Same thing, different reasons

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“I’m getting kinda dizzy” she said
“Sit! Sit down dear. It’s been a hard day… but don’t worry, it was great.”
“Yeah, I’m just a bit worried about tomorrow…”
“Da, da… Just rest for now, and tomorrow you’ll kick their American asses.
“ I’m afraid of falling.”
“You won’t… we’ve practiced everything for all four years, you won’t make any mistakes. But don’t you worry about tomorrow.”
“How can I be calmed about tomorrow, if it’s all I got!”
“No, all you got is today, you made it to the next round, and that’s all you have.”
“You’re wrong, tomorrow is all I have, if don’t make it into one of the first three I’ll be stuck in that raw, full of shit country.”
The trainer’s eyes shined with tears, it was truth, it was what mattered. She was not representing a country. She was representing the pain, the need to get out, and a shiny metal was her way out of that hole. It was all that matter, and the trainer knew it, they had fought a long time for this, for the end, for the freedom.

Things tend to get a completely different objective through our life, which changes, even if we don’t notice.

Which was a great excuse for writing, becomes a door, a shelter, and a great pleasure.

[Mrs. K i t e ]

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