After we existed

Posted by I'm the penguin | Posted in | Posted on Friday, February 04, 2011

Your birds fly away without looking back, wondering about the taste of wind and the colors of the air. Loosing touch with earth, and remembering the ocean you decide to make a pact with the spirits of art and silence, concealing yourself into a mirror of dawn light and redemption. This makes me just another dead weight you have to free yourself from, in your way to illumination.

You look at me and think of him instead and you whisper her name in a dream where I can't reach whatever we've become. When you crack the brach that held the forest lamp, I can just go back to the time when our sights met and everything finally meant something. The first moment we ever had, the universe woke up from a lethargic dream, and everything has been decaying ever since.

As a child, you once told me you were looking for magic, talking trees and jumping seas, a world where a wish would become a boat and a simple sigh would be enough. You also said that once your legs were long and your face weilded fur, you'd meet me and together we'd build it. The spell you casted upon us both broke my fears in two and filled me with an everlasting nostalgia for the future.

Now that world is broken. Wishes became lost ships, sighs became pernicious reproaches and unmet expectations. It is as if finding this treasure island, a precious universe that we built, became a sort of Midas curse, only there are no golden souls in this story, just caothic impulses of worn out desires. What a world is this, to have finally discovered your scars, lips and obscurities; just so everything could go back to meaning nothing.

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