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Half the way I kind of thought going into the woods as I was, was not the smartest of my ideas. And the fact that I was half lonely, half unconscious and half lost was not helping the huge pain. Every tree looked as the last one and there were no lights heading towards the end of the tunnel, of trees.

And at this point I was already regretting that stupid decision. Who with a bit of a brain would go to Sandra Robinson's Halloween party with a broken heart? The answer is simple. Me. I guess it's true what they say, when a girl named Katie dumps you, the booze has a greater effect, but at the beginning of the party, that made no sense.

I also know that it's kind of a clique to go around saying it all happened too fast, but it was damn true. One moment I was drinking shots out of the belly of some hot drunk chick, the other I was dancing shirtless in top of a table, then I was making out with what I hope was a girl. And bam, next thing you know I'm in the forest with a bunch of drunk people without any flashlights or any kind of surviving equipment, or skills.

"This feels like a fairy tale" I thought at the time "I want to be here forever" bad wish.
Then, we continued walking, and somewhere around nowhere, everyone split up. I mean, I'm not sure if they really took different roads or they just took off. The point was that the people around me were Amy, who walked all that way by act of a miracle because at that moment she was lying on the floor puking. Bob, i believe is the name, who I'm sure consumed something else, and those suspicions came the moment he started yelling at the trees to stop molesting him, and well, the rest.

But we kept walking and walking to where I though was the way back home. But at the time, the fact that we had came into the woods climbing DOWN a ladder, meant we had to climb DOWN some ladder to go back. Do you see where I'm getting at?

We were lost, and drunk, in the forest. So what was the thing to do? Right, we started drinking the few beers Bob was hiding in his pockets (his pockets are huge). And so I started yelling for help, or at least making noises. And while walking in circles yelling, I had the great idea to climb a big uneven rock. Because while standing in a rock people are heard louder right? The point is that as I previously said, I was drunk, and the rock was slippery. So, two plus two, i fell off the rock and hit my elbow with the stupid edge, causing terrible pain to come.

Without anyone that could help me, I started yelling louder and louder, and sometime in the night I just fell asleep, due to the pain or the exhaustion. And so, that's kind of how we got here, and why were stacked in the middle of some forest and my elbow is bleeding. Any questions?

"Have you seen my acid?" asked Bob

By I'm the penguin

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