Yellowy Eyes

Posted by Mrs. Kite | Posted in | Posted on Monday, February 01, 2010

So, let me set this straight... And please don’t say anything, not even when I’m done, I don’t want to know, I really don’t. You are a self centered sick bastard, and I love you. And I know you said you were leaving because you wanted to go to church and everything, and I would’ve normally hated that, because I think religious boys are stupid, (and religious girls for that matter) but, not you. After you talked about your Ibiza concert, your common career, and your need to go to church you were destined to be toast, a memory of another random guy. But your eyes, and most important, the story I made about them got me thinking… and I think I love you… Damn it, you left me for church. St Niclas Church - Tribute to Amsterdam por Johannes de Jong_.

[Johannes de Jong at flickr]

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