Have you read...I mean heard

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"Have you heard? Martha Hudson's son came back from "college" to a destination unknown, but everyone knows he's been on rehab this past six months" said Agatha

"Is that so? Martha told me the other day he was taking a mayor in Philosophy. I think It's true what day say, he found the philosopher's stone" said Joan

"Oh, you're so bad Joan, and to think Christopher used to be the lawn moaner , and now he's the stranger..."sighed Bertha

"Well, I think that's a shame on poor Martha. But moving on, have you seen on the news there is a rapist near the zone?Thy say it's something in the perfume he wears that intoxicates women so they pass out" said concerned Joan

"I think those are exaggerations from the news. But I do think something is true, and that is that these people should get one hundred years of solitude, not just four quick years behind bars" affirmed Claudia

"They should make a journey to the center of the earth, leave them there and come back, those are the most disgusting kinds of criminals" said Agatha

"Sure, because murder is easy going and burglary is so nice, perhaps we shouldn't judge all the rest of them" said Bertha, who's house had been robbed three times, perhaps due to the lack of locks.

"You know I don't mean it like that. But changing abruptly the topic, have you girls noticed that awful sculpture the Johnson's but in their front yard? And the holes around it?"....

By I'm the penguin

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