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‘When I was born, computers didn’t exist.’ That was always, ALWAYS what my grandpa said whenever he walked through the room crowded with books, in which I basically lived. And as always, he expected me to answer something like, ‘So, grandpa, what did you do then?’ which also, always led, into one of the possible 5 stories he knew how to tell, or sometimes, depending on the day, and if my luck was bad enough, it would lead to a combination of two or three of those stories, I think I needed to thank someone, God or whatever, for never letting him reach the combination of all five, which in my imagination I called the tales of death. If some day, my grandpa got to tell me the tales of death, I mean, all five in a single one. It could only mean ONE thing. God, or whatever, had forgotten about me. So, as I was saying, after some years, I learned not to answer, at least not with that question, believe me, answering with a question… ain’t a good idea… so, for the following years, I answered with a nod, or a smile, anything that would avoid the risk. Until one day, I was older now, rebel enough to give an unwanted answer as a challenge to life, a chance to earn a ‘Go to Tales of Death for Free’ pass, I answered: ‘bad for you’ and he answer something I didn’t expected, ‘Was it?’… I couldn’t believe it, he challenged me back. So, in a desperate attempt to avoid staying back, I replied, a really, deeply stupid thing to say to your grandpa, ‘Yeah, I can watch free porn.’ And I got something unexpected. Something you don’t expect from a 80-something with a limp: ‘What makes you think I couldn’t’

God had forgotten about my existence. Way worse than Tales of Death.

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