Fantastic Mr.Fox

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Forget super... ignore incredible... it's all about fantastic.

Mr. Fox: Allright, let's start planning. Who knows shorthand?
Mr. Fox: Great! Linda! Lutra lutra - you got some dry paper?
Mr. Fox: Here we go. Mole! Talpa europaea! What d'you got?
Mole: I can see in the dark.
Mr. Fox: That's incredible! We can use that! Linda?
Linda: Got it.
Mr. Fox: Rabbit! Oryctolagus cuniculus!
Rabbit: I'm fast.
Mr. Fox: You bet you are. Linda?
Linda: Got it.
Mr. Fox: Beaver! Castor fiber!
Beaver: I can chew through wood.
Mr. Fox: Amazing! Linda!
Linda: Got it.
Mr. Fox: Badger! Meles meles!
Badger: Demolitions expert.
Mr. Fox: What? Since when?
Badger: Explosions! Flames! Burning things!
This is one of the most epic movies in the world. I love it.

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after each pseudo-plot, we need to make a dance scene, seriously, it's the biggest moral to take from this awesome movie. Let's now dance like it's 1968, grab the time machine and meet me at the old ranch.