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I'll tell you a little secret:

I always have stories to tell, I just chose not to tell them to you.

But why I'mthepenguin, WHY?

It is not because I'm selfish with my storytelling, if only that was the problem. The problem with these stories is that they require lots of writing skills and mental preparation, and it turns out that at 12am after a week of terrible sleeping you can't do any of that. And that's mostly every time I try to post.

So instead of giving life to these stories I just store them. Of course MANY get lost, others get killed, and the rest stack up in notes that will end up in the trash because I no longer like them.

There, explanation given... I feel like I have to explain myself to you all the time.

Anyway, this excuse was not the post, only a brief explanation for you to know why on Earth am I using this post to make notes about a story which will never be written. (plus you get to observe the creative process of a genius...@__@)

*-There is a room painted with very soft blue colors, there are four white windows that are wide open, there is wind coming from the outside and lots of light coming trough the windows. The light is invading the room, it touches a white figure that is in the floor. The white figure has the shape of a person. Then, very slowly the white figure starts to embody and stand up with tired but elegant moves.
Finally a very tall man is seen in the room, he is slender and is wearing grey symbolic clothes (symbolic because he's not actually WEARING anything). The man feels the sand in his feet and sees the wind making shapes on the sand. He looks down to avoid the light and walks around, the room is very broad. He is very old, but looks young in his early twenties. He is weak and bothered by light, and despite you cannot see it, it is known that he's really apathetic about the light, and the sand, and really everything around him. He immortal.-

*He and two other individuals near him are immortal. He's tired of life and thus doesn't care, he lives only to feed in the novelty and excitement of others, he drains it and filters it into his indifference and apathy. HE nurtures in other's life. He's a vampire. He doesn't necessarily drink blood and is not killed by the sun. He's more of a person than a monster, or however you classify evil.

*He's a lonely character, who will need to be conducted into conflict by a new prey of his, who can not be the opposite but must make the story flow. Avoiding typical vampire stories the relationship will have to be very "real" and dysfunctional so not to look like the thousands of other stories told about this story.

*Given he's lived for a long time his stories will be told, he's had trouble with the other immortals, but doesn't care. He's a heartless bastard with a broken spirit, only at the end he needs to show no emotion.

*It ends with him being killed by the prey who will by no means become the lover, but rather the liberator. This shall be a discourse about life, dead and human existence, not love.

*Conflict revolves around him trying to find a justification for life and his existence as a parasite of those who still breathe. He will not learn that feeding off people is bad, he'll do it all along the story.

*Plot needs fixing, it looks too much like any common vampire story.

*Edit: no vampires, create new genre<- too ambitious. They're just immortal, their cruelty is human made, may or may not infer they are "monsters".

*Go back to vampires, simpler. He will go against all paradigms of vampires and make somehow a more raw new type which will distinct itself.

*Create the greatest story ever told by including his entire life in a toung in cheek epic story of his life and how it all ended. Complementary character will be teasing semi-love interest that will guide the fresh view from life, symbol of renewal. It will be all about decadence.

*Forget it I don't like it anymore...

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