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It's not that I don't have any great ideas to make magnificent posts, it's just that I'd rather share this with you.

Actually, this one's so great I did want to share. Source, but I found it thanks to addictive StumbleUpon. See it full size please.

There's also these, which for some reason I thought you'd love, dearest K., that is of course if you ever read this post.

Anyway, these are from a collection found here, there's more, I do recommend it. It's quite an interesting concept. Artistically, I think there's a big challenge in inserting fiction of two well known real things, which is well made. But also the idea seems quite an statement doesn't it? How we interact so much with gadgets, we sometimes couldn't live without them, almost as if they were alive, and most of us have no idea how they actually work.

Just an idea...

And well, dessert. I found this piece just hilarious.

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they are amazing... also, i do read the posts :P