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To be quiet honest, I never bought that crap about some guy and girl running around half-naked in a field, where they could do anything BUT eat from some certain tree. All the time being watched by some guy as old as time, just watching how they interacted half-naked. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not implying he was a stalker or anything. But what I thought was really stupid, was when they told me this landlord forbid them to eat from this certain fruit. Why? Was it really expensive and he would get profit from it? Would the people in his Co. need more red PRADA shoes?

Well, it wasn't the money (for once), it was the fact that the fruit was the fruit of good and evil, and by eating it, one would be conscious of everything, of what's wrong and what's appropriate. Now, here is where I had my doubts about this guy, why would he want these two hippies to stay with a blind fold? why would he want them to be ignorant about such matters of philosophy?

Well, that's a big question, because by being aware of things such as good and evil one becomes free, so was this old guy trying to have the hippies for himself and no one else? And actually that's a good theory, but the story follows.

You see, there was supposed to be this talking snake, but let's remember this guys ran around half-naked listening to some really old guy who said he made them out of clay and a rib... so, don't believe everything they say.Then, some day, supposedly the girl got near the tree of said fruit. And this talking snake, who was the old guy's enemy, told the girl to eat it. Here's what didn't make sense, why would the villain try to make the girl aware and free? Why if this really old guy was so good, he wanted to keep them to himself in ignorance? And why was a snake talking?

Well, then this story follows by saying that the girl listened to the talking reptile, and ate the fruit and shared it with the guy. Now here is where you notice the girl is clearly smarter, she was the one to defy the really old guy and become aware, thus free from his barrier of ignorance. So what happens when girl gets smart? Really old guy is pissed and kicks them out of his super special awesome garden. And well, seriously, why was he so pissed?

The only thing wrong they did was to become aware of things, to know, to awake, to be free, to exist. So was this really old guy right about kicking them out? Isn't it in the declaration of human rights that one has the right to get information and to be educated? Well, it seems this really old guy had never heard of such thing as a declaration of human rights.

But the funniest part is when they try to convince you that the snake was the bad guy. Mainly because he didn't forced anyone, and because regardless of it's intentions, he made the two hippies free, to be smart for once. So who was the one giving the gift? The really old guy for keeping them in ignorance and then kicking them out? or the snake, making them become aware and thus setting them free?

[not mocking anyone's belief, just venting some thoughts]
By I'm the penguin

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