Come, come, come...

Posted by SgtPepper | Posted in | Posted on Friday, August 15, 2008

One, one, one… I kept counting the gravel as I walked through it, small, crushed pieces of rocks which where, by themselves a whole rocks again. I kept walking, for I don’t know, three minutes or so, until I arrived to the cottage. It was as it had always been, small, with some moss growing on the sides, and the old porch which squeaked at every step. I went up the stairs, squeak, squeak, squeak. And I sat on the chair, which had also been there forever. It was one of those swinging chairs, but it wasn’t a squeak, squeak, squeak it was a schrek-u, schrek-u, schrek-u. I got up, and opened the door. Walked through the living room, and I heard someone speaking, It was a man, I couldn’t hear his words, but I saw him, as he came out of his room, he had this pale face and scared eyes, I’m used to this reaction. I just smiled, as always. Took out my gun, and gave him three straight shots into the head, bang, bang, bang.

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