Qui de nous deux?

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Bras de bois
Des clefs aux doigts
Des cordes pour tendons
Fais l'arpège
Sature le son

She entered the room all of a sudden. And he was scared. And she was speechless.
“I just got carried away.” He said with an apologizing tone.
“I see…” She answered in a cold manner.

What was she thinking?
Was the reaction good?
Was it bad?
It was SO difficult to read her…
It always took him eternity to get a glimpse of her emotions. And after a while, she tenderly asked,
"So… what was that?”
“What what?… "
"I was.. dancing…” He said while he turned hell red.

“No, I mean… the song…”
“Oh… um…” he pressed play again. She smiled. They looked at each other, and started dancing, jumping, shouting. It didn’t matter.

[Mrs. K i t e ]

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