Whip it!

Posted by I'm the penguin | Posted in | Posted on Saturday, September 25, 2010

Remember that angsty teen that craved for his great perhaps? How I said I had moved on, how I saw things past that. Bullshit

I'm still that whimpy kid. I'm still waiting for that moment where I see I door to an alternate reality, a door where I won't have to conform, ever again (or at least for a while). I know it exists, somewhere.

So, yes, I'll remain that weird unlucky, unseen, unexperienced kid from the indie movies; until one day some new band's tune will play in the background and there will be a slow motion showing me a revelation.

It is true, this is living inside a story. But, for my eternal suffering's sake, I'll cling on to that thought for as long as possible. Why? Because I'm stupid. And because I saw this movie.

I don't care who you are, but if you're reading this you MUST watch this movie. Seriously, you must. If you don't plan to, stop reading, get out, go browse NeoPetz or something...

watch it

Once you watch you'll understand...
[i'd be schrodinger's pussy obv.]

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