Love is a place.

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As some sort of a response to the rant: blogs post,

I think this blog has always been the prefect space to rant, in a good way.
Here lies (and lies) the story of over 1100 posts, through our last four years, a time capsule by itself.
This has an amount of significance for me beyond the obsessive-collectors-syndrome that I tend to carry. It is where my near and dear angst resides, my dreams and hopes, my thoughts, mrs. kite, n_t_ph_n_c, T_ch_ and N_____ Q.

It's where I come back to write the most painful love letter I've ever written and that I'll never send, the novels and the memory diary I'll never publish, my noble (perhaps Nobel) ideas, where the raises and falls are registered, and where the "I'm you man"1 , the "Maybe this time", the "That's life." and the "Friday I'm in love" stupid heart comes to write.
This is where I come back to find myself (I get lost easily some days). That moment, when broken N crawls, jumps or dances towards the keyboard and finds the black brick background and Mrs.Kite patiently waiting for the next video, song, science rant, poem or (almost certainly) broken heart, is, oh well, priceless.

This place is IT.

With unmeasurable love,
Mrs. Kite

1. Leonard Cohen's "I'm your man."
"If you want a lover, I'll do anything you ask me to. And if you want another kind of love, I'll wear a mask for you. [...] And I'd fall at your feet, I'd say please: "I'm your [wo]man."

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