The odd guy

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When you are in downtown and you know well your business, you know well where is everyone from, where is everyone going and their intentions around people. It's easy to recognize working single mothers, you see the faster walking woman with an expression of stress and solitude and you have your girl. It's even easier to recognize muggers, just look at the must nervous person, who is not using two liters of cheap cologne. And reading people has become more of a hobbie than a precaution in this part of town, guessing where are they going, if it's their first time around these streets, and of course if it's a lost tourist, know where is it from.

But today there was this particular person I found rather interesting. I was with my crew, making ends meet, earning a life with honesty, and there he was. In the middle of a park, sitting in the fountain (which has been broken for centuries, literally) reading a flayer. And I know it must seem odd for me to say such a thing is interesting, normally the people reading in public are either snobs or people waiting. And well, it was a carpet cleaning flayer, those which are everywhere with a very pronounced tone of blue, so no snobs here. And due to his sitting there for over 3 hours, he was either stood up or waiting for too long.

Five hours had passed and the guy was still there, -homeless wacko- i though, but by his looks he was obviously not an indigent, but he could still be a wacko. "Could you give me one of the blue ones and three of the red ones please?" asked one of my clients as I observed this guy.Then, after I gave up on figuring out what was that guy up to, he started talking, or at least moving his mouth closed and opened. Not to my surprise I saw no other person was around him, not even one of those showoff bluethoot craps people use these days. He was just talking to himself, or reading that damned flayer out loud.

And after seven hours of being just there, reading and then talking to himself. "Give me all the yellow ones you have" demanded other client.The guy stood up, ripped the sheet into pieces and threw them to the air, by this time it was more about what was he doing than trying to read him. So after serving other three clients, I asked my partner

"Have you been watching that guy in the fountain?"
"No, which guy?"
"The guy who is there, sited, staring at his hands"
"That guy... the odd..."
"Bro! What the shit is wrong with you? Ryan! DUDE!"


"What happened to him?" asked some Mr.No-one staring at me
"He overdosed" said my cousin
"Using his own product?"
"Yes, apparently he started hallucinating, and then this"he said, looking at me with some regret and disappointment.

By I'm the penguin

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