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Having a blog for this long has meant different things for me. First it was a way to let things out, a way out, escaping. It was also a validation inn the internet community, even if we are isolated, having a piece of the internet to call my own gave me a wider sense of belonging, I guess.

Then it was a way to keep in touch when our worlds drifted apart. It didn't really work in that way, it was not so much of a bridge, but a portrait of our new worlds. I began the ecogeek blogging, the political drama, the journey of the disenchantment, with a hint of red spirits. I used to be in a dormant state of contemplation, now I'm in a dormant state of pre-action.

It's so funny how I can taint with nostalgia even those unadventurous times of nothingness.

You went through a lot too, science, philosophy, art, music, music. relationships. You showed me that new world of ideas. While there was no bridge per se, there was us. And I guess that's all we do here, construct -us-.

With time I've found that the only real reason to keep on with this project is having things to admire about the past. And I think I've spoken enough about the past by now. But my point is, being a time machine like it is, I'm afraid it ends somewhere it shouldn't, maybe its existence is a conjectural space for release.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just ranting as usual, and I should be blogging properly.

Speaking about the paradigms of this generation. Speaking about relativism and the paths it is taking, making us indiferent to the outside, whatever goes. How's that a problem? There's got to be something we stand up for right?

Or maybe I should just leave posting for when I'm feeling rather creative.

However so, I needed to come back, I needed to feel back home, even if I don't really have anything to say.

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Dear penguin,
I really like your retrospective on the blog's contents even if it makes me a little sad
Though I'm only an outsider, I want you to know that this will always be home. Whatever brings you back home, a memory, a smell, a sight, a feeling, a thought is home itself. Maybe home is not necessarily a physical place, maybe your real home is the recollection of all this, a compilation of ideas that makes you think of the place where you know you are loved, listened to and sometimes understood.

Dearest sisters Dhl&Mrs.K

I thank you for showing me I couldn't be any more wrong about "With time I've found that the only real reason to keep on with this project is having things to admire about the past." It is not really a nostalgia thing, because ideas don't become old. It is a home thing, it is a love thing. I love this place we've build, not just kite and I, you too. The dearest bits of world around us.

I come back here, because it is where we've built a castle in clouds that will always home our deepest passions, motives and vectors. I come back, because its nature assures it won't ever cease to mean what it means. Love is place.

A place I call home. I place I call BBFs. Even if I don't build it as regularly as i would like to, here it is, somewhere the penguin, the wolf and the boy can just be.