Jigsaw party

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She walked through the door, confident of today's choice of outfit, and of course the premise of her new acquisition. Her entrance was quiet magnificent, with ravens coming out of her numerous pockets and some bizarre music coming from her two pointed hat. Of course it was not the most amazing entrance, since she was not Glamor or anything.

As soon as the door was shut and she was in, the room recovered it's original silent chatter. That same room had been used for all the previous gatherings in the last couple of years or so. It was a huge box, meaning that it had no windows, no rooms, no other doors, just the entrance. The decoration was different for every event, and this time the theme was pink swirls of innocence and lust.

She was excited, but was yet able to walk with her usual quiet and grimly aura, making everyone from the Golden club (as she called them) glare with disapproval. But that was fine, since nothing she could say could interest them, and nothing about their existence could interest her at all. So she made her way to her regular crew, making her victorious arrival, not before taking a bloody green martini.

"I heard you got it" said Death as soon as he saw her

"I did" she said

"Bullocks! You all say you either will get it or that you are hiding it somewhere near Maui" said Doubt, who had had a few too many

"Oh, really?" she defied"Then what's this?" she asked, trying to make the best of every moment of the look in their faces when they saw it coming out of her huge hand bag.

"How did you get it?" asked Gin

"Well, is there really another way form the one we all know?" she asked, with a hint of sarcasm she added into everything she said

"I bet the Golden club will be so jealous" said Carbon

"Pfft! They don't even care, I bet they're just wondering when will their next palace be built" said Doubt, taking another shot of fear

"Well, guys, let's not get too ahead, we can't go around telling everyone" said Death

"Do you realize what we could do with that with the popper use?" said the Southern Winds

"They will notice! For eons, they have protected it with their lives, don't expect them just to have their arms crossed when they know" said Carbon

"You always expect the best from them because you admire them, but you should know that humans have forgotten about this a long time ago, now they fight for no reason, using this as an excuse" she said, holding it

"I'm almost sure some will miss it, I have known them since their birth, I know there are some that will know" said Death, more hoping than really affirming.

"Won't it bring chaos to the whole world?" asked Gin

"That's the whole point isn't it?" she asked, looking at Gin, as if it was the first time

"What for?" asked Doubt

"Because that has been or purpose ever since the beginning, we are chaos agents, except for Death of course, but he fits well with us" she said, like encouraging them to an unspoken war

"Hey! I can be pretty chaotic when I want!" said Death, quiet offended

"But how do you thing the rest will react when they know?" asked Doubt

"Well, it's not like the Golden club will do anything, do you imagine Afrodite saving the world? How? Sleeping with a human at a time to make them feel better?" she said as everyone laughed discretly.

"So, are we really doing this?" asked the Southern Wind

"Why not? let's have ome fun with this, then I promise I'll return it" she said

"I still have my doubt of how a witch could steal it by herself" said Carbon

"Well, that's mainly because you can't do anything on yourself and so you thing the rest of us are as dependent as you, plus, I already told you, it's not that hard" she said, as if she had went though this many times

"But what about the humans?" Gin asked, worried

"They'll figure out a way, or die" said the witch as if nothing

"How do you say they call it?" asked Doubt

"They call it conciense" said Death, as he was the most informed about humans of them all

"It wasn't theirs in the first place" said the witch, turning her head to look the two besties G and D, looking so innocent.

[Death and his friends]
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