About believing and anxiety

Posted by Mrs. Kite | Posted in | Posted on Friday, September 10, 2010

Thoughts during today's class:

Sometimes I think it would really be easier and more confortable to believe. Not to doubt a thing. Having no philosophical dilemas to deal with when you're in the bus.
But once you have it, once the glimpse of a doubt emerges in your head... there's no way back.
At least for me, there's nothing comfortable about going back, nothing remotely similar to peace of mind. Having the doubt may cause lots of trouble, but it wouldn't be close to the pain caused by trying to convince yourself the doubt was just a delusion.

(btw, I just lost the game)

Today we were told that out ideology and general perception of things will be determined and printed in our brains by the time we reach 40, and that changing those paradigms after that time is nearly impossible. Some people said it was probably because chaniging what you've believed for such a long time would cause an unbearable anxiety.
What I said when I was given the word was basically that I change my mind every 3 minutes, every time I leave a class I truly like, I say to myself 'i want to do that forever', and that uncertainity and personality issues give me hell-like anxiety... But it is that tasty tasty anxiety.

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