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To be me, I must renounce being anybody else.

To be me, I have to see vectors that edify ancient structures instead of participating in simple greetings. Be a timeless and space-less observer instead of an individual.

To be me, I must dissect the whys and the hows until the blade cuts flavors of quarks, instead of just knowing stuff. I need to be complex and complicated, instead of simple and easy going.

To be me, I must play in a maze of words and symbols instead of just communicating. I dive into a realm of ideas and hit the surface only when summoned.

To be me I have to renounce being all the other options, all the other lives and worlds. And to be me I must worry about that, and secretly wish to be everything else but me.

But being me is the only thing I am. And even with all the worlds shutting down, all I could ever think of is being him, who I call me.

[Taking self-centered posting to a new level]

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