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I'M THE PENGUIN is a ficticious author and character inside the Black Bird Fields Universe. The main content of the blog cover his dellusional opinions, his inadequately written fiction, and pathetic non-fiction, along with some of the pieces he claims to be art. He's featured as being co-author along with Mrs. Kite and Sgt.Pepper, althought no tangible link has ever made between the three characters, theories [1] indicate that they might be the same author going by different names.

Because there times when you just need someone to remind you who the hell are you.
In some of his work I'M THE PENGUIN has reffered himself as a teacher, but given his poor writting it is a well known fact that he's a public worker. Among his not so numerous blogs some specialists [2] have been able to deduce he suffers from several personality disorders, just to name a few: borderline, schizoid, paranoid, histrionic, asocial.

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