Normal distribution

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When you go back to science after a hiatus you begin to notice you go back to your roots: systematized thinking. (which does not mean you enslave to a social paradigmatic system)(the whole contrary). You see things differently, again. More importantly, you judge things differently,

Today's input has to do with being normal.
Let's start by defining normal:
Normal: a type of distribution where the highest density of frequencies are in the mean.

Mean being the arithmetic average, not actually being a mean person. (clarifying)

And I refer to being socially normal, being common, i.e. not rare. Following a social pattern and being just like the rest.

So when I think about normal and society, I concur, such thing as normal DOES exist. Those artsy/philosophical/indy propaganda trying to tell you otherwise are just too individualistic. Majorities behave in a similar way, otherwise we wouldn't have such a term as "majority" to begin with.

Where does this leave weird?
Of course I thought about it.

Within normal, there must be data away from the mean, for the whole system to work. So, yes, I'm telling you weird is being standard DEVIATIONS away from the mean. Yes, I'm not being politically correct calling you all you freaks deviants, I am aware.

If you're reading is, most probably you're AT LEAST one deviation away.
one? two? I'm actually going for 3

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i do think we're about 3 away... even if we ARE big mean persons xD