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Physics makes us solid, bitches.

Making me think again, Coetzee added in one of his books that evolution is rather questionable when looking at the human. It is rather ridiculous that our advantage as homo sapiens is being rational, and with this we are self-aware of being, the outside and the otherness, yet despite this we cannot comprehend the world in its entirety. We are aware there is something to discover, yet we're unable to.

If you ask me, he's got wrong what evolution is all about. But my point here, is again, science and discovering the world.

We've reached a point where we can no longer assume we have dominance over nature, social phenomena, fuck not even ourselves. I think the time where science tries to operate in order to understand, thus dominate its surroundings is over, actually my personal belief is that science never did this, but some of the people working on it did.

The new perspective should be that of contemplation. We can only observe the cosmos with our little eyes made of cells and draw the shapes of shadows. Just because they're freaking awesome.

(There's nothing new to it you'd think, but the weight of history forces me to see my reality as a brand new pile of recycled shit)

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I like how you explain the concept that we know what there is to discover, but simply don't have the ability to; it is very clear and surprising. Please check out my blog xx