Music in a Tape

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That was long ago, when you remember I was me and you where you. When the restless confusion traveled our troubled minds every time we fought. When I didn’t cared which day it was, when everything was gone in a lonesome wilderness. And I thought about you, and you thought about me, and we forgot, and we remembered. There was no doubt, not a single ‘but’ only a ‘you’ve got mail’ once in a while, and you where there. I tried to think you forgot about it, about the commitment we had with the constant letters, but you didn’t. I was surprised, you weren’t. And as easy as that, I became part of it, part of that, part of everything. I stood there, just watching the cars, and I even checked the plates, just in case. I miss the times, when I listened to that music, that old scratchy tape, which rests on the car with no mp3. Bring back the lonely star.

“You wrote this?”
“Yes, Dr. Noon.”
“I’m sorry Julia.” He said.

[Mrs. K i t e ]
in which dr. noon doesn't have an answer

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