2011 Resolutions

Posted by Mrs. Kite | Posted in , , | Posted on Friday, December 31, 2010

I somehow can't find [in the blog] my last year's resolutions. I'll take that as a sign, to stop thinking of my stupid resolutions I never achieve, and to stop the rant about not achieving them...
Take that as my first two resolutions. Also, we had the resolution-chat with my cousins, so I better write them before I forget them, anyways...
-Better time admin (oh please!)
-Achieve reading resolution-resolution.
-Don't fall behind on my studying. (hear that post in the past?, *cough* Molecular Biology *cough*)
-Do sports.
-Find lab. (Molecular Physiology, perhaps?)
-Get to play something cool in the piano. (post in the past, remember 'wheels')

Goodbye, see you next year (or hopefully DURING the year, [i'm being optimistic] )

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