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If you think patriarchy is just heterosexual men profiting on passing judgment upon others, you’re falling short.

Patriarchy is a misogynistic woman, a homophobic gay man, an invisible lesbian, a nonentity transgender person.

Patriarchy is putting a high (social) price on female virginity, or having such a term all together. Doesn’t the whole concept of virginity nullify sex that doesn’t involve vaginal penetration, or queer sex? Asking, even as a joke, what the hell do lesbians do in bed is pure patriarchy.

Holding patriarchal paradigms is confusing chivalry with courtesy. It is giving more value to sexually attractive women.

It is thinking you are open minded, yet judging men and women differently on their sexual awakening, on the bases of decency. Or even thinking there is such a thing as sexual decency, and having higher standards on well behaved ladies.

Patriarchy is not only a man sending a woman to the kitchen, it is a woman profiting on the system and teaching her daughter how to deal with men she should marry. Marriage, as an institution is patriarchy. People who think that there are women profiting from a system where they only support and consume don’t see that empowerment is not the same as priviledge.

Thinking a man should endure life and provide, no matter what, is patriarchy. Thinking that as girls are more delicate, they are allowed to cry, rage and be hysterical; while boys should contain their emotions is sexist.

Linking emotions with homosexuality is patriarchy, linking male homosexuality with feminity and thus condemning it, is just plain disgusting. (and patriarchal)

Gay men who take it as a compliment when told it doesn’t show at all, I would have never known if you hadn’t told me or such are just plain examples of patriarchal men.

Women who discuss the gay movement has nothing to do with their fight for equity are short-sighted and patriarchal. Homosexuals who believe that the transgender movement should not be included in their fight, because it has nothing to do with them have no idea what they are really fighting for. (Making this idea train that sort of contains a hierarchy, sort of sustains patriarchy.)

Making jokes that appeal to rape, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia is just plain distasteful, and a clear enforcement of patriarchal paradigms. Trying to invalidate someone else’s disapproval saying they are “too sensitive” or “just looking to get offended” is a very violent act.

A discourse that says all women are beautiful and thus valuable is sexist. Beauty as an empowerment is patriarchal. Some women are aesthetically appealing, some are not, that should not reduce their worth as people. Fuck beauty.

Naïve libertarians thinking real men are the ones able to cry, dance and show affection in public are patriarchal. For a large number of reasons, some men may find it too difficult to perform this. Trying to go the opposite direction of a paradigm is still enforcing it. Fuck real men.

It would seem to some that society has improved so much as for the patriarchal paradigm goes. Women can now vote! They even have corporative jobs! They rule countries! Gays go out to the streets! Men are sexually objectified too; they now cook and cry a couple of times!

Fuck that.

Postmodernity hasn’t been the silver hammer to smash millennia of patriarchy. Sustaining the patriarchal paradigm is also compromising some values in order to be recognized. It is considering worthy only a woman who remains chaste and monogamous, a gay man who is masculine and hermetic. Patriarchy is thinking families have a fixed formula which should be the base of all morality and structure. It is tolerating instead of respecting.

I must admit, as for civil rights go, there has been progress (in the western world.) But there are still a lot of double morals around, there’s so much compromise in all this “development”. It would almost seem all these reformed outcasts only thrive when becoming masculine, or work under masculine values.

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I really like your thoughts. Random blogsurfing was worth it this evening ; )

Not many people who truly share these ideas I am afraid, even if they say so.

Best, M.

Alaska estaría orgullosa.