Bye everyone

Posted by SgtPepper | Posted in | Posted on Friday, August 08, 2008

You must understand, it's not just because I was sad, you all knew I had been sad for a while now. But that's not the only reason, It's just that I feel this is what I need to do, this is what was meant for me. And mother, please do not think it was your fault in any way, you could have never see this coming, or perhaps you could. But do not blame yourself for it.

I want you to know this is not sudden, I have been feeling it for years now, this dark cloud of nothingness around me, this gray sky over me every single day. I just don't feel any emotion anymore, no joy, no anger. Just sorrow. Not even pain.

I'm not asking you to understand, because I know you won't, and I apologize to whoever might be affected by this. I'm truly sorry for making you suffer, but this is something I wanted, something I needed. No one is guilty, there was not a point you should have noticed. It simply happened. And as I said, this is what was supposed to happen, and as it was meant to happen.

Please don't hate me, please don't mourn me, just forget me. And remember some sort of fantasy of me, because while I was there I was what I am today, nothing but the echoes of a ghost lost in the sorrow. So please forgive me. This couldn't have been different.


By I'm the penguin

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