Letter to green eyes.

Posted by Mrs. Kite | Posted in , , , | Posted on Saturday, September 10, 2011

My letter version of Coldplay's song "Green Eyes".

Green eyes,

I came here to talk, I think you should know that you’re the one that I wanted to find.
Yeah, the spotlight shines upon you, but how could andybody love you? Anyone who tried to do so, must be out of their mind.
Honey you are a rock, 'cause I came here with a load and it feels so much heavier, since I met you.
And honey you should know, that I could never go on with you.

But I'll love you always and forever,
I hope you undersand.

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The most heartfelt and beautiful letters ever written, never to be sent, seen, scented. Even if this accounts for a thousand frowns, grey wind and shots of tears, I must admit I love that the plot develops.

I also love how two disenchantment posts are next to each other. Even if the causes are worlds apart from significance, they hold some basic resemblance. Sibling lives.