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"Let's paint the house dear!"she said

"But I like it just the way it is" he said

"We'll also change all the furniture, this one looks antique" she went on

"I like it, we picked it together, it is perfect for us"

"We'll also have to change the doors and the window frames" she kept saying

"Are you even listening to me?!" he almost yelled

"Excuse me?"

"You are not even asking me anything on this matter" he answered angrily

"Well honey, that's because I don't have to" she said, while making the list of all that needed changing

And so she did, soon an army of twenty men started arriving to do all kinds of changes, painting every wall there was, changing every tile from the floor, demolishing some walls and building different rooms, changing door and window frames. It was all crazy, not even a minute they stopped until everything was ready, which just took a couple of weeks.

At the end, one could not tell how did the old house looked like, it was all new and shiny. But Mr. Dent was not happy about it, not a bit. He was angry that he was not even asked about it, he was sad that the old home had vanished and now he had this empty shell. But most of all he was angered of the change.And because of this anger, he stopped thinking things over, and went to the kitchen.

Later that day, when Mrs.Dent came back from the grocery store, she found what would look like a house form some angles, being consumed by fire, instead of her new remodeled house. She was terrified, all the work, all the money had gone to oblivion. So she hurried in to see what had happened. And in what used to be the door, the was Mr.Dent, laughing as a lunatic infront of the burning house.

"What the hell happened?" she yelled

"I burned down your house" he said

"What?! What were you thinking you son of a" she was interrupted

"Just shut up for once and enjoy the show" he said, all crazy


"Don't even try it, I already called them and said it was a controlled fire, so they shouldn't come even if neighbors call" he said, all calmed

"But why would you do this?" she yelled

"Well, you changed all, and didn't even ask me" he said, venting the anger

"I didn't have to" she yelled

"There you go again" he muttered

"Plus, how can a ghost even start a fire, didn't you tell me you could barely more things?" she yelled to the traslucid and almost nonexistent Mr.Dent

[dialog from the mute voices]
By I'm the penguin

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