Dr. Noon and his OCD

Posted by SgtPepper | Posted in , | Posted on Sunday, August 31, 2008

When everything else is fucked up.. [ yes because that's become a verb too ] you have nothing else to do, literally. So why not shot yourself? [ I'm not being litteral folks, don't worry ] But what if you weren't saying that in figurative speech. What if you where so tired, so annoyed that you'd actually shot yourself. [don't] I mean, what would the still alive people say, would they blame someone. Would that someone need some kind of therapy to overcome the guilt until their tryumphal psyquiatrist made them say or at least think 'i't wasn't me' [ btw, the psyquiatrist would be more like eff... I can't charge him anymore... so he will have... erm... what's on fashion, what's on fashion??.......] YOU HAVE OCD! and that would cost you some more years until the Dr thinks he has now enough for his retirement.
I've thought about that, about what would other people do, say or think.. But I'm just to curious to shoot myself, I wouldn't be a happy dead guy if I didn't knew the answer... if I could't know people's reaction....

[self note: I've found the perfect excuse to keep charging Mr. Salder,... he has OCD.... Do I have enough for my retirement?]

Dr. Noon

[ Mrs. K i t e ]
about to shoot herself

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