Samuel is old

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And you thought I was being melodramatic when I told you I was sad, angry and disapointed. You always underestimated my face as I told you a simple yes, or gave you a sight. You thought I was joking, and so did I, but this,... This a'int no joke, Not this time. Im done with it, and be sure i'll be back. Not to see you, not to touch you. I'll be back in your thoughts, when you think theres nothing you could've done, I'll be there to tell you wrong. You could've changed this story... I hope you feel bad. Goodbye Samuel.

That was clear... IT WAS... and it was horrible. David had never been in such a difficult situation.He wanted to hug Samuel as he cried in the edge of the bed, looking at Caroline's letter. It was too bad to be true. Besides, David sucked at this, the wanted to call Mark, he always knew what to do, he was like magic Mark.

David remembered what Mark had told him, Samuel couldn't have been his brother, he looked specially old in his current state. Insted of thinking about Samuel, David was thinking about her, she had believed it, and now he noticed that wasn't possible. So, he waited, doing nothing, scratching a spot he had seen in his black tux, as he saw the antique furniture of the funeral home and as he waited for Mark.

[Mrs. K i t e ]
it's in labels, but still...

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