scratching a spot he had seen in his black tux, as he saw the antique furniture of the funeral home and as he waited for Mark.

[Mrs. K i t e ]
it's in labels, but still...http://blackbirdfields.blogspot.com/search/label/MD

Red Brazilian cobra

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I died in Chile, it was a terrible accident involving a red cobra and some armed assault to a brothel which I just happened to be nearby. My funeral involved lots of people I never knew, some others who promised they would never see me again, and of course, my beloved family: My daughter and her dog. It wasn't very emotional, some few people that thought they knew me said a few things about my love for my career, my altruism and my wisdom. And said those things knowing I had always hated the insurance business, and the last charity related thing I did was to steal a sandwich from a kid in some volunteer kitchen.

The last years of my life were just working, getting people into buying useless insurances and sharpening pencils. As a matter of a fact my whole life could've been written in a napkin if only I hadn't retire for 3 years to travel around the world. I was around forty at the time and had never used all the accumulated vacation time I had build for years, so since I had nothing to live for, I just took off. I decided my first travel would be to London. But soon after a few minutes of some sort of research, I found out I wasn't wallet-a-lly prepared for that kind of trip. So I saved some cents, left my child with her mother and went to Peru.

I'm really not sure why had I gone there, now I think about it, I believe the name was just too catchy, and so I traveled the jungles of the wild South America, which I think is called wild for the amount of times one can get mugged in one day. But the most interesting things about that, were the jungles and rain forests. I had a few guides show me the area, and it was really beautiful, they were long and tiring walks, and the weather was always humid, but it was all worth it.

It was in a Bolivian jungle where I was fascinated by them, their textures, their colors and their loud silence. Of course I had seen hem before in zoos back at Chicago, but it was just not comparable. I could never describe the feeling of watching all those snakes creeping to the moonlight. Ever since then I have been serpentophilic, not in a sick sex twisted way, more in a I'll-investigate-all-I-can kind of way.

Eventually and along with my trips I became an expert in those backbone-less reptiles. I still don't know why I liked them so much, but I did. And so I dedicated for almost two years to live the dream I never had, living in jungles and studying stations to be around them. It was a weird fixation, but I was happy, more happy than in all those years of hard work.

But as every happy phase, it had to come to an end. The time was over, and I didn't have the money or the balls to stay there, to throw away that systematized life and live as I wanted. So I went back to selling insurances, but the problem wasn't the fact that I was back, the problem was that I had gone to a happier place. Nothing was the same, my cold blood indifference was no longer useful. The coffee didn't taste the same from a machine, the air smelled always like something in between dead dreams and smog, and now I could notice how boring was my job. But I stayed, I didn't knew how could I get out, and now I think about it, it was more that I didn't want to get out.

So years went on, but I was still dead inside. Then Raul Called, he was one of the biologists that studied the snakes along with me, and he told me they had found something they had been looking for for ages. The red Brazilian cobra, which happened not to be precisely in Brazil. But the point was that, I couldn't go, or at least so I thought. But then I looked back to what I would leave. A crappy job which I hated, and a daughter who I never saw, and of course, her dog. So, with the same boldness I took those prolongued vacation, I took off to Brazil.

By I'm the penguin


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You know, when you say, ‘things could’ve not been worse’. You know when you say that that you’re lying. I mean, if you think about it they could’ve. But, also, contemplating those possibilities is not really feel-good either. But the thinking of ‘this wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been’ maybe helps. Unless you die. I’m sure dying must suck big time. I stopped trusting people that say they’re not afraid of dying years ago. Everyone is, religiously or not, and probably you’ll tell me I, myself, kite, is lying, and that may be true, I don’t know. The thing is everybody lies. Not in a hurtful-anger-‘ha ha’ way… but in lots of others. It’s a self preservation thing you see. That’s not real, we never get old!

[Mrs. K i t e ]
the tangent universe made me crazy

You can't recall

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You think you have to call aunt Yuyu, as a matter of a fact you know you have to call aunt Yuyu, but instead you stay in bed, trying to remember everything that happened last night. Even if they are blurry, you try to attach as you can to the memories of that party, and of course fo what happened then, and you try to make a sequence story in your mind, but you can't. They just come in flashbacks, and you can't seem to put them into some sort of logic order, or with any other order.

The one thing you do remember is leaving home at 6 pm to meet the guys in some caffe Nicole recommended, and as often happens with her recommendations, it blew. Then some friend of Tony mentioned a party somewhere in the south of the city. Of course you remember driving there, since you were the consigned driver, how ironic you think now. You look at the clock that reads 12:00, and then you remember you had to change the batteries.

You try to remember some more, but all that comes is people around you insisting on you sucking from some funnel, the dancing like a maniac, some blurry images of your friends nagging you, and some others of you dancing with some girls and dudes. That one blond was hot. Then puking, again puking. It started to make sense, but yet it didn't explain the whole thing, you have been in more than one party where things start like this.

Then you kind of remember the blond approaching you, then making out, then singing with Nicole "These thing I've done" which you totally rocked, or more like babbled your way through it. Then you remember receiving a call from aunt Yuyu, saying something about coming soon, and how were you, just regular stuff, but she insisted on you calling her. You don't know what time is it.

Then, you try to get up, but you can't, you are way too tired. You try to remember how it ended with the blond, but you can't seem to move on from making out in the bathroom. Then you remember some of your friends leaving, not before having the image of you telling them you would be the consigned driver. You feel guilty now, but try to remember the blond, but nothing comes. You finally do get up and the light is hitting you hard in the eyes, you run, or more like crawl to the bathroom. You make your way to the sink, wash your face and look at the mirror, you are a mess, greasy hair, huge eye-bags and pale as chalk.

You go back to bed and check your cell-phone, 45 missed calls, you decide to look at that later, given that is just your dilutional friends asking if you're still alive. But the blond is not the only thing that worries you, you now start wondering how did you got home, was it one of the guys? Tony? Greg perhaps? or it could have been Heather, but the memory doesn't come back. You smell what you are wearing and it stinks like tequila, and now you notice everything around you does too.

You sit and remember how you got to third base with the blond, and then you are embarrassed you're still using those terms, the blond left briefly after being more than half naked. You kind of visualize yourself hanging out with what looked like your friends but there's no way you can be sure. Then there is this image of Tina yelling at you, something about her father maybe, she was wasted too. The clock still reads 12:00, you decide to go and check the phone just to see the time.

14:35 it reads, you slept the whole time, then you think it wouldn't be bad to see who made all those calls, there are twenty from your mother and some others from your friends, you start to worry and as you can you call your mother. Some stupid voice reminds you you have no more minutes left, so you check the messages, there are other 50, and you see one from Tony that really bothers you, you can't understand it.

where RU? W'r all lookn' 4 U, I'm really sorry about your dad...

And it gets you, but you still don't understand, and then you remember why aunt Yuyu called, and why was Tina yelling "your father" not "my". "Your".And you still don't get it, you are not awake enough.

Answers.... no please....

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‘When I was born, computers didn’t exist.’ That was always, ALWAYS what my grandpa said whenever he walked through the room crowded with books, in which I basically lived. And as always, he expected me to answer something like, ‘So, grandpa, what did you do then?’ which also, always led, into one of the possible 5 stories he knew how to tell, or sometimes, depending on the day, and if my luck was bad enough, it would lead to a combination of two or three of those stories, I think I needed to thank someone, God or whatever, for never letting him reach the combination of all five, which in my imagination I called the tales of death. If some day, my grandpa got to tell me the tales of death, I mean, all five in a single one. It could only mean ONE thing. God, or whatever, had forgotten about me. So, as I was saying, after some years, I learned not to answer, at least not with that question, believe me, answering with a question… ain’t a good idea… so, for the following years, I answered with a nod, or a smile, anything that would avoid the risk. Until one day, I was older now, rebel enough to give an unwanted answer as a challenge to life, a chance to earn a ‘Go to Tales of Death for Free’ pass, I answered: ‘bad for you’ and he answer something I didn’t expected, ‘Was it?’… I couldn’t believe it, he challenged me back. So, in a desperate attempt to avoid staying back, I replied, a really, deeply stupid thing to say to your grandpa, ‘Yeah, I can watch free porn.’ And I got something unexpected. Something you don’t expect from a 80-something with a limp: ‘What makes you think I couldn’t’

God had forgotten about my existence. Way worse than Tales of Death.

[ Mrs. K i t e ]
stories from the forgotten

The odd guy

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When you are in downtown and you know well your business, you know well where is everyone from, where is everyone going and their intentions around people. It's easy to recognize working single mothers, you see the faster walking woman with an expression of stress and solitude and you have your girl. It's even easier to recognize muggers, just look at the must nervous person, who is not using two liters of cheap cologne. And reading people has become more of a hobbie than a precaution in this part of town, guessing where are they going, if it's their first time around these streets, and of course if it's a lost tourist, know where is it from.

But today there was this particular person I found rather interesting. I was with my crew, making ends meet, earning a life with honesty, and there he was. In the middle of a park, sitting in the fountain (which has been broken for centuries, literally) reading a flayer. And I know it must seem odd for me to say such a thing is interesting, normally the people reading in public are either snobs or people waiting. And well, it was a carpet cleaning flayer, those which are everywhere with a very pronounced tone of blue, so no snobs here. And due to his sitting there for over 3 hours, he was either stood up or waiting for too long.

Five hours had passed and the guy was still there, -homeless wacko- i though, but by his looks he was obviously not an indigent, but he could still be a wacko. "Could you give me one of the blue ones and three of the red ones please?" asked one of my clients as I observed this guy.Then, after I gave up on figuring out what was that guy up to, he started talking, or at least moving his mouth closed and opened. Not to my surprise I saw no other person was around him, not even one of those showoff bluethoot craps people use these days. He was just talking to himself, or reading that damned flayer out loud.

And after seven hours of being just there, reading and then talking to himself. "Give me all the yellow ones you have" demanded other client.The guy stood up, ripped the sheet into pieces and threw them to the air, by this time it was more about what was he doing than trying to read him. So after serving other three clients, I asked my partner

"Have you been watching that guy in the fountain?"
"No, which guy?"
"The guy who is there, sited, staring at his hands"
"That guy... the odd..."
"Bro! What the shit is wrong with you? Ryan! DUDE!"


"What happened to him?" asked some Mr.No-one staring at me
"He overdosed" said my cousin
"Using his own product?"
"Yes, apparently he started hallucinating, and then this"he said, looking at me with some regret and disappointment.

By I'm the penguin

The beginning

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‘I need some sleep’ I thought as I left my backpack in the bed, which wasn’t actually a bed, but I gave it the same use. I sat on it, and looked through the window, there where cars passing, and I stopped hearing them, instead I heard a familiar melody which came from my head, and reminded me of the life that I had back there, it was my birthday and I was alone, looking for a familiar stare which never came. I was in this moment, finally, after all that daydreaming, a nostalgic feeling of belonging and an excitement you can only describe when you’re about to begin the rest of your life. I laid in the ‘bed’ and looked at the roof, still thinking about that song, there was a spider in the corner of the room, I hated spiders, but I was very used to see them back home. I was thinking about them, about her, was she thinking about me?

Indeed she was. I would know.

[Mrs. K i t e ]
best wishes, familiar melody=
Teardrop-José González

Sudden urge for color

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Come, come, come...

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One, one, one… I kept counting the gravel as I walked through it, small, crushed pieces of rocks which where, by themselves a whole rocks again. I kept walking, for I don’t know, three minutes or so, until I arrived to the cottage. It was as it had always been, small, with some moss growing on the sides, and the old porch which squeaked at every step. I went up the stairs, squeak, squeak, squeak. And I sat on the chair, which had also been there forever. It was one of those swinging chairs, but it wasn’t a squeak, squeak, squeak it was a schrek-u, schrek-u, schrek-u. I got up, and opened the door. Walked through the living room, and I heard someone speaking, It was a man, I couldn’t hear his words, but I saw him, as he came out of his room, he had this pale face and scared eyes, I’m used to this reaction. I just smiled, as always. Took out my gun, and gave him three straight shots into the head, bang, bang, bang.

[ Mrs. K i t e ] [Mrs. K i t e ] [Mrs. K i t e ]

A lovely day in the park

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And they bark and bark, they screech, they cry, they scratch, they try. But I stay in my room with the doors locked, and it's not because of the dogs, they don't know how to open doors (yet). It's because of my stupid little nephews, they have the adorable habit of entering where they are not wanted, perhaps that's what got them into being born in the first place. And I have a pile of essays to write, books to read and equations to break. But does mom care? No, she just cares for the dogs to go out."They need the fresh air honey, and so do you" she says. Sure, fresh air, a fresh poo is what they will take, and I'll have to pick it as always. I hate the dogs.

So they reach a point in which I'm sure they'll leave permanent scars to the door and so I open, they tackle me, they lick me, the attack me, they kick me. After getting some paper bags, because mother is not only concerned about fresh air, she is also concerned about the environment, and that's why she does the groceries in her Hummer. We're finally out, and what do I see? A freaking bulldog standing right in front of us. And after a few barks, scratches and bites the dog finally leaves us alone, so we can go peacefully to the park.

In the way we find some old lady, the kind that have no life, no kids and no hopes to live for, so they stick with screwing everyone else's life. Well, then this lovely lady starts yelling at us(me), about how irresponsible was to leave the dog's fesses right on the street. The best part is that my dogs hadn't done anything, and wait for this... her tiny disgusting Chihuahua was stooling in the middle of the side walk! And she left it there!

Then, when we actually made it to the park, the dogs run all over the place, and then we find something more annoying than the actual dogs, actually more annoying than anything in the day. Little children. Sometimes people ask me "what is it that you hate so much about little kids?" And that's easy, everything! They are small, they want attention, they crawl, they make stupid questions, and they pick their nose. How could they be anything near to appealing?

So, this little children start yelling at us(my dogs). "Look! the doggie!" and "Aww how cuuute" or "Agh! Mommy, a dog!". But don't believe me to a hundred percent, because obviously their screams are not understandable for the normal human being, just for their mothers who seem to understand their code language. So I try to walk as I always so, walk a complete lap and get the hell crap out of there, but the kids decide it would be fun to get near the dogs. So their completely incompetent mothers let them get near to dogs who could chew off their heads in a heart beat (more like never) in the command of a complete stranger (the weirdo boy of the three dogs). And what happens? One of the animals gets near my dog, touches it, starts petting it, my dog walks away, boy cries. And what happens next? A furious stampede of ignorant mothers run to the crying creature and start petting it. Act followed by them blaming the dog of biting the kid.

I mean, when a small kid cries, and has no mark of a bite, or even saliva. It is OBVIOUS it cries because the dog bit it. So angry mothers start yelling at us(me) about how should we(I) be careful, and that it was irresponsibles to walk with aggressive dogs. And I felt compelled to listen to responsible parents who let their kids in the first place to go near to some dogs. So after listening (ignoring) some of the complains, I take off as soon as I can.

In the way home, the stool from the Chihuahua is still there, and the crazy old lady is still yelling. And the dogs seem not to understand why the trip was so short, so they bark some more. We finally arrive home, and as expected I have so serve them water. Then I go back inside with all the intentions of going back to my homework when mother approaches me and kindly says "Could you please take Hank and George to the park? They want to play football, and you know they can't go by themselves."

Fuck this

By I'm the penguin

Same thing, different reasons

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“I’m getting kinda dizzy” she said
“Sit! Sit down dear. It’s been a hard day… but don’t worry, it was great.”
“Yeah, I’m just a bit worried about tomorrow…”
“Da, da… Just rest for now, and tomorrow you’ll kick their American asses.
“ I’m afraid of falling.”
“You won’t… we’ve practiced everything for all four years, you won’t make any mistakes. But don’t you worry about tomorrow.”
“How can I be calmed about tomorrow, if it’s all I got!”
“No, all you got is today, you made it to the next round, and that’s all you have.”
“You’re wrong, tomorrow is all I have, if don’t make it into one of the first three I’ll be stuck in that raw, full of shit country.”
The trainer’s eyes shined with tears, it was truth, it was what mattered. She was not representing a country. She was representing the pain, the need to get out, and a shiny metal was her way out of that hole. It was all that matter, and the trainer knew it, they had fought a long time for this, for the end, for the freedom.

Things tend to get a completely different objective through our life, which changes, even if we don’t notice.

Which was a great excuse for writing, becomes a door, a shelter, and a great pleasure.

[Mrs. K i t e ]


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"Let's paint the house dear!"she said

"But I like it just the way it is" he said

"We'll also change all the furniture, this one looks antique" she went on

"I like it, we picked it together, it is perfect for us"

"We'll also have to change the doors and the window frames" she kept saying

"Are you even listening to me?!" he almost yelled

"Excuse me?"

"You are not even asking me anything on this matter" he answered angrily

"Well honey, that's because I don't have to" she said, while making the list of all that needed changing

And so she did, soon an army of twenty men started arriving to do all kinds of changes, painting every wall there was, changing every tile from the floor, demolishing some walls and building different rooms, changing door and window frames. It was all crazy, not even a minute they stopped until everything was ready, which just took a couple of weeks.

At the end, one could not tell how did the old house looked like, it was all new and shiny. But Mr. Dent was not happy about it, not a bit. He was angry that he was not even asked about it, he was sad that the old home had vanished and now he had this empty shell. But most of all he was angered of the change.And because of this anger, he stopped thinking things over, and went to the kitchen.

Later that day, when Mrs.Dent came back from the grocery store, she found what would look like a house form some angles, being consumed by fire, instead of her new remodeled house. She was terrified, all the work, all the money had gone to oblivion. So she hurried in to see what had happened. And in what used to be the door, the was Mr.Dent, laughing as a lunatic infront of the burning house.

"What the hell happened?" she yelled

"I burned down your house" he said

"What?! What were you thinking you son of a" she was interrupted

"Just shut up for once and enjoy the show" he said, all crazy


"Don't even try it, I already called them and said it was a controlled fire, so they shouldn't come even if neighbors call" he said, all calmed

"But why would you do this?" she yelled

"Well, you changed all, and didn't even ask me" he said, venting the anger

"I didn't have to" she yelled

"There you go again" he muttered

"Plus, how can a ghost even start a fire, didn't you tell me you could barely more things?" she yelled to the traslucid and almost nonexistent Mr.Dent

[dialog from the mute voices]
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Qui de nous deux?

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Bras de bois
Des clefs aux doigts
Des cordes pour tendons
Fais l'arpège
Sature le son

She entered the room all of a sudden. And he was scared. And she was speechless.
“I just got carried away.” He said with an apologizing tone.
“I see…” She answered in a cold manner.

What was she thinking?
Was the reaction good?
Was it bad?
It was SO difficult to read her…
It always took him eternity to get a glimpse of her emotions. And after a while, she tenderly asked,
"So… what was that?”
“What what?… "
"I was.. dancing…” He said while he turned hell red.

“No, I mean… the song…”
“Oh… um…” he pressed play again. She smiled. They looked at each other, and started dancing, jumping, shouting. It didn’t matter.

[Mrs. K i t e ]

Have you read...I mean heard

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"Have you heard? Martha Hudson's son came back from "college" to a destination unknown, but everyone knows he's been on rehab this past six months" said Agatha

"Is that so? Martha told me the other day he was taking a mayor in Philosophy. I think It's true what day say, he found the philosopher's stone" said Joan

"Oh, you're so bad Joan, and to think Christopher used to be the lawn moaner , and now he's the stranger..."sighed Bertha

"Well, I think that's a shame on poor Martha. But moving on, have you seen on the news there is a rapist near the zone?Thy say it's something in the perfume he wears that intoxicates women so they pass out" said concerned Joan

"I think those are exaggerations from the news. But I do think something is true, and that is that these people should get one hundred years of solitude, not just four quick years behind bars" affirmed Claudia

"They should make a journey to the center of the earth, leave them there and come back, those are the most disgusting kinds of criminals" said Agatha

"Sure, because murder is easy going and burglary is so nice, perhaps we shouldn't judge all the rest of them" said Bertha, who's house had been robbed three times, perhaps due to the lack of locks.

"You know I don't mean it like that. But changing abruptly the topic, have you girls noticed that awful sculpture the Johnson's but in their front yard? And the holes around it?"....

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“What is the furthest you’ve ever been from home?” Johanna, the older girl with pink cheeks, asked as we were all sitting in a circle in the middle of the playground.

“Once I went with Aunt Susie to Wyoming in my Christmas holyday.” The bubbly girl said now.

“Were you with your parents?”

“Sure! I never go out without mommy or daddy.”

“But, like, without your parents, maybe an Aunt, or Uncle.” Johanna asked again.

“I went once to visit my uncle Jerry, and I was all by myself, well, with my uncle Jerry, but not with mom or dad.” A proud blonde kid said.

“I went to a place by myself, too.” Said the other, lonely kid. No one really dared to ask, until Johanna’s curiosity was bigger than anyone else’s shyness.

“Where?” She asked.

“To the moon,” he said really convinced of himself. All the other kids started laughing. And he walked away, didn’t even cared, with such an indifference that even the playground ‘watcher’ noticed, how he slowly walked away from that cruel, laughing crowd. This ‘watcher’ was indeed a teacher, young, new. He felt intrigued with this kid.

“Who is he?” he asked Mrs. Miriam as he pointed the kid.

“Ohhh… I see, you’ve noticed him Mr. Hampton”

“Call me Dean, please.” he said

“Dean, you’ve just noticed Todd.”

[Mrs. K i t e ]

you're my favorite flavor, you're my playground love [playground love-air]

Bye everyone

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You must understand, it's not just because I was sad, you all knew I had been sad for a while now. But that's not the only reason, It's just that I feel this is what I need to do, this is what was meant for me. And mother, please do not think it was your fault in any way, you could have never see this coming, or perhaps you could. But do not blame yourself for it.

I want you to know this is not sudden, I have been feeling it for years now, this dark cloud of nothingness around me, this gray sky over me every single day. I just don't feel any emotion anymore, no joy, no anger. Just sorrow. Not even pain.

I'm not asking you to understand, because I know you won't, and I apologize to whoever might be affected by this. I'm truly sorry for making you suffer, but this is something I wanted, something I needed. No one is guilty, there was not a point you should have noticed. It simply happened. And as I said, this is what was supposed to happen, and as it was meant to happen.

Please don't hate me, please don't mourn me, just forget me. And remember some sort of fantasy of me, because while I was there I was what I am today, nothing but the echoes of a ghost lost in the sorrow. So please forgive me. This couldn't have been different.


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The IT,

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I was thinking about IT, and for a while I thought not to think about IT, but thinking about that, included obviously the thinking of the IT. So it was inevitable, I was condemned to a life time with something in my head that I didn't want to have rounding trough my neurons. Was I destined to think about the IT for eternity, perhaps? I've never been a religious person,.. but an eternity thinking about the IT sounded so very scary. So when I tried to take my mind into another dimension, to "blank" it for a while and free my mind from the imprisonment of the it... I tried thinking in a spoon, rounded shaped, long beautiful spoon, but after a while, it led to what it was supposed to, to the always ‘why am I thinking about a spoon?’ which immediately led to the IT. It was useless, so I decided to write it.

If you can't get rid of the IT, at least write about it.

Dr. Noon

[ Mrs. K i t e ]
learned to live with the IT


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Half the way I kind of thought going into the woods as I was, was not the smartest of my ideas. And the fact that I was half lonely, half unconscious and half lost was not helping the huge pain. Every tree looked as the last one and there were no lights heading towards the end of the tunnel, of trees.

And at this point I was already regretting that stupid decision. Who with a bit of a brain would go to Sandra Robinson's Halloween party with a broken heart? The answer is simple. Me. I guess it's true what they say, when a girl named Katie dumps you, the booze has a greater effect, but at the beginning of the party, that made no sense.

I also know that it's kind of a clique to go around saying it all happened too fast, but it was damn true. One moment I was drinking shots out of the belly of some hot drunk chick, the other I was dancing shirtless in top of a table, then I was making out with what I hope was a girl. And bam, next thing you know I'm in the forest with a bunch of drunk people without any flashlights or any kind of surviving equipment, or skills.

"This feels like a fairy tale" I thought at the time "I want to be here forever" bad wish.
Then, we continued walking, and somewhere around nowhere, everyone split up. I mean, I'm not sure if they really took different roads or they just took off. The point was that the people around me were Amy, who walked all that way by act of a miracle because at that moment she was lying on the floor puking. Bob, i believe is the name, who I'm sure consumed something else, and those suspicions came the moment he started yelling at the trees to stop molesting him, and well, the rest.

But we kept walking and walking to where I though was the way back home. But at the time, the fact that we had came into the woods climbing DOWN a ladder, meant we had to climb DOWN some ladder to go back. Do you see where I'm getting at?

We were lost, and drunk, in the forest. So what was the thing to do? Right, we started drinking the few beers Bob was hiding in his pockets (his pockets are huge). And so I started yelling for help, or at least making noises. And while walking in circles yelling, I had the great idea to climb a big uneven rock. Because while standing in a rock people are heard louder right? The point is that as I previously said, I was drunk, and the rock was slippery. So, two plus two, i fell off the rock and hit my elbow with the stupid edge, causing terrible pain to come.

Without anyone that could help me, I started yelling louder and louder, and sometime in the night I just fell asleep, due to the pain or the exhaustion. And so, that's kind of how we got here, and why were stacked in the middle of some forest and my elbow is bleeding. Any questions?

"Have you seen my acid?" asked Bob

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Lines, dots, maybe?

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I was dreaming about lines, apparently random lines placed smoothly through a white canvas. They where dreams of people flowing through the air, they where silliness from the fallen, they where your words as they reached my heart, they where my words as they kissed your eyes. And during this state of mind, I thought about showing it to you, thank you Mr. Jackson Pollock

[ Mrs. K i t e ]
mrs kite is flying... fly.... i i i... ing

We're losing them to apathy

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I almost gave up today, It's becoming more and more tiring, frustrating. I'm becoming hopeless and enraged, my passion is dying and I bet it's all because of the damn MTV and all the texting and all that crap in their minds.

Just as an example the other day, in the morning class, when I have the most hope this kids will be fresh and awake, just after waking up half of the class. I ask
"Well kids how do you think it's Catcher in the rye?" of course assuming they've read some of it, given that the test was today. And what do I hear?
"Is it that new show where they leave people in the forest all alone with a maniac with a shotgun?"

I chose this job because I wanted to educate young minds, to fill them with that thirst of knowledge and passion for the truth, bu it seems they don't care. They really don't care about anything. It seems they no longer hold dreams or aspirations, they no longer want anything from life but their quick pleasures. And it's really sad to know that they will and lead this world into the bluntness, the empty, a void of apathy.

And it's not only the classes they don't like, because I have to admit I was not so eager about Trig III back in my days. But this is different, they don't like school, they don't like being home. They just go out an party like animals so they are not so bored. The drink at the age of 12, they have sex by the age of 14 and they consume if not addicts any kind of crap by the time they're 16. And it's not to live fast and die young, or to live in a rush. They just do it to be entertained for a while, to fill the emptiness in all of them, they're apathy is greater than their will to live.

In class I always try to make unusual projects to inspire them, to attract them into something. But all I get back is whining and terrible work with the least effort for some sort of grade. They couldn't possibly care any less for the environment. Art is something for old people, they think. And thinking about a carrier in their senior year is just taking things way ahead of them.

About the reasons, well I could name fifty thousand theories about why are they so numb minded, but the reason is not really the problem, because they don't seem to be able to change, they seem to be comfortable in their ghost zone with no ambitions or dreams. And that could not possibly make me sadder.

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The Glance

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"Can I have an apple martini please?" my voice sounded strange already and I tryied to pull my best 'I'm not drunk face' but the events that followed told me somehow it had not worked.

I woke up next morning with a terrible headache and I sat in the bed trying to remember what had exactly happened. And finally, after some good 10 minutes of high brain activity I had a quick flashback. Not nice actually since it included me singing by my self in the bar while the bar tender re-filled me. Whenever I was sober in a bar I pittied those lonesome women which as a fact are always singing by themslves a song they don't really know.

Painful to admit I was one of those yesterday.

I couldn't remember how I got home but
it made me worry for a while and I gave a glance to the scotch in my cabinet

[ Mrs. K i t e ]

What matters to us

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That thing, the thing that makes us come back every day and make another post, the thing that makes us re-invent ourselves so we can please those 2 accidental viewers. The thing that makes us go through even if we have nothing to say one day and the other we can write a whole essay, the thing that makes us create a world out of nothing and be pleased by it, and later wanting to edit due to the lack of sense. The thing that makes us shiver every time we see a constant reader, the thing that makes us go up in the Internet and make a great short story. The thing that makes us want to make the best story ever, knowing it will never be found. THE thing. That thing is what matters to us the most.

And what's that thing?

[video recommendation]
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Door One, Door Two

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"I was daydreaming about yesterday... "
"You mean, regretting..?"
"Not really... it was just a ' What if?' moment.."
"Was it? That's what everyone says,.. when they regret something, I mean..."
"Maybe you're right."
"But never mind, I was actually thinking what would've happened if you had told Jim to leave."
"Why would I do that?"
"I don't know!, I'm just thinking about that possibility."
"I thought you liked Jim, is like the only decent boyfriend I've had, actually."
"I DO like him."
"But still, you want me to leave him?"
"I never said that... I don't think you're getting my point."
"What's your point then?"
"My point is... 'What would've happened?' if you had told him 'just leave, right now' "
"Well, maybe he would just get a little freaked out, and then he would've laugh, 'cause he'd would think it's a joke, and when I told him again to leave, he would get angry, say nothing, and leave eventually..."
"So are you happy now?"
"But still, there's no point on thinking about it.. it's not like it happened, or as the possibilty existed..."