You can't recall

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You think you have to call aunt Yuyu, as a matter of a fact you know you have to call aunt Yuyu, but instead you stay in bed, trying to remember everything that happened last night. Even if they are blurry, you try to attach as you can to the memories of that party, and of course fo what happened then, and you try to make a sequence story in your mind, but you can't. They just come in flashbacks, and you can't seem to put them into some sort of logic order, or with any other order.

The one thing you do remember is leaving home at 6 pm to meet the guys in some caffe Nicole recommended, and as often happens with her recommendations, it blew. Then some friend of Tony mentioned a party somewhere in the south of the city. Of course you remember driving there, since you were the consigned driver, how ironic you think now. You look at the clock that reads 12:00, and then you remember you had to change the batteries.

You try to remember some more, but all that comes is people around you insisting on you sucking from some funnel, the dancing like a maniac, some blurry images of your friends nagging you, and some others of you dancing with some girls and dudes. That one blond was hot. Then puking, again puking. It started to make sense, but yet it didn't explain the whole thing, you have been in more than one party where things start like this.

Then you kind of remember the blond approaching you, then making out, then singing with Nicole "These thing I've done" which you totally rocked, or more like babbled your way through it. Then you remember receiving a call from aunt Yuyu, saying something about coming soon, and how were you, just regular stuff, but she insisted on you calling her. You don't know what time is it.

Then, you try to get up, but you can't, you are way too tired. You try to remember how it ended with the blond, but you can't seem to move on from making out in the bathroom. Then you remember some of your friends leaving, not before having the image of you telling them you would be the consigned driver. You feel guilty now, but try to remember the blond, but nothing comes. You finally do get up and the light is hitting you hard in the eyes, you run, or more like crawl to the bathroom. You make your way to the sink, wash your face and look at the mirror, you are a mess, greasy hair, huge eye-bags and pale as chalk.

You go back to bed and check your cell-phone, 45 missed calls, you decide to look at that later, given that is just your dilutional friends asking if you're still alive. But the blond is not the only thing that worries you, you now start wondering how did you got home, was it one of the guys? Tony? Greg perhaps? or it could have been Heather, but the memory doesn't come back. You smell what you are wearing and it stinks like tequila, and now you notice everything around you does too.

You sit and remember how you got to third base with the blond, and then you are embarrassed you're still using those terms, the blond left briefly after being more than half naked. You kind of visualize yourself hanging out with what looked like your friends but there's no way you can be sure. Then there is this image of Tina yelling at you, something about her father maybe, she was wasted too. The clock still reads 12:00, you decide to go and check the phone just to see the time.

14:35 it reads, you slept the whole time, then you think it wouldn't be bad to see who made all those calls, there are twenty from your mother and some others from your friends, you start to worry and as you can you call your mother. Some stupid voice reminds you you have no more minutes left, so you check the messages, there are other 50, and you see one from Tony that really bothers you, you can't understand it.

where RU? W'r all lookn' 4 U, I'm really sorry about your dad...

And it gets you, but you still don't understand, and then you remember why aunt Yuyu called, and why was Tina yelling "your father" not "my". "Your".And you still don't get it, you are not awake enough.

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