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"Evolucionar constituye una infidelidad. A los demás, al pasado… a las antiguas opiniones de uno mismo. Cada día debería tener, al menos, una infidelidad esencial. Una traición necesaria. Se trataría de un acto optimista, esperanzador, que garantizaría la fe en el futuro. Una afirmación de que las cosas pueden ser no solo diferentes, sino mejores.”

Todas Las Canciones Hablan de Mi

Ante todo, amo el audio. La gran sucesión es acerca de traicionar al pasado, al presente, dejar atrás y aventurarse.

-La incertidumbre no es sobre el no saber qué pasará, si no es la certeza de que todo lo que puede pasar, pasará, eso sí, sin saber ni como ni cuando.


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Movie of the week.
This is in spirit, the real and most powerful essence of western great perhaps. The embodiment of all the youth's dreams, flaws and perfection.


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Please... don't leave...

Don't say it

... I wanted to be the father of your children.
I won't even meet the now....


Your sister's wedding.
Our trip to Prague...
I'll never go there.

Don't do say it, we'll make it trough

I won't.
They always say it so easily, but I actually wanted to see you old, wrinkled, holding your soft wrinkly hand...

People have lived trough worse

Let's skip that part, we know it's not happening.

I love you

Remember that little blue-brick house we saw last week? It would've looked lovely with your magnolias in the front.

I think it is more of a lily front garden.

I know, but yours would have made it look more like home.

I love you so much, I just can't see myself without...

Just don't forget to water the acacias, pay the bills before the 13th, in the winter cover Mutant with his blanket up to his belly or he gets too hot. Keep sending Christmas cards to my mother, she will need you. Learn to drive stick. Bright colors look better on you, they match your smile. Love every day like it's the last.

Three Apostles

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I'm bored out of my mind... I'm in senior year, it gives you (too) little free time, I just use it all at once.

Took the bus, then the train- If anyone would ask I'm going to a Lynn Margulis seminar, I'm a genius, a prodigy...

If you've got to grow up (really really got to) you gotta do it on your own... I don't think I could stand to be stuck.

If you want to find out, find out, you got to look them in the eye.
'Oh if I could make sense of it all!' What would I NOT do to believe...

Act Of The Apostle II by ylemorrison

A bit of lovely feelings from the past. Maybe it could be nostalgia. The kind of warm feeling you can only get after a while.

Inheritance: the preview

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You know you're in college when your bed looks like this the entire weekend and you still sleep on it.

BTW, yes, I am shamelessly showing off my inlife-inheritance, my lovely:

God and people

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Aujourd'hui, at french conversation club the coordinator didn't make it, so we improvised with little cards with debating questions on them. First it was all very superficial, about hopes, dreams, opinions and in general secular content. What would you do if you were president for a day? If you had only 6 months to live what would you do? Would you tell a friend if you fell in love with him/her?

Then God came into the equation.

If you could ask God anything, what would you ask?

First I heard questions like "What's the purpose of my life?", "what's the point of living?"

While others questioned their existence trough their creator, I questioned the creator's existence. First of all, it was very hard for me to imagine a God as an entity I could ask something to. I guess I'm very damaged that way, I can't imagine God anymore. First I guessed that God would be a creation power, a designer, it just felt wrong, even just thinking about it. I felt out of context, their context, out of that deep feeling everyone had that there was an entity with something called absolute truth. Even writing about it makes me shiver.

Anyway, I was not about to share this with the rest, instead I thought what would I ask a to a caricature of an oracle. (that's how close I could get to divinity). I would never ask about the future, I think doing so would only ruin it. I wouldn't ask about the past, because that I build daily, and there's not much I can make of it anyway.

Questions about the universe? To an entity that knows everything, comprehends all uncertainties and complexities? There's no chance I could be capable of understanding even the question itself. The magic of science for humans is knowing we can't look at the universe objectively, or truly in its entirety. It is a beautiful paradox, the more we look into it, the more we realize we will never grasp it entirely.

And so, If I can't ask about me, the universe, and have no intend of knowing about other people any further than they allow me to, then what?

Are you happy God? Are you satisfied?

I said this last questions out loud. The first reaction was a sympathizing look, I thought maybe she had a clue of what was I thinking.

"Right, if he's happy with what we've done, right?"

"Not really, just... happy with its/his existence. Are you pleased with your existence God?"

As if the only reason to talk to it was asking about us, about HIM judging us. I don't care about the information he holds about me, I'd rather think I'm my own builder. I don't want his answers, mine are so beautiful and poetic by themselves. And more important, I think, I don't accept his judgement, my actions are about love despite convention, not convention despite love.

Sorry God, I guess today today I realized our relationship is strictly professional.

Love is a place.

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As some sort of a response to the rant: blogs post,

I think this blog has always been the prefect space to rant, in a good way.
Here lies (and lies) the story of over 1100 posts, through our last four years, a time capsule by itself.
This has an amount of significance for me beyond the obsessive-collectors-syndrome that I tend to carry. It is where my near and dear angst resides, my dreams and hopes, my thoughts, mrs. kite, n_t_ph_n_c, T_ch_ and N_____ Q.

It's where I come back to write the most painful love letter I've ever written and that I'll never send, the novels and the memory diary I'll never publish, my noble (perhaps Nobel) ideas, where the raises and falls are registered, and where the "I'm you man"1 , the "Maybe this time", the "That's life." and the "Friday I'm in love" stupid heart comes to write.
This is where I come back to find myself (I get lost easily some days). That moment, when broken N crawls, jumps or dances towards the keyboard and finds the black brick background and Mrs.Kite patiently waiting for the next video, song, science rant, poem or (almost certainly) broken heart, is, oh well, priceless.

This place is IT.

With unmeasurable love,
Mrs. Kite

1. Leonard Cohen's "I'm your man."
"If you want a lover, I'll do anything you ask me to. And if you want another kind of love, I'll wear a mask for you. [...] And I'd fall at your feet, I'd say please: "I'm your [wo]man."

Letter to green eyes.

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My letter version of Coldplay's song "Green Eyes".

Green eyes,

I came here to talk, I think you should know that you’re the one that I wanted to find.
Yeah, the spotlight shines upon you, but how could andybody love you? Anyone who tried to do so, must be out of their mind.
Honey you are a rock, 'cause I came here with a load and it feels so much heavier, since I met you.
And honey you should know, that I could never go on with you.

But I'll love you always and forever,
I hope you undersand.

You could've been

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Your being stupid hurts me more than your being promiscuous.


rant: blogs

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Having a blog for this long has meant different things for me. First it was a way to let things out, a way out, escaping. It was also a validation inn the internet community, even if we are isolated, having a piece of the internet to call my own gave me a wider sense of belonging, I guess.

Then it was a way to keep in touch when our worlds drifted apart. It didn't really work in that way, it was not so much of a bridge, but a portrait of our new worlds. I began the ecogeek blogging, the political drama, the journey of the disenchantment, with a hint of red spirits. I used to be in a dormant state of contemplation, now I'm in a dormant state of pre-action.

It's so funny how I can taint with nostalgia even those unadventurous times of nothingness.

You went through a lot too, science, philosophy, art, music, music. relationships. You showed me that new world of ideas. While there was no bridge per se, there was us. And I guess that's all we do here, construct -us-.

With time I've found that the only real reason to keep on with this project is having things to admire about the past. And I think I've spoken enough about the past by now. But my point is, being a time machine like it is, I'm afraid it ends somewhere it shouldn't, maybe its existence is a conjectural space for release.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just ranting as usual, and I should be blogging properly.

Speaking about the paradigms of this generation. Speaking about relativism and the paths it is taking, making us indiferent to the outside, whatever goes. How's that a problem? There's got to be something we stand up for right?

Or maybe I should just leave posting for when I'm feeling rather creative.

However so, I needed to come back, I needed to feel back home, even if I don't really have anything to say.