Of masks and people, again

Posted by I'm the penguin | Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Dearest Mrs. K.

For some time now I had been thinking about it. You just put concrete words to it, and for that, I think it is true that we will be together for centuries to come.

Life's a little too complex to play just one role, and very ridiculous to pretend we're not on a stage. What greater joy is there than to play characters you like in a premade stage where your own script goes on?

Isn't the great perhaps the adaptation of old characters to a completely new scene?
Aren't the greatest revelations when you inadvertedly start mixing characters and you begin to see the strings that hold them all together?

For all I care right now, true friendship, true love, and true anything is when you get to realize, along with another performer, how ridiculous it all is. When you get to show each other's masks and play with them in the moonlight.

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Wow. I love it. -Lola http://www.happinessinspiration.blgspot.com