About identity crisis.

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I've been donating time to observe the misinterpretations that make me me.
and there, I've also remembered Jorge, I think I introduced you some time ago.
the adventure-less kid who imagined the world surrounding him.

Yes, he's a fictional character.

Anyway. About the question of "Who are we?"

The person everyone else makes up by their experiences, and in all a collective character. Build by what others observe of you, and so, the timeless character that will outlive you, the one that belongs to the social construction and others


The secret that lays in the dark, when nobody else sees. The person you allow yourself to be when there's no one around, and all the little details and masks and thoughts and clouds and flavors that make it what it is. The person only you will ever get to know completely


According to I'm the peguin, we're both. It's rather impossible to separate them, for they are conjoined twin concepts that transform each other, connected by the heart and supported by language, social convention and spit.

But that's not really today's question.

What matters to me today, is that the second one, our own person, we can't really change. We build it daily, but it is what it is. The first one, we build it daily too, but we can actually make it different every time we want, we just borrow some more or less traits we like or not. What I mean is that, this first personality, the one other people form, is silly putty. Seriously, you only need to meet new people to make an entire different person who will live in their memories.

But at the end, when living the most honest of lives, the person you show is just some sort of lobby for the real thing. It is the easiest just to leave it as a previous room, with nothing but some old furniture and an inaccurate trailer of what the real thing is.

Where I'm going at, is that, while we can change so easily the exterior, it is rather tiring, at least for me, to become a whole different person, for long. So how does one do the change if one wants a life turning point?
How do change the exterior so much without messing the interior?

How do you go around changing people's perception of you when the way you see yourself is static and oh, so very fucking different from the public opinion? How can one kill one character, insert a replacement and hope people not to notice the difference?

This is probably just a rant. But think about it.

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