Oldest gangs evah

Posted by I'm the penguin | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I don't meant to sound disrespectful, so please don't feel offended.

But churches, all of them are just like gangs.

They have a meeting point based on their locality, where they gather to listen to what the leader says, so then they can go around in the world spreading the seed.

They're like gangs because you mess with one and it seems you just offended the entire community, and then they all go medieval on your ass, so to say. Of course this accommodates to what kind of neighborhood you live in, if you're lucky they'll just pray for your damnation.

And then, what gives them out the most is their symbols. Because they all have a symbol and they love going around putting it everywhere, and this specially goes for those crazy chrstn bitches, I would bet a franc there are more of their symbols spread in the world than there is graffiti in the metro stations of the world. (alas, francs don't circulate anymore).

And hey, just try to get your hood back or paint their "forms of expression" and you've got yourself in big trouble, they'll throw sharpened wooden crosses without a warning.

Just a thought being left here.

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