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Though my basic education was (i believe) very good, and I don't feel like a particular ignorant person (in the traditional sense the word ignorant is used). Nevertheless, there are tons of gaps, specially in humanities, which I would very much like to fill. I've never dedicated enough time to it, and although I would like someday to take classes on art history, music history, politics, etc. The real thing is that I'm in a Science school, and it's not as if these classes are available in classroom next door. So, without abandoning that ambition, I might well start with my beloved Internet.
I'll start by doing a series of posts about Music History, and we'll see how it goes. Perhaps afterwards I'll do one about Art.
So, yes... this is somehow the intro to the series. And with any good intro, comes a good disclaimer:

-I am not an expert on any subject.
-I am not a reliable source.
-The sources I use might or not be reliable, I'll try to use reliable sources, but you better check them yourself. At the moment I don't have any great book on the subject, (I might go to my beloved Central Library for one someday) so, basically, check my sources. DEAR INTERNET PEOPLE, AS MUCH AS I LOVE THE INTERNET, PLEASE, PLEASE, BE AWARE OF THIS ALWAYS.
-Please let me know if you don't agree with something, I'm just learning about the subject.


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Great endeavor! I'll be keeping an eye out to see what you post :)

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