It is madness, not me.

Posted by Mrs. Kite | Posted in | Posted on Saturday, January 08, 2011

You’ve probably noticed that awkwardness is a recurring topic in this blog, and that’s of course because as clichéd as it sounds, I’ve always felt awkward. From 1st to 6th grade I had popular friends, but as we approached 7th grade, it was when it all started, the awkwardness really started kicking in. This lasts until now, BUT about half a year ago I started college, in a science school. Dun, dun, dun! Hello awkwardness! There’s no realistic way of putting this into words, but now that I’m almost 20, I’m from the popular people in school. I don’t mean academic popularity or anything; I mean the I-go-out-I’m-from-the-elite kind of people. Like WTF? How did that happen?
Deep down and in the surface I enjoy and embrace nerdyness. It would be sad to think that now I feel in this sort of elite because of the social and economic situation I’m now surrounded with, but probably that’s a big part of it. The other thing, that also makes me feel better is that everyone in that school is just plain mad…

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