Chaos and such

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Remember the person mentioned in the previous post? The enlightened one. Well, he's a post inspiring machine. This time, while discussing quantum numbers and the reasons why, he said something along the lines of "see? it's all about the balance, in nature in all". There was a sudden burst of joy inside me, for I've been waiting for someone else to notice that in a science class for the longest time. Philosophy inside science, would we have it any other way? Anyway, I'll continue the anecdote. Then I said "yes! when studying science it is something you notice, it must all keep some balance" I was perhaps near the esoteric, but I didn't mind.

Then some other guy said "nah, remember the chaos theory" I was perplexed, instead of finding a way around that counter argument I realized real quick. It is true, EVERYTHING tends towards chaos, all systems end up in chaos. Could it be by any chance that it is just easier to observe things once they found (by uncertainty) order? Could it be that this balance is nothing but a pause for chaos? There is so much uncertainty, so much unknown, that all things in order are just countered chaos?

Then I said "well one way to see it is that it all tends to chaos, but balance is a pause to it (") a split of an instant, a little setback in the way of a chaotic and destroied reality where uncertainty will be such, and unpredictable happenings will occur in a way... there's at last order inside all the chaos, once there's nothing.

Then, is life nothing but two particles colliding without it really mattering? Could it so easily be over?

---you can now go in unease

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