The beginning

Posted by SgtPepper | Posted in , | Posted on Sunday, August 17, 2008

‘I need some sleep’ I thought as I left my backpack in the bed, which wasn’t actually a bed, but I gave it the same use. I sat on it, and looked through the window, there where cars passing, and I stopped hearing them, instead I heard a familiar melody which came from my head, and reminded me of the life that I had back there, it was my birthday and I was alone, looking for a familiar stare which never came. I was in this moment, finally, after all that daydreaming, a nostalgic feeling of belonging and an excitement you can only describe when you’re about to begin the rest of your life. I laid in the ‘bed’ and looked at the roof, still thinking about that song, there was a spider in the corner of the room, I hated spiders, but I was very used to see them back home. I was thinking about them, about her, was she thinking about me?

Indeed she was. I would know.

[Mrs. K i t e ]
best wishes, familiar melody=
Teardrop-José González

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